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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 5 Recap

Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian invariably noticed the client, Miss Yan, and found on their social accounts that this person is very eager to travel and get married, so there is a high probability that she will win the banquet hall from her. After obtaining Ning Meng’s consent, Xia Qian went to visit according to the list address. He didn’t expect to see Sheng Zhening. The two rushed into the house and explained their intentions sincerely.

Xia Qian hoped that Miss Yan would transfer the 8th schedule to provide her with a luxury cruise package in the Aegean Sea, but Sheng Zhening offered a 50% discount to persuade Miss Yan to continue to hold the wedding at the Changsheng Hotel. Since the wedding was arranged by her husband Han Chao, Miss Yan couldn’t call the shots, so she simply handed them her business card, saying that Han Chao was visiting the orchard and would not be back next week.

In order to be the first to get in touch with the man, Xia Qian decided to take a taxi to the orchard, which happened to catch up with the peak. Sheng Zhening drove by and deliberately honked his whistle to provocation. As a result, he encountered a traffic jam halfway. On the contrary, Xia Qian successfully got in a taxi and came to the orchard position sooner than him.

Due to the remote location, Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening had to go on foot and came to a farmhouse to ask their uncle to find out. Only then did they know that Han Chao’s fruit and vegetable station was far away. Considering that it was going to rain, the two could not continue on their way. They stayed in the farmhouse for one night for the time being. They rotated into the mosquito net to sleep that night, and the other had to sit on a chair to feed the mosquitoes.

In the early morning of the next day, Xia Qian planned to leave quietly while Sheng Zhening was still asleep. Sheng Zhening and Xia Qian were vying to climb the mountain first. They were pulling and accidentally rolled down the hillside and fell into a big hole. The situation is critical now, and only by working together can we climb out of the big pit. Xia Qian asked Sheng Zhe Ning to carry her up and accidentally tore off the other’s pants. The scene was extremely embarrassing.

Fortunately, Xia Qian climbed up smoothly. Originally, she wanted to stretch out her hand to pull Sheng Zhening out, but the distance was too far, so she finally decided that she would find Han Chao first, while Sheng Zhening stayed in the pit. Xia Qian came to the fruit and vegetable station and explained his intentions straight to the door, hoping that he would respect his wife’s ideas and take a trip to get married.

However, Han Chao is a businessman and he is used to exchanges between people. Besides, he has notified his relatives and friends to hold a wedding in Changsheng. So when he hesitated, Sheng Zhening suddenly appeared and offered his business card to express his intentions, and he was willing to contract all the expenses in the hotel. . There is no doubt that the fruits of victory this time have been attributed to Sheng Zhening.

When Fu Shuangshuang received the organic vegetables from his mother, he felt warm in his heart, but he had a disagreement over marriage promotion. That night, Fu Shuangshuang was in a very bad mood. He came to the rooftop to complain to the kitten by himself, and happened to meet Qin Hebo. Out of concern, Qin Hebo sneaked into the deputy general office with Fu Shuangshuang and pried open a bottle of red wine to drink with her.

Han Chao went home and found that Miss Yan was still looking forward to traveling and getting married, and then thought that she was busy with work and owed her fiancee, so she changed her mind to sign a wedding transfer agreement with Xia Qian. Upon hearing this, Sheng Zhening deliberately made things difficult for him to breach the contract. Just as the two were arguing about this, they suddenly received a call from the hospital and learned that Ning Meng had been in a car accident.

Fortunately, Ning Meng was only frightened and didn’t suffer much damage. On the contrary, He Zhijun was more serious. Xia Qian took the driving recorder of the driver who caused the accident and found out through the video that He Zhijun pushed Ning Meng away without hesitation. Although He Zhijun himself is not a good person, he at least loves Ning Meng, and it is precisely because of this that Sheng Zhening is lost in thought.

Under Qin Hebo’s enlightenment, Sheng Zhening agreed to her sister marrying He Zhijun, and signed a contract with Xia Qian for the eighth banquet hall, and at the same time persuaded her to continue to take over the group car purchase case, falsely claiming that it was highly recommended by Manager Sun. Xia Qian readily agreed, but met Manager Sun when she left, and learned that she had never recommended herself to Sheng Zhening.

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