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Forever and Ever 一生一世 Episode 1 Recap

Shi Yi is a well-known voice actor in Shanghai. The producer paid a lot of money to invite her. She is gentle and pleasant, low-key, and won the praise of colleagues. The agent, Meilin, gave Shiyi a mission to record in Shanghai. Shiyi worked overtime to record an ancient costume movie. It was about the poignant love story of the little Nanchen Wang Zhoushengchen and the crown prince. Since time is very short, Shiyi packs up his luggage in advance. , Meilin gave her the recording materials, Shi Yi hurriedly took a taxi to the airport after recording, but her emotions were still immersed in Zhou Shengchen’s story and she couldn’t help herself, and she sighed along the way.

Shi Yi hurried through the boarding procedures and went to the security check. As a result, the alarm kept ringing and the staff asked her to take off her high heels and check again. Zhou Shengchen, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Berkeley, flew to Xi’an on a business trip. He also went through the security check here because he left in a hurry and left his ID card in the security check box.

Shi Yi heard Zhou Shengchen’s name and hurried to greet him, explaining that she had just finished a movie, and the protagonist of the movie was also called Zhou Shengchen. I didn’t expect Zhou Shengchen to have seen the movie, so Shi Yi took the initiative to contact Zhou Shengchen. He had just returned from Germany and he hadn’t applied for a domestic phone card, so he left his email address with Shiyi. The loudspeaker at the airport kept urging Shiyi to board the plane, so she had to leave with Zhou Shengchen in a hurry.

From that day on, Shi Yi often contacted Zhou Shengchen by email. The two of you came and I chatted very speculatively, but never met again. This lasted for half a year. My girlfriend Hong Xiaoyu learned about Shiyi and Zhou Shengchen’s online dating story, and tried to bring them together. Hong Xiaoyu learned that Zhou Shengchen came to a research institute in Xi’an from Germany to give lectures and exchanges. She was going to Xi’an on a business trip, so she tried to persuade Shiyi to meet. As soon as I see Zhou Shengchen, it is time to send an email to Zhou Shengchen overnight.

Mei Xing is a good friend of Zhou Shengchen. He learned that Zhou Shengchen had come to Xi’an, so he couldn’t wait to see him. He brought Zhou Shengchen’s younger brother Zhou Wenchuan’s wedding invitation. By the way, he urged Zhou Shengchen to meet the blind date arranged at home, Zhou Shengchen. Not interested, so I had to find excuses to shirk. Shi Yi and Hong Xiaoyu arrived in Xi’an soon. They couldn’t take a break and immediately started to work.

Hong Xiaoyu and colleague Liu Shuai took Shi Yi to interview a couple who had generously donated money. After the interview, the three people went to dinner together, and Zhou Shengchen also came here for dinner. He and Shiyi met unexpectedly, only to know that Shiyi had emailed him in advance. He was busy with work and had no time to watch, so Liu Shuai asked Zhou Shengchen to have dinner with him. .

Student He Shan rushed to pick up Zhou Shengchen to attend the seminar. Zhou Shengchen had to say goodbye to Shiyi, and Shiyi couldn’t stay. Hong Xiaoyu took the opportunity to ask Zhou Shengchen to go to Qinglong Temple to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Zhou Shengchen promised to wait for the rain to stop before discussing the specific time. . Hong Xiaoyu’s first impression of Zhou Shengchen was good, and he couldn’t wait to complete the time for the two of them, so he prayed for the rain to stop quickly.

When Shi Yi turned on the computer early in the morning, he received an email from Zhou Shengchen asking for a cherry blossom viewing at 12 o’clock. Shi Yi hurriedly woke up Hong Xiaoyu and put on beautiful clothes. The two of them rushed to the appointment early, and Liu Shuai then came to Qinglong Temple. , Zhou Shengchen arrived on time. Hong Xiaoyu pulled Liu Shuai aside and gave Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen a chance to get along alone. Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen lingered on Sakura Avenue, and the more they chatted, the more they speculated.

When Zhou Shengchen took Shiyi, Hong Xiaoyu and Liu Shuai went to the teahouse opened by He Shan’s house to have tea. Hong Xiaoyu casually asked about Zhou Shengchen’s hobbies. He did not expect that he liked to watch TV dramas. “Looking for the Qin” has been watched 79 times. Shiyi suddenly Dumbfounded. He Shan pulled Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi to fight the landlord, Zhou Shengchen took a handful of invincible cards, and they had to admit defeat.

Seeing that it was getting late, He Shan accompanied Zhou Shengchen to the institute by bus. Shi Yi, Hong Xiaoyu and Liu Shuai were waiting for a taxi on the side of the road. They waited for a long time but did not wait. A special car suddenly came to pick them up. Shi Yi only knew. Zhou Shengchen asked He Shan to make an appointment to take them back to the hotel.

Jiaren Tong is a teacher of the institute. She is Zhou Shengchen’s ex-girlfriend. She is now going to marry Zhou Shengchen’s younger brother Zhou Wenchuan. She personally came to send Zhou Shengchen invitations and took the opportunity to show him that she had no choice. Zhou Shengchen didn’t buy it at all. Advising her to cherish her feelings with Zhou Wenchuan, Jiaren Tong touched her nose and left silently with tears. He Shan saw Tong Jiaren leaving in tears, and advised Zhou Shengchen not to let down the infatuation of the times. Zhou Shengchen forbade him to talk nonsense.

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