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My bargain queen 我的砍价女王 Episode 4 Recap

Because Fu Shuangshuang felt uneasy in his heart, he took the initiative to reveal his true identity and purpose to Qin Hebo. Unexpectedly, this frankness made Qin Hebo more interested in her, and even stated that he wanted to annex the entire Changsheng Hotel. . However, Fu Shuangshuang didn’t care about it, only when Qin Hebo was joking.

Because Sheng Zhening was infected with a cold by An An, which caused him to have a high fever, Xia Qian stayed at the bedside to take care of him, and personally boiled the mung bean soup. He did not return to the room to rest until the next morning. Sheng Zhening learned that An An had not conveyed his meaning to Xia Qian, so he told him not to say it.

Xia Qian tried many methods but failed to crack the computer password. Just when she was about to give up the entrustment, she accidentally learned that Ning Meng and Sheng Zhening were actually brothers and sisters. At first, Xia Qian was angry and accused her of teasing herself, but only after hearing Sheng Zhening’s attitude towards He Zhijun and his strong opposition to this marriage, I understood why Ning Meng chose this approach.

Ning Meng knew that Sheng Zhening’s computer password was his mother’s favorite blue star flower during his lifetime, so Changsheng Hotel’s garden would still be planted today. As long as he has time, he will take care of it, entirely to commemorate his mother. Xia Qian promised to help Ning Meng win the May schedule list, but when she just clicked on the list file in the computer, she suddenly realized that the handkerchief she had given to the gardener appeared in the room. She suddenly realized that the kind gardener was Sheng Zhening.

After thinking about it again and again, Xia Qian gave up on Ning Meng’s case, because she felt that Sheng Zhening was a more affectionate person through her time getting along. Unexpectedly, she had just left, and Sheng Zhening later discovered that the computer had been touched. After calling the hotel monitor, she discovered that Xia Qian was still fighting for Ning Meng’s wedding schedule. The group car purchase case was just her cover. Computer password.

Now thinking that he would be wrong, Sheng Zhening was furious, so on the way to the Internet celebrity beach, deliberately driving dangerously, causing Xia Qian to be frightened throughout the journey. Xia Qian saw that Sheng Zhening was aiming at him, and was also very angry, unable to figure out what happened, until Sheng Zhening threw out the notebook.

Sheng Zhening ridiculed Xia Qian’s painstaking effort for the list. Knowing that her ex-boyfriend was married to someone else, she had to rush to help plan the wedding, and suspected that she had suffered a psychological distortion after being abandoned. Xia Qian couldn’t bear Sheng Zhening’s cynicism. He turned and left on the spot. Unexpectedly, there was a pouring rain. Sheng Zhening was worried that Xia Qian would turn back and search for it. She did not know that Xia Qian had already returned to the hotel at this time, packing her luggage and leaving.

Fu Shuangshuang obtained the May wedding list of the Changsheng Hotel through Qin Hebo, and immediately called Xia Qian. It was precisely because Xia Qian had a dispute with Sheng Zhening, and after anger, he decided to help Ning Meng complete the wedding no matter what happened. On the other hand, Fu Shuangshuang thanked Qin Hebo very much for his help. For this reason, he suspected that he was interesting to him. As a result, Qin Hebo couldn’t laugh or cry when he heard these words.

After leaving the hotel, Xia Qian rushed back to the city for the first time, not only calling Ning Meng, but also having a meal with her good friends. Mu Xiaoyan has resigned from Changsheng, but due to Qin Hebo’s relationship, Fu Shuangshuang decided to stay in Changsheng before making any plans because of his business trip and entrusting himself to take care of the kittens on the rooftop.

Even if she had set her goal and got what she wanted, Xia Qian was still unhappy, especially seeing the anti-fever paste in her bag, she couldn’t help but think of Sheng Zhening. In the next few days, Xia Qian and Sheng Zhening each analyzed the list, breaking through the needs of customers one by one, and selecting the wedding couple who are most likely to change their minds.

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