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Review new movies with the charm of “The Prince of Tennis” songs!

Review new movies with the charm of “The Prince of Tennis” songs! The movie “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis” is on sale from September 3rd.

The new movie “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis The Prince of Tennis ” by Takeshi Konomi has been released at movie theaters nationwide from September 3rd. In this work, where the story after the original is unfolded, the characters of “Tenipuri” drawn in 3DCG will fascinate the audience with not only tennis but also singing and dancing through the screen. In this article, I will tell you about the charm of the movie and introduce the character songs that are indispensable for talking about “The Prince of Tennis”.

What is “The Prince of Tennis”?

The manga “The Prince of Tennis” (commonly known as Tenipuri) by Takeshi Konomi, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha) from 1999 to 2008. A story about the tennis club of a junior high school.SeigakuSepal)’S tennis club is depicted aiming to win the national tournament. Since 2009, the sequel “The Prince of Tennis” has been serialized in “Jump SQ.” (Shueisha).

In addition to these manga, many media mixes such as TV animation and games are being performed, and it is still a work loved by many people. Speaking of “The Prince of Tennis”, it is a work that has a very high affinity with music, such as more than 900 character songs , musicals, and live performances duet with the Tenipuri character whose original author, Takeshi Konomi became CG. If you enjoy “Tenipuri”, it’s a waste not to pay attention not only to the hot tennis game but also to the singing voices of the characters!

The main character of “The Prince of Tennis”. A tennis kid who is usually cool, but has a passionate fighting spirit in his heart. He won the American Jr. tournament four times in a row and joined the youth school middle school tennis club. Fight fiercely with many powerful enemies,SeigakuSepalBecame the driving force behind the national victory. After the tournament, head to the United States again aiming for further heights

Sakuno Ryuzaki (CV: Mikako Takahashi) A first-year student at Seishun Gakuen Middle School. Joined the tennis club after being helped by Ryoma. While practicing hard, he supports Ryoma’s tennis more than anyone else. A girl with a modest and gentle but strong personality.

Nanjiro Echizen (CV: Takashi Matsuyama) Ryoma’s father, a legendary former professional tennis player who was once called “Samurai Nanjiro”. It was said that his ability would eventually reach the number one position in the world. Ryoma has never beat Minami Jiro in tennis.

Kunimitsu Tezuka (CV: Ryotaro Okiayu) Director of the tennis club in the third grade of the youth school. He is always serious about tennis and is therefore strict with himself and others. With his overwhelming ability and the fierce determination to carry the team, he guides the members and achieves the long-sought national championship.

and etc.

In the movie “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis The Prince of Tennis,” which has been released since September 3, in the movie “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis, The Prince of Tennis,” which has been released since September 3. , The original author, Ryoma Echizen, is the general director of the production, and he writes and composes the new songs in the movie . There are many character songs and dance scenes, and the finish is like “Tenipuri” full of musical elements. In addition, there are two types of movies, and , and you can enjoy different things such as some scenes of the main story and the medley song of “Theater Tenifes petit!” After the main story. It’s a specification that fans will want to see repeatedly.

The main part of the movie consists of episodes of a period that had not been drawn before , before the story of “The Prince of Tennis” began after the final of the original national tournament . After the main character, Ryoma Echizen, travels to the United States alone to train as a warrior and arrives in LA, she encounters a scene in which her classmate, Sakuno Ryuzaki, who is on a family trip, is involved in a gangster. A time slip triggered by a ball released to help her, Ryoma’s father, Nanjiro Echizen, arrives a few days before the US Open final when he was forced to retire. Therefore, in order to know the reason for Minami Jiro’s retirement, the outline of this work is to act together with the young Minami Jiro.

Enjoy the two types of umami at the preview and check the highlights!

Prior to the release, I was allowed to watch the movie at the preview, but the 3DCG character felt a lot of the original feeling, partly because the original author Takeshi Konomi was the executive producer. In addition to the crisp face that Mr. Xu drew, I personally noticed that the hair color of Atobe of Hyotei Gakuen was the original color of brown hair (silver hair in anime and Tenimyu).

In addition, it is a pleasure to see the princes who are expressive and move three-dimensionally. When the movie started, the match drawn in the last of the original was started with “Dear Prince-To the Princes of Tennis- [MOVIE size]” in the bag! Ryoma runs around the court happily, sends aleSeigakuSepalWith the appearance of members and characters from rival schools, a happy production will pop out for “Tenipuri” fans from the beginning.

There are many scenes in which characters sing and dance in the play, and it is a movie full of musical elements drawn with 3DCG. The lyrics that closely describe the emotions of the characters and the dialogue between the characters, and the tunes that match the atmosphere of each scene are developed, so you will be drawn in immediately. The amount of scooping that the music and the story naturally merged was wonderful, and when I saw the movie, I was reminded that “Takeshi Konomi is a versatile person who can also write and compose songs.”

Other than the overwhelming DANCE & SING scene, the highlight of this work is that there are different scenes in each of the two types, and . For example, in the scene where Ryoma calls, changes to Tezuka and Yukimura Seiichi of Rikkai, and changes to Shiraishi Kuranosuke of Shitenhoji Temple and the trace of Hyotei. For me, I’m glad to see Yukimura, who is gardening and private. In the scene with Shiraishi in , Kim-chan, who was next to me, was very cute. and must more ……

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