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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 1 Recap

Eighteen years ago, the Central Plains country gave Qian Li a big blow, but the general of the Central Plains, Tao Zhong, died in battle. And his only son Tao Junran, who was only eight years old, witnessed all this. When he grew up, he led his troops to attack Qianli Kingdom. The Qianli people sneaked into Biyun County of the Central Plains along the waterway to brew the opportunity for rejuvenation, so Tao Junran went to arrest those who were at large.

It is said that Biyun County has developed waterways and is still a city that never sleeps on the water. There are fairy-like characters in it. It can’t be said for three days and three nights, so let’s say that the richest man is in love, and it has been a great cause from scratch to this day. But he only likes a girl who fishes. The girl was called Afan, she was beautiful, but her life experience was not good. She was brought up by a fool and had no mothers since she was a child. What’s more evil is that she couldn’t shed tears since she was a child, and she has a deep love for her. ,

He suspected that Li Afan had poisoned his relatives. Tao Junran found a group of people from Qian Jian, they were Qianli people. Tao Junran said that Lian Qi not only hid the Shallow people privately, but also made weapons privately. As the county magistrate, he didn’t know anything about it. The county magistrate said that he was deceived by his princes and he did not know at all, but his account book recorded every account of bribes he received from his princes.

Tao Junran said that he was treason. He couldn’t even protect himself and wanted to protect his relatives. Then Tao Junran ordered to block every merchant ship. He asked Li Afan, who made her unhappy? Ah Fan said that he did not have Hexian and hairy crabs for him today, and then even Qi asked him if she could sell them, and then gave her a lot of silver. After seeing the silver, A Fan quickly calculated how many things he could buy. It’s so expensive. Then Afan thought about it a lot by himself. Although the relatives are not the type they like, they can slowly cultivate their feelings. The words of water are engraved on it, love Brahman.

Even the relatives personally carved it, and their hands hurt. Afan said that he is not the type he likes, and the two of them can be brothers in the future. Suddenly someone outside said that the dragon and phoenix painting boat was on fire. A Fan knew that it was the painting boat of a relative, so he hurried out to have a look. But when he was walking on the road, Tao Junran almost ran into a little girl, and Li Afan immediately went to protect her.

Tao Junran said that Lian Qi was dead, so he was to act on behalf of Biyun County. As a result, a woman suddenly told Tao Junran that a woman said that Li Afan was Tao Junran’s friend and gave him a mysterious box. A Fan wanted to explain, and then Tao Junran said he was looking for her. Afan said that he was just an ordinary ordinary citizen in the Central Plains. But Cao Qing said she must go back to Nanlin Island and investigate together.

Ya Ya rushed the powder into their eyes, some of those people left blue tears, but Afan didn’t cry, and even sneezed. She said that she really wouldn’t shed tears. Then Tao Junran grabbed him directly. Tao Junran asked what Lian Qi had given her, and A Fan said a box of silver. But apart from this, he hasn’t given himself anything else. Sometimes he will ask people to invite A Fan to eat in a restaurant or swim in the lake.

But Ah Fan has never been there once, because he is so good, he knows martial arts, reads, writes and has money. There must be a lot of girls who like him. Ah Fan said that he thinks it’s impossible, and he’s afraid of nothing. Field, he was still very sad when he died. But she may not even have the qualifications to be sad. Tao Luoran said that if she wanted to be free, she had to pay 100 taels of bail. Later, he would ask Cao Qing to take her home and use all of her home as collateral for bail.

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