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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 40 End Recap

Wang Mingyu took the initiative to go to Xia Ming, suggesting that the cooperation between the two parties will achieve results. As long as Xia Ming helps Wang Mingyu to sit as chairman, then Tianke’s problems can be solved and it is a win-win choice. But in Xia Ming’s view, he and Wang Mingyu are opposites from beginning to end, unless they can be in the same boat, which means that after Tianke is separated, he will hold Wang Mingyu’s equity on his behalf.

Now the board members have unanimous opinions and all support Wang Mingyu to take over Yinghai Group. With the exception of Su Xiao, this is basically a certainty. Because Su Xiao couldn’t contact Zhao Xiankun for a long time, even Xu Zhiping deliberately avoided seeing him. Although Maria understood Su Xiao’s feelings, the matter was already beyond her control.

Seeing that Su Xiao left in frustration, He Congrong successfully persuaded Maria to help Su Xiao hold a group meeting. In this meeting, Su Xiao talked about the source of the Songjiang land and the living conditions of the old employees of Yinghai. Why did Chairman Zhao Xiankun choose to promote the full shareholding plan?

Among the people present, a small number of people will be moved by it, including Hu Changhai, who thinks he has had contact with the bull bricklayer in Su Xiao’s mouth. When this man was at his strongest, he led more than one hundred workers. Unexpectedly, he would go home to provide for the elderly at an old age, but he suffered a series of collapses in his hometown and the death of his son. In the end, he could only bring his grandson to the big city, and he was unsettled. Place.

Xu Zhiping considered repeatedly and personally warned Wang Mingyu to investigate Zhao Xiankun in the group, which had already had a bad influence, and demanded that he be released immediately. Unexpectedly, Wang Mingyu disapproved, and even stated that Xia Ming had explained the whole process of facts. Because of this, Su Xiao’s previous efforts were in vain and returned to the original point again.

Su Xiao sent a message to question Xia Ming, got an ambiguous answer, and then went to seek Wu Hongmei’s opinion. I never thought that Wu Hongmei actually accused Su Xiao of harming Zhao Xiankun, which made her instantly understand the truth of Wu Hongmei’s breakup. Faced with this long-time friend, Su Xiao didn’t know how to respond, but silently blessed her.

Before the meeting of the board of directors, Zhao Xiankun came to Wang Mingyu and claimed that he should not hide from everyone, but he never thought that the good brothers who worked hard together would choose to go in the opposite direction. Nowadays, there is no turning back from opening the bow. Instead of repenting, Wang Mingyu has become more vigorous, showing that his will has been resolved.

The headquarter executives rejected Zhao Xiankun’s call, and even Xia Ming seemed to be countered by Wang Mingyu. Su Xiao was worried that the next situation would be a dead end, but Zhao Xiankun urged Su Xiao to continue to promote the Tianzihao. That night, Zhao Xiankun went to Wu Hongmei’s house and ate the noodles she cooked by herself, feeling a little calm in her heart.

On the day of the board meeting, Wang Mingyu triumphantly took out the results of the investigation. There were statements about Xia Ming that were sufficient to confirm his transaction with Zhao Xiankun. Xia Ming admitted that he had reached an agreement with Zhao Xiankun in order to obtain more equity, but these verbal agreements did not explain everything, so he would use his plan to expose Wang Mingyu’s conspiracy in public, and even took out a video of the previous conversation.

Just as everyone was shocked by this, Zhao Xiankun took advantage of the victory and expressed his sincere expectations for the group, and showed everyone Su Xiao’s plan, hoping that the directors can understand what a community of destiny is. Su Xiao stood at the door and heard the whole process. She was finally relieved, and happened to meet Wang Yang when she left. The former boss and subordinates also solved the misunderstanding at this moment, and reconciliation is as good as ever.

The convening of the conference was drawing to a close, and all members supported Zhao Xiankun’s decision. Yinghai Group successfully passed the crisis, and Wang Mingyu was defeated in a mess. After the haze cleared, every employee in the company will usher in the dawn. Su Xiao and Xia Ming stood on the rooftop and looked into the distance. From this moment on, Xia Ming realized that he was once narrow, and the two of them looked at each other and smiled. Go for a better future together.

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