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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 30 Recap

Xiang Nanfang comforted Qiao Simei and promised to help her. Qiao Yicheng was worried that this matter would have a bad effect on her, for fear that she would be argued that she would not marry her well and would have to fight it alone. Xiang Nanfang was a little sad. After being married for so long, Qiao Yicheng always subconsciously excluded her from his world, and did not tell her about such big things at home. Qiao Yicheng said that was not the case.

Instead, the yin and yang raised the issue of dismissal. Xiang Nanfang explained that he was just afraid that Qiao would think more about it. Just like his last marriage, he would get together less and more, so he was alienated. The two had a fight like this, and Xiang Nanfang decided to go to the guest room to calm down.

Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli pooled some money for Qiao Simei, but after passing this level, it doesn’t mean it’s okay. Qi Chenggang will have another time, Qiao Erqiang is going to interrupt his doglegs. Qiao Simei lowered his head to agree for him, not anymore. Qiao Yicheng gave Qiao Simei a card and asked her to find a time to have a good talk with the Meng family. Qiao Simei pulled him and said to ask him one last thing, she didn’t dare to talk about it. Qiao Yicheng went to the guest house where Meng’s family lived. In fact, Xiao Meng was not pregnant at all.

Qiao Yicheng warned them to stop making trouble if they took the money. Xiao Meng still couldn’t let go of Qi Chenggang. He ran to Qiao’s house while his father didn’t pay attention, and knelt down to ask Qiao Simei to fulfill them. Qiao Simei pointed to Qi Chenggang who was shrinking in the corner and asked, is it worth it for such a person? Qiao Zuwang couldn’t listen anymore, pointed at her and cursed, and finally Xiao Meng was dragged away by his father.

Xiang Nanfang is going to a place to suspend his post. She and Qiao Yicheng have made an agreement and will have a good talk when she comes back. Qiao Simei and Qi Chenggang asked Qiao Yicheng to come out to meet, and Qiao Yicheng warned Qi Chenggang to pay back the money within three years, and Qi Chenggang nodded with no intention. Qiao Yicheng couldn’t stand it. Qiao Simei was conceited, and did not show mercy. He got up and left with a few warnings.

Qiao Sanli also complained that Qiao Simei was not sober, but Wang Yiding saw clearly that it was worth looking at Qiao Simei’s own thoughts. When Qiao Yicheng returned home late at night, the Xiang family had already fallen asleep, and it was the door that his aunt helped him leave. Qiao Yicheng went for a walk to Qiao Qiqi’s Internet cafe and chatted for a few words. Qiao Yicheng asked him to have time to visit Qiao’s house.

This year, SARS broke out. Qi Chenggang received a message from Xiao Meng that she was going to marry, and hoped that he would come to Chuzhou to see herself. Qiao Sanli gave Qiao Yicheng a lot of Banlangen, and Qiao Yicheng also came with a bag of masks. Qi Chenggang told Aunt Qiao Simei that she was seriously ill and was going to Wuhu to take care of her. Qiao Simei worriedly sent him to the car, and Qi Chenggang took off the mask and gloves as soon as she got on the car.

Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang sent Banlangen and masks to the family. Qiao Sanli returned with the disinfectant. Qiao Qiqi took a UV disinfection lamp and came back to take a look. Everyone was gathered together. At this juncture, Qi Chenggang was placed under quarantine for observation, and the door of Qiao’s house was also closed by the epidemic prevention personnel, asking them to cooperate. Qiao Simei was frightened, for fear that Qi Chenggang might have a long history and two shortcomings.

Qiao Zuwang and Qiao Yicheng lived in the same room and looked at each other. Qiao Qiqi was living in Qiao’s house for the first time, and their hearts were a bit complicated. Qiao Simei did not close her eyes all day and night, and did not speak, Qiao Sanli was extremely worried. Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Qiqi talked about their childhood in the kitchen, when he was only a few months old, and they did not take good care of him. Qiao Qiqi said that he would teach him to use a computer.

Hearing the noise of the two brothers, Qiao Yicheng felt confused. Qiao Simei was still lying on the bed, motionless. Qiao Zuwang wanted to ask his neighbors to buy a lottery ticket for him. He threatened to invite them to dinner if he won the prize. He didn’t expect Qiao Zuwang to win 600 yuan. Qiao Yicheng sat in the yard most of the night, and Qiao Simei came out and sat next to him, wanting to say something.

Wang Yiding is reliable, but Qi Chenggang is also very strong in Qiao Simei’s heart, but his heart is restless. Qiao Simei begged Qiao Yicheng to help take care of Qi Qiaoqiao. She was going to the hospital to guard Qi Chenggang. Qiao Simei went this time with the determination to die, and even Qi Qiaoqiao’s life had been planned, in short, she should not be as confused as herself for a lifetime. Qiao Yicheng hates iron but not steel, and she knows she is confused!

The next day, the quarantine was lifted, and Qiao Yicheng planned to take Qi Qiaoqiao back first. Qiao Zuwang pointed at Qiao Simei’s nose and cursed 250. Everyone in the family opposed it, and Qiao Simei went to the hospital resolutely.

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