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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 37 Recap

Sun Youde heard that Young Master Wu was ugly and coughed all the year round. He was bedridden in winter and had to sleep until three poles of sunshine in summer. Shen Qingyao promised to think about it. Sun Youde was angry to go to the pavilion alone to make her sulking. Liu Wushuang came to comfort her, and desperately coaxed her to be happy, so that Sun Youde wrote his heart’s wish on the Kong Ming Lantern, and the wish would be realized.

Sun Youde wrote all the hated grandma Li, Sun Jinge and the matchmaker on the Kong Ming Lantern. With the Kong Ming Lantern flying to the sky, Sun Youde’s wish was really fulfilled. Mother Li wrestled as soon as she walked. Sun Jinge’s beloved Western self-ringing bell was broken, and he was crushed. Sun Xun gave a lesson. The matchmaker also had diarrhea day and night. Sun Youde’s wishes were all fulfilled. She was grateful to Liu Wushuang and vowed that she would never forget him for the rest of her life.

Sun Youde went to the backyard every day to wait for Liu Wushuang to deliver the goods. After finally waiting for him, Liu Wushuang cut a small hole in the corner and took Sun Youde out to relax. Sun Youde lingered on the street with Liu Wushuang, and they had a great time. Since that day, Sun Youde often ran out to play, and her relationship with Liu Wushuang became deeper and deeper.

Sun Xun found Li Moxi, the eldest son of the Li family in Jiangyin, for Sun Youde. He sent someone to call Sun Youde, only to find out that she was not at home at all. Sun Xun went to the house and waited for Sun Youde. She sneaked out to play, told her to study female workers at home, and waited for the Li family to pick up the relatives. Sun Youde resolutely refused. Shen Qingyao wanted to persuade Sun Youde. Sun Xun desperately blocked him and sent someone to keep an eye on Sun Youde.

Sun Youde escaped from the hole in the wall while others were unprepared, she went directly to Liu Wushuang, begging Liu Wushuang to take her far away, and their every move was seen by the Sun Xun faction’s family. That night, Liu Wushuang came to the riverside to wait for Sun Youde on time. He was besieged by Sun Jiajiading. Liu Wushuang had to jump into the river to escape in desperation. Sun Xun ordered a careful search along the river.

When Sun Youde hurried to the riverside, he found that Liu Wushuang was missing. There were not only blood stains on the ground, but also things left by Liu Wushuang. Sun Xun ordered Sun Youde to be taken back. Sun Youde would never forget Liu Wushuang and vowed to die with him. Together, Sun Xun forced Sun Youde to marry Li Moxi, otherwise he would beat Liu Wushuang to death, and Sun Youde was forced to agree. Soon afterwards, Li Moxi took a sedan chair to pick him up. Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao separately told him to take good care of Sun Youde. When Sun Youde saw Liu Wushuang from the crowd, she was surprised and happy, and the eyes of the two were crying.

Sun Youde and Liu Wushuang reunited for a long time, and the excitement was beyond words. Lin Shaochun begged Shen Qingyao to fulfill Sun Youde and Liu Wushuang. Shen Qingyao considered it again and again, and decided to shut his eyes. Sun Yulou went to the palace to visit her sister Sun Youzhen. She accidentally saw the princess Showa go to the theater. Sun Youzhen was so scared that she hurriedly hid, worried that the princess Showa would be pulling her to talk endlessly. Sun Yulou couldn’t help but make fun of Sun Youzhen.

Sun Youzhen prepared gifts for everyone in the family and asked Sun Yulou to take it back. Sun Youzhen gave Sun Yulou a set of enamel snuff bottles to his liking, and Sun Yulou couldn’t put it down. The emperor invited Sun Youzhen to go hunting in the suburbs tomorrow, and by the way he called Sun Yulou to go with him. The emperor led the team to the outskirts. Unexpectedly, the princess of Showa pretended to be a man and followed him secretly, and had to compete with the emperor, so the emperor had to let her join in.

The princess Showa fell in love with an eagle. She bent her bow and shot her arrow out. The eagle was injured and went straight to the princess Showa and rushed over. Thanks to Sun Yulou in time for protection, the princess Showa fell in love with Sun Yulou at first sight and publicly asked the emperor to marry her grandson. In Yulou, the emperor advised the princess Showa to think twice. Sun Yulou already had a wife, and the princess didn’t care at all. Sun Yulou agreed to go back and let Lin Shaochun leave.

Lin Shaochun accompanied Shen Qingyao back to Beijing, and Sun Yulou handed her a divorce letter. Lin Shaochun agreed without saying a word, willing to fulfill Sun Yulou and the princess Showa. The princess Showa felt ashamed of Lin Shaochun, she sent her maid Caijin to choose a lot of high-quality gold and silver jewelry to Lin Shaochun.

Lin Shaochun saw a cart full of gold and silver jewelry. She couldn’t put it down. She happily brought them home. She picked the brocade and returned to the palace to return to the Princess and Princess of Showa. The Princess of Showa suspected that there was something wrong with Sun Yulou, so she called him. Tentatively, Sun Yulou tried his best to please the princess Showa, verbally verbally at the maid, and scolded the maid.

Sun Yulou personally fed soup to the Princess of Showa. The Princess of Showa tried to dodge. The soup was spilled on Sun Yulou. Princess of Showa sent Caijin to take Sun Yulou to change clothes. Sun Yulou took advantage of the opportunity to molested and fled. .

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