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The five most classic lore in the Three Kingdoms


The Three Kingdoms spent most of their time fighting on the battlefield. It is the greatest honor for a famous general to charge and slay the enemy generals. Then let’s talk about the classic lore that smashed the opponent’s generals on the battlefield.

  1. Guan Yu Wenjiu cuts Huaxiong

Guan Yu is the one who the author puts the most emphasis on in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so the author has spent a lot of thought on him. Just like this lore, the author spent a lot of money on it, nothing more than highlighting Guan Yu’s bravery. First, it described Hua Xiong’s easy killing of a few generals to highlight Hua Xiong’s power as a foreshadowing, and then did not spend any pen and ink describing Guan Yu’s battle with him, but only highlighted the short time and great momentum Guan Yu spent cutting him. “The drums outside the Guan rang loudly, the shouts were loud, like the sky collapsed, Yue Shan fell, and everyone was shocked.” These words have fully explained the intensity of the battle, and also reflected Guan Yu’s bravery from the side. Wenjiu cutting Huaxiong is Guan Yu’s first skill, and it is also a battle of fame.

  1. Zhao Zilong cuts five generals

Compared to the many other credits, such as the Savior riding alone, Jijiang Duo Adou, etc., Zilong’s effort to cut the five generals this time is nothing. But Zhao Yun’s power this time, he has been in his seventies, which is really rare; secondly, this battle is also hearty and easy to kill. At that time, Ma Chao was an upright and upright man against the five generals. He killed two people and killed three people. Although it was also a lore, it was still not as good as Zilong. After Zilong killed one person, he fought three people alone. One person was killed with one shot, one person was killed with one arrow, and then one was thrown to the ground and one person was captured. Throughout the book, although Zilong has killed countless people and continued to perform feats, he still regards this as the first lore.

  1. Zhang Fei Changbanqiao drank Xia Houjie to death

Zhang Fei’s bravery may be closely matched by Lu Bu among the Three Kingdoms. However, the author’s effort to describe Zhang Fei’s lore seems to be heavier this time. However, it was this description that made Fei ascend to the position of Tanhua on the lore list. Zhang Fei’s greatness has always been rendered in the book, but here it pushes Zhang Fei’s brave rendering to a climax once more. One person blocked Cao Cao’s so many troops without saying, and just roaring three times, the Xiahou family’s hapless man’s liver and gallbladder shattered and crashed under the horse.

Although some people have invented such a knack for lion roar, I think Lao Luo had such a concept as a knack for killing people at that time, and I don’t know how much he was ahead of some people now. Fei’s bravery, Fei’s roar, let Fei’s lore, passed down forever.

  1. Guan Yu and Yan Liang

The author’s description of Guan Yu is somewhat deified, so Guan Yu can have such a classic lore, which surprises readers. Regarding Guan Yu’s lore this time, Cao Cao’s original words were quoted as “the general is a true god and man!”.

  1. Wuxiang Hou scolded Wang Lang to death

Zhuge Liang is not a military commander, but he can kill people on the battlefield. That’s what he said. Kong Ming killed people in words more than once, but only this time, the two armies directly cursed the opponent’s Wang Lang before the battle, which can be described as a classic lore that surpasses all generals.

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