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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 24 Recap

The Queen Mother and Qiao Sanli inevitably had child-rearing disagreements. They even told her to quit her job and take care of the children. Qiao Sanli was backed by reason and reason. The Queen Mother’s opinion of her is getting bigger and bigger. Qi Chenggang runs a rental partnership with others and sends Qiao Simei to work every day.

Qiao Erqiang chased it out and asked Qiao Simei if he had eaten his lunch. Qi Chenggang explained that she had just been promoted to the manager of the housekeeping department and was busy with work and stress. Qiao Erqiang sat in the back seat holding a box lunch and quarreled with Qiao Simei, and finally got out of the car and took the bus. Qiao Simei suddenly felt a little nauseous. Qi Chenggang decided to take her to the hospital for an examination.

Yang Lingzi ran to Shanghai, Qiao Qiqi alone took care of the child who was still sick not long after birth, and Yang’s mother was too ill to help take it. Qi Weimin and Chang Xingyu came to visit, and hurriedly took Xiaozhi to the hospital. Qiao Simei was indeed pregnant, and Qi Chenggang was somewhat unprepared. Qiao Yicheng received the divorce agreement from Ye Xiaolang. Qiao Sanli brought many children’s clothes to Qiao Simei. Their brothers and sisters were all happy for Qiao Simei.

After Yang Lingzi came back from Shanghai, she filed a divorce with Qiao Qiqi. She has someone she likes, her client, and she not only knows her situation, but also accepts Xiaozhi. Yang Lingzi didn’t know what love was, only that she didn’t like Qiao Qiqi anymore. They were confused from the beginning, and it was better to separate.

Qiao Qiqi was agitated and soon calmed down. In fact, he didn’t know whether he loved Yang Lingzi, but he was always fortunate to meet Yang Lingzi, perhaps because she had made herself a useful person. Qiao Qiqi proposed to live with Xiaozhi, but he needs time to find a house and move out. Mother Yang couldn’t bear to open the door and tell Qiao Qiqi that he didn’t need to go. They helped bring Xiaozhi and the three of them lived together. As for where Yang Lingzi likes to go and where to go!

When Qiao Sanli got home from work, she saw the Queen Mother overthrow Xuan Xuan. Xuan Xuan cried so much that Qiao Sanli took Xuan Xuan back to her natal house in a fit of anger. Qiao Zuwang was busy coaxing the children, and Qiao Simei secretly called Wang Yiding. Wang Yiding hurried to comfort Qiao Sanli, as long as they saved enough money, they would move out immediately. This incident was not Wang Yiding’s fault, and Qiao Sanli was not angry with him, and the two quickly reconciled.

Qiao Qiqi and Yang Lingzi completed the divorce procedures, and sent her to the station. Yang Lingzi has no opinion on Qiao Qiqi’s living at home. Although she is no longer a husband and wife, she is still a family member. Qiao Qiqi had planned to move out, but when he got home, he found the suitcase was missing. Father Yang and Mother Yang pretended not to see them, and squeezed the key of the house in his hand. Qiao Simei had a happy marriage, now he has children, and became a winner in life. When he came back from get off work, he met Aunt Wu and greeted her with a few words.

Qiao Yicheng signed the divorce agreement, walked on the road that had memories of Ye Xiaolang, bought the familiar roasted sweet potatoes, and passed by the familiar KTV. It was here that Ye Xiaolang proposed to him to get married. It’s just that there was a double at the time, leaving only Joe Yicheng alone. Something happened to Wang Yiding, Qiao Yicheng hurried to the hospital, only to see Qiao Sanli crying, bluntly if something happened to Wang Yiding, she would not survive! Qiao Simei explained that five or six people were injured by the lazy forklift workers in the workshop, and Wang Yiding was the most injured. Chang Xingyu and Qi Weimin also came.

She helped contact her mother’s student, and a knife here operated on Wang Yiding. After the Queen Mother arrived, she didn’t cry or make trouble, but complained that she didn’t expect the technicians to be life-threatening. Qiao Sanli couldn’t help but roar. Qiao Yicheng arranged everything and guarded in the hospital in turn. After Wang Yiding woke up, he also took turns to accompany the bed. Qiao Sanli’s body gradually lost support.

When Qiao Yicheng heard his colleagues talking about women going abroad, he was very nasty, and Qiao Yicheng beat him up regardless of the fact that he rushed forward. The two were criticized by the leader. Song Qingyuan gave Qiao Yicheng his coat because he was anxious to do an interview, and asked him to replace the broken coat.

Song Qingyuan thought that Ye Xiaolang had a problem abroad, but he did not expect that the two had already reached the stage of divorce. Qiao Yicheng and Song Qingyuan went to interview Minister Xiang Nanfangxiang. Song Qingyuan ran to the bathroom. When he came back, Qiao Yicheng had already started the interview. After Song Qingyuan came in, Qiao Yicheng knew that Xiang Nanfang was originally his hair, and it was precisely because he was wearing Song Qingyuan’s coat that Xiang Nanfang had admitted him wrong when he came in just now.

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