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Why did Louis XIV let ministers watch themselves eating and sleeping

Louis XIV is one of the most famous emperors in French history. He reigned for March and 18 days in 72 years and is the longest independent sovereign in European history.

Soon after he reigned for a long time, Louis XIV’s control of the country was also very effective, so he proudly declared that “We are the country” and will be called the Sun King by later generations.

Why did such a great French emperor do such absurd things as letting ministers watch him eat, sleep, or even take a bath?

The tortuous process of gaining power

The reason is first of all, let’s start with the life of Louis XIV.

Louis XIV was only 5 years old when he succeeded to the throne. Looking at the entire history, it is not a good thing to succeed at a young age.

This is indeed the case.

Little Louis, assisted by his mother, his lover, and Archbishop Mazarin, comfortably lived in the palace for five years. Later, under the leadership of Prince Condai, the nobles repeatedly attacked the royal family. Louis and his mother, brother, and Mazarin were all in one province. The transfer of one province, the exile one after another.

Don’t worry about the ministers

Fortunately, Archbishop Mazarin’s political skills were superb and eventually defeated the rebels by various means. The fourteen-year-old Louis XIV returned to Paris.

The repeated rebellion of the nobles had a profound impact on the little Louis. After taking power, Louis XIV always believed that “Paris is not safe and people do not love him”, and among them, the nobles are the most worried.

In March 1661, Mazaran died of illness. Before his death, he kept a close watch on Louis XIV not to establish a prime minister, but to firmly control the country’s power in his own hands.

According to the instructions of the teacher, Louis XIV tightly controlled the whole of France.

The means to squeeze the nobility

In order to completely get rid of the control of the nobility, Louis XIV built a new palace in Versailles near Paris: the world-famous Palace of Versailles today.

After the Palace of Versailles was built, Louis XIV moved the national political center here.

In the Palace of Versailles, Louis XIV set up many new rules, such as the nobles to attend the king’s dinner in gorgeous clothes, and to win the king’s favor, they need to be in front of the king at all times.

Louis XIV allowed these nobles to indulge in winning the favor of the king, and they had no time to manage the problems of the place, and gradually they lost the power to rule the place.

At the same time, Louis XIV, who had completely gotten rid of the control of the nobles, came up with a new method in order to further squeeze the nobles. The nobles had to pay to watch him sleep, eat and take a bath.

Although it was a paid item, in order to get close to the king, the noble ministers rushed to sign up. In the end, the viewing price was extremely high. This was in the hands of Louis XIV. While charging a lot of money, the nobles also completely surrendered. At the feet of the sun king Louis XIV.

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