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I Got Transmigrated into a Horror Game Instead

I Got Transmigrated into a Horror Game Instead
Other names: Thay vào đó, tôi đã chuyển đổi thành một trò chơi kinh dị
Author: 아포카
Genre: Novel, Fantasy, Romance
Release: 2021
Status: Ongoing


Jung Yuri, an Internet streamer who specializes in games. But then she possessed Rachel, the main character of a horror game, “Hello, dad”?![You succeed in taking over Rachel, the 13th month’s witch.] [You are under the curse of death by touching causation.] [Return to the checkpoint when the witch or her family dies.]Rachel was trying to get rid of the curse by remembering what she knew when she was playing the game. During the plight, she met a supporting character, Enoch, who died saving Rachel in the original story.“The Rachel I know is a hard-working and a very charming person.”

“I-Is that so?”

“You might not realize, but you’re so beautiful when your blue eyes sparkle with wisdom.”While in an apprehensive atmosphere together with Enoch, the man she thought of as a friend and colleague, Rachel had only three years left![The curse will be lifted after 3 years. Hope you survive unscathed.]Will Rachel be able to cancel the curse and solve the secret behind it? This is the dangerous and creepy adventure of Rachel in order to survive in a horror game!

Chapter Lists:

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