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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 17 Recap

Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei came to play at home. Speaking of Chang Xingyu, he was admitted to the TV station and Qiao Yicheng became colleagues. When Qiao Simei saw that Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang were both learning English, her heart was instantly balanced. Qiao Yicheng closed the kitchen door, and he was very happy that Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding were able to reconcile, so he would find a way for Wang Yiding’s liquidated damages.

Qiao Erqiang and Sun Xiaomo decided to get married. Although the process was a bit unsuccessful, the marriage certificate was always issued. Inadvertently going to the last restaurant for dinner in advance, Sun Xiaomo’s hand suddenly shook, and the marriage certificate was also dropped. Qiao Erqiang followed Sun Xiaomo back home and changed his mouth. Just when the family was preparing to eat, Sun Xiaomo had another epilepsy. Seeing Qiao Erqiang taking care of his daughter, his grandmother was relieved a lot. Sun Xiaomo suddenly remembered that she was ill and Director Chen took care of her.

Qiao Yicheng gave Qiao Erqiang a big red envelope and asked him to live a good life, but Qiao Erqiang’s heart was not settled. Qiao Simei still wrote and called frequently, and Qi Chenggang didn’t seem to be doing things smoothly, and his attitude was a little impatient. Qiao Qiqi, who is already in middle school, is the focus of the school because of his handsome appearance, and the girls who sprout in adolescence also like him very much.

Qiao Simei and Chang Xingyu had made an appointment to watch a movie, but because they were worried about Qiao Qiqi, who lives alone at the Lao Ma’s house, they went to see them together. The two waited for a long time and didn’t see Qiao Qiqi coming back. As soon as they were about to leave, they saw a beautiful little girl kiss Qiao Qiqi and ran away, Qiao Qiqi with some dullness. Chang Xing Yuyu taught Qiao Qiqi a meal earnestly, but Qiao Simei, an expert on puppies, kept his eyes on him, and kept chasing him about asking the girl.

Ye Xiaolang’s TOEFL score passed, but Qiao Yicheng did not. While Ye Xiaolang was happy, Qiao Yicheng confessed that he had sent his family passbook to Qiao Sanli, and Ye Xiaolang gradually got used to it, but felt that in Qiao Yicheng’s heart, Qiao’s family was more important than their little family, and more important than her. More important. As always, Qiao Zuwang went to work happily, but found that people had gone to work there. Early the next morning, the door of Qiao’s house was flattened by people who came to ask for money. Qiao Zuwang hid in the house and refused to go out. The Qiao’s three brothers and sisters blocked the door and didn’t know what was going on. Qiao Yicheng was on the way to send Ye Xiaolang to Shanghai, and did not intend to bother with the pager.

Qiao Zuwang didn’t have any money to give them, so the people who demanded the debt moved Qiao’s home appliances, large and small, and the house became a mess of porridge. Sparrow-eyed originally asked Wang Yiding to find Qiao Yicheng, but Wang Yiding couldn’t listen to what had happened to Qiao Sanli. Sparrow-eyed had to pant and ran to the TV station, but it was empty. When Qiao Yicheng hurried home, the door of Qiao’s house was closed. Qiao Simei pointed at Qiao Zuwang, who was shrinking in the corner, and complained. Qiao Yicheng was so angry that he was about to hit with a stick, but was stopped by Qiao Erqiang and Wang Yiding. Come down. Qiao Zu looked as if he was about to pay his debts. Qiao was so angry that he fell a chair, and everyone else did not dare to breathe.

Qiao Yicheng let his younger brothers and sisters live at home. Ye Xiaolang was a little confused when he returned home. Ye Xiaolang’s visa was not approved. He also advised Qiao Yicheng not to pay for his father’s mistakes. Now the new society is not happy. . Ye Xiaolang has no problem with his younger siblings living at home, but when it comes to letting them know that they plan to study abroad, Qiao Yicheng’s reaction makes Ye Xiaolang unhappy. Outside the house, Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei heard some immigrant tendencies, and they were worried that Qiao Yicheng would go with them. The next day, Ye Xiaolang spoke openly about their plan to go abroad, and the three of them were suddenly at a loss.

In fact, to be honest, Qiao Yicheng had no idea. He just didn’t want to let Ye Xiaolang go alone. They are a family and should be together. Qiao Yicheng proposed to have a child. In fact, he is also a bit selfish. If they have a child, Ye Xiaolang. Will they not go abroad? They take their children to a bigger house and live a stable life in Nanjing. But this was just Qiao Yicheng’s thoughts, he would still accompany Ye Xiaolang to work hard together to study abroad. Qiao Yicheng didn’t know that Ye Xiaolang was pregnant and had a miscarriage. Qiao’s family thought that Ye Xiaolang had an accidental miscarriage, and each felt distressed more than one. After Qiao Yicheng comforted Ye Xiaolang, another one was locked up and sad for a long time.

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