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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 22 Recap

Song Qingyuan gave Qiao Yicheng a letter early in the morning, which was good news. The two won the China News Award of the year. Before Qiao Yicheng was happy for a while, he was dragged out by Qi Weimin to ask his teacher for a crime. Anything could be discussed. Qi Weimin thought that Qiao Yicheng’s doing so was harmful to Qiao Qiqi.

Qiao Yicheng continued to be angry with Yin and Yang. Qi Weimin couldn’t bear it this time, and satirized that Qiao Yicheng would live the way he hated the most before. Song Qingyuan asked what they were arguing with a gossip on his face, Qiao Yicheng couldn’t understand it for a while, turned around and asked Song Qingyuan to ask Qi Chenggang for help.

When Qiao Zuwang came together, he ate the noodles made by Qiao Simei, and Qiao Simei jumped anxiously by the side. When Qiao Zuwang heard that Qiao Simei had returned, he immediately calculated his transfer fees. Qi Chenggang came back from the shower, and Qiao Simei asked Qiao Zuwang to lend him his jacket to wear. Qiao Zuwang came out with his clothes, and Qi Chenggang fell asleep on the sofa. Qiao Zuwang went to take a bath, and Qiao Simei was interrupted by Aunt Wu just as his relative Chenggang was about to take it.

Qi Chenggang was eating the noodles, and Qiao Simei carefully asked him if he had come back early. She was living. Qi Chenggang didn’t eat the noodles anymore. Instead, he shed a few tears and told her that he was expelled by the army. Qi Chenggang confessed his mistake and slapped him, saying that he had an accident because of dozing off. Now he dare not tell his parents, and begged Qiao Simei not to leave him. Qiao Simei obviously didn’t care, comforting Qi Chenggang and said that if they wanted to, they took the time to get the certificate.

Qiao Qiqi moved into Yang Lingzi’s house, learning to take care of housework at an ignorant age, and Yang Lingzi who was pregnant. Qi Weimin came, Qiao Qiqi sat down and said nothing, he was wrong, Qi Weimin was also angry, more helpless, but he did not blame Qiao Qiqi, young people have the opportunity to make mistakes. When Qiao Yicheng returned home, he saw Qi Chenggang squatting at the door, and Qiao Simei and Qiao Zuwang were arguing inside.

When Qi Chenggang returned from the military, he had to live in his home without returning. Qiao Zuwang disagreed very much. He kept saying that they would be laughed at if they were not married and threatened to live without paying money. Qiao Yicheng was on Qiao Zuwang’s side, and Qiao Simei took Qi Chenggang away from home in a rage. Qi Chenggang confirmed time and time again that Qiao Simei would not leave him, after all, he had nothing. Qiao Yicheng couldn’t stand it any longer, so he took them back home.

When Wang Yiding met a difficult eldest sister while setting up a stall, the two sides broke into a fight. Qiao Yicheng asked Qiao Simei to sleep in the bedroom. He and Qi Chenggang slept outside. Qiao Simei was a little reluctant. Qiao Sanli exclaimed when Wang Yiding came back with a wound on her face. Wang Yiding confessed the reason and found a lot of reasons to set up a stall. Qiao Sanli had already seen it through. Wang Yiding reluctantly confessed that it turned out to be asking for money for Wang Yining to buy a house and get married.

Qiao Yicheng asked Qi Chenggang why he came back early. Qiao Simei helped him make up a lie on the seam of the door. Qi Chenggang also said that he wanted to earn more money while he was young and plan to get married in the future. Qiao Simei heard about these two marriages. A word rushed out to hold Qi Chenggang. Sun Xiaomo hugged Qiao Erqiang and asked whether he loved him or not, and his feelings were not deep, but Qiao Erqiang was grateful to her for not despising herself, looking for him a job, and still willing to marry him.

When Qiao Yicheng wakes up, Qiao Simei and Qi Chenggang have disappeared, leaving only one letter. Qiao Simei said that they would go back to the old house to get the hukou, and then go to Qi Chenggang’s home to visit his parents to get the hukou. After receiving the certificate, they went to Tianya Haijiao to let it witness their love. Sun Xiaomo started cooking early in the morning. Today is Qiao Erqiang’s birthday. She is off work today and plans to cook dinner for his birthday. Qiao Erqiang refused to say that he had never passed his birthday, and Sun Xiaomo was very tired from work, so there was no need to arrogate him. Sun Xiaomo insisted on giving Qiao Erqiang his birthday, reminding him to come back early after get off work.

The Queen Mother asked Qiao Sanli to ask for the room fee early in the morning, and Qiao Sanli took out the passbook she had prepared, which was their half-year room fee. When Wang Yining wants to buy a house to get married, they naturally have to help, but Wang Yining has hands and feet and can’t get clothes to reach out. Sun Xiaomo went to the store that Qiao Erqiang liked to buy tofu, but unexpectedly met Qiao Erqiang in the store.

Ma Suqin did not forget his birthday. Qiao Erqiang gave her a ski resort ticket, just wanting to skate with her again. Sun Xiaomo outside the window saw this scene and left angrily. During the meal, Sun Xiaomo was always weird, but still took out the watch and gave it to Qiao Erqiang as his birthday present. Qiao Erqiang was very self-blaming for not being able to live a decent life for Sun Xiaomo. His grandmother sarcastically said that she didn’t care about the things outside of her body. As long as Qiao Erqiang cooks for her every day, it is enough to be good to her.

Qiao Yicheng, Qiao Erqiang, and Qiao Sanli all received a letter from Qiao Simei, which contained only a blank postcard. If they asked them to write her a blessing, otherwise they would not come back. Qi Weimin and Qiao Qiqi also received them. Everyone wrote their heartfelt blessings on the postcards. Qiao Zuwang, who kept saying not to participate, and Qiao Yicheng, who was extremely awkward, also wrote them.

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