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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 36 Recap

Su Xiao made it clear about the importance of data confidentiality. However, Wu Hongmei was more than successful. Instead of self-review, he called and complained to her boyfriend. It can be seen that the reason why Maria despise Wu Hongmei is entirely because she is not suitable for important tasks at all, which is really unreasonable.

Just because Nana realized this, she deliberately approached Wu Hongmei to talk, and then reported the situation to Lin Xiaomin afterwards. Lin Xiaomin didn’t care about the results of the survey. He wanted to know Zhao Xiankun’s attitude and the movements of Wang Mingyu and several subsidiaries, so he told Nana to walk with Wu Hongmei and try to obtain useful information from each other.

Because Wang Mingyu has planned a plan to deal with it, and prepared a few hands in advance. On the one hand, he instructed Zhao Peng to stumble on Su Xiao, which hindered her work progress. On the other hand, the other bosses fought against their own family and incited the desire for power. . As everyone knows, the CEO of Tianhe Company took the initiative to approach Su Xiao, expressing his willingness to cooperate fully with the reform. As long as Su Xiao promises the position of general manager, he can also let employees resign voluntarily and reduce the cost of layoffs in the group.

Accountant Zhu went to Tianke for research and unexpectedly discovered that Tianke’s debt ratio was at a high risk. Since the middle of last year, it has been insolvent. By the end of the first quarter of this year, the responsibility rate has reached 80%. Especially last month, Tianke Company issued a few more loans with a total amount of more than 100 million yuan, which directly soared to 123%.

According to common sense, Tianke’s business situation is the best in the entire company. Su Xiao would not believe it anyway when this situation suddenly appeared, so she guessed that Xia Ming did it deliberately. Unexpectedly, these loans occurred before the group announced the merger, and there were contracts and bank records. One of the loans originated from the general contracting company and could not be faked at all. As for the other two loans from the same guarantee company, they were less than time apart. Half a month.

Even though Su Xiao went to Tianke to investigate in person, there was still no result. Even if Xia Ming insisted that he had never thought of using Tianke as a trick, Su Xiao still felt that he was playing a big game, blinding everyone’s eyes, in order to seek the group to divest assets and preserve Tianke’s independence.

Originally, Su Xiao wanted to recommend Xia Ming as the general manager after the merger of Tianzihao, but now it seems completely unnecessary. Seeing that the group was already in a miasma, Xia Ming didn’t want to participate in this muddy water anymore, and he still had to live up to Su Xiao’s hard work in the end. The next day, Huang Lilin informed Xia Ming that He Yao was going to study abroad, hoping that he could take the initiative to contact the other party, although he would not be able to stay, but he should leave a good impression on the other party.

In the next few days, Su Xiao found two low-interest contracts and questioned Tianke as a false loan from left to right. In order to find out the true situation of Tianke, Su Xiao went to Cui Ge’s guarantee company alone, but was embarrassed by a run. Brother Cui asked Su Xiao to drink a few glasses of high-quality liquor, so that he was willing to reveal the truth.

At the critical moment, Xia Ming rushed to relieve Su Xiao, drinking five consecutive cups alone, causing him to be admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. He Yao dressed up carefully and went to the Japanese food shop she had agreed with Xia Ming. However, after waiting for a long time without seeing each other, she finally couldn’t help her collapse and mistakenly thought it was Xia Ming’s release of the pigeons. Su Xiaoshou took care of Xia Ming in the hospital until he gradually woke up. Xia Ming thought that he would have an appointment tonight, so he didn’t care about his physical condition. Accompanied by Su Xiao, he took a taxi to the Japanese food shop to attend the appointment, but he did not expect that He Yao had already left.

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