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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 6 Recap

Shi Yi took Zhou Shengchen away from the awards scene, Meilin chased them out and stopped them, and exchanged a few words with Zhou Shengchen before letting them leave. Zhou Shengchen personally drove Shi Yi home. Shi Yi doubted his driving skills. Zhou Shengchen took out his driver’s license to let her see. Shi Yi was relieved. Zhou Shengchen wanted to take her to the tailor shop to try on the dress. He also gave her a bag from his grandmother. The noodles let Shiyi fill his hunger, and Shiyi gave Zhou Shengchen a bite. Both felt embarrassed. Zhou Shengchen came to help Shiyi adjust the height of the window. The first time they had such close contact, the two of them blushed involuntarily.

Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to Xiaoman’s tailor shop. Uncle Lin waited there early. Generations of Zhou’s family custom made clothes in this tailor shop. The founder of the tailor shop came out to welcome Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi. The old lady was right. Shiyi’s figure and appearance are full of praise. Xiaoman is worried that his eldest and second brothers will grab business with her again, and take the initiative to help Shiyi tailor his clothes. Xiaoman was in love with the scene and remembered that her beloved Zhou Wenchuan was about to marry Tong Jiaren. Her mood plummeted. After Xiaoman sent Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi away, she went to relax by herself.

Zhou Shengchen customized a meteorite watch and gave it to Shiyi to congratulate her on winning the Huaxing Award. Zhou Shengchen asked Shiyi to finish her meal and sent her home. Then she stood downstairs to observe and found Shiyi took a bath for 38 minutes today. Uncle Lin Make fun of Zhou Shengchen for making excuses and reluctant to leave. Zhou Shengchen rushed back to the laboratory overnight. He Shan and his classmates couldn’t help but make fun of him. He joked that he didn’t dare to stay overnight at IKEA. Zhou Shengchen could not calm down to do the experiment, so they sent messages and chatted with Shi Yi.

Early the next morning, Zhou Shengchen came downstairs to wait for the time and wanted to have dinner with her, but Shiyi had eaten it early, so he invited him to the house and prepared him simple milk-foamed oatmeal. It was time to find that Zhou Shengchen had a low-grade fever. Forcibly let him into the house to have a good sleep. Mei Xing came to Zhou’s old house and saw Lin Fei leading the people to clean up the new house and gave Zhou Shengchen a new bed. Mei Xing felt that Zhou Shengchen was fake and serious. Zhou Wenxing urged Mei Xing to find someone to marry as soon as possible. Mei Xing had no excuses yet. Find the right person.

Uncle Lin brought clean clothes to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen was still sleeping, so Shiyi took the clothes away and left a note for Zhou Shengchen to take a bath after he got up. When Zhou Shengchen woke up, he went to the bath and changed his clothes when he saw the note he had left. Shi Yi found out that Zhou Shengchen’s fever had gone down, so he was relieved. Zhou Shengchen cooperated with the Shanghai Observatory on a project. He recently lived in the dormitory of the research institute and he invited Shi Yi to visit the observatory.

Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to the observatory, and suddenly received a call from Mei Xing. He learned that his father’s friend Lao Liu had come to the house for help. Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi hurriedly left and hurried back to Zhenjiang. Zhou’s family is the major shareholder of the Lao Liu factory. Zhou Shengchen learned that Liu’s factory waste water exceeded the standard. The workers came to Lao Liu to talk about it. Zhou Shengchen asked Lao Liu for a sewage inspection report. He hesitated and couldn’t answer. The birthday was bitter, so he had to bite the bullet and look for other test reports. Zhou Shengchen asked the workers that the factory did indeed have illegal emissions, and immediately decided to stop work for rectification.

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