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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 20 Recap

Ai Jingchu will go to Africa in a week. Zeng Li is busy doing his homework for him. Ai Jingchu and the friends around Zeng Li actually don’t want Ai Jingchu to go to Africa, but Zeng Li respects Ai Jingchu’s Thought, in order to strengthen Ai Jingchu’s immunity, Zeng Li specially pulled him out for a run. In fact, if Zeng Li persuaded him, Ai Jingchu would not go, but Zeng Li understood Ai Jingchu’s ideas, his job was not only to treat illnesses, but also to save people. Ai Jingchu was very touched and he was always alone. It seems to have found someone who is very similar to him.

Liu Yucheng took the pulse to Wu Ying and joked that he had the happi pulse, but Wu Ying said that her aunt was very accurate recently, and Liu Yucheng didn’t take it to heart. Wu Ying opened the record and found out that her aunt was a week late. Unsurprisingly, Wu Ying was pregnant. In the shocked eyes of Zeng Li and Ma Yiyi, Wu Ying decided to have an operation.

This child is not here at the right time. Ma Yiyi supported Wu Ying, and Zeng Li advised her to discuss with Liu Yucheng, but Wu Ying had already decided and insisted that they not tell anyone. Ai Jingchu quickly saw through Zeng Li’s preoccupied appearance. Hearing that Wu Ying would have the baby to be aborted when she was pregnant, Ai Jingchu immediately called Liu Yucheng and told him that Zeng Li couldn’t stop him. Wu Ying wants to kill the child, but Liu Yucheng hopes that she will give birth to the child.

Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li on the other side were also quarrelsome because of this matter. Ai Jingchu believed that Liu Yucheng had the right to know, but Zeng Li was wholeheartedly considering Wu Ying. Birth is not in Wu Ying’s current plan. Liu Yucheng persuaded him to fail and ran to sleep on the sofa. Zeng Li thought he had betrayed his friend, and after quarreling with Ai Jingchu, they sulked and went back to the room.

The quarrel between the two was seen by the family, and the two of them did not show up the next morning. Everyone was very worried. Zeng Li didn’t even eat breakfast and ran to work. Ai Jingchu was going to see her off, but he heard her urging the construction team to finish the work tomorrow. Ai Jingchu immediately suppressed as the checkout person, so that the construction team did not have to rush.

Liu Yucheng actively approached Wu Ying to solve the quarrel, and also listed a table of the advantages and disadvantages of having a child. Wu Ying currently does not think there are any advantages to having a child. She needs a job. Liu Yucheng is still in college. How can it be so simple to raise a child? . Liu Yucheng advised Wu Ying not to treat this child as a problem, but as a gift.

Wu Ying only thinks that he is like a child, thinking about the problem only for the moment and completely ignore the consequences. But Liu Yucheng is serious. He thought about all the things that should and shouldn’t be listed all night. Although he is only 21 years old, he will be responsible for everything he wants to do. He came to China to study and fell in love with Wu. Ying is the same. Wu Ying was a little evasive. Just like Liu Yucheng said, she never thought that Liu Yucheng would become a father, and the two broke up again.

Zeng Li was ravaged by Ma Yiyi for a while, and Wu Ying quickly figured it out. Sooner or later this matter must be told to Liu Yucheng. Unexpectedly, Ma Yiyi also told Deng Haoran about this. In order to make up for it, Deng Haoran took them to the show. Ai Jingchu never answered the news. Zeng Li drank and started crying. He thought she and Ai Jingchu would never quarrel in this lifetime. Similarly, Wu Ying also thinks that being in love with Liu Yucheng’s siblings can be a positive result.

Wu Ying sent Ai Jingchu an address. When Ai Jingchu arrived, she saw Zeng Li drunk and drunk crazy. Seeing that he came, he refused to let go. Deng Haoran, who was drunk, was taken away by Ma Yiyi, Zeng Li was taken away by Ai Jingchu, Wu Ying came to the place full of memories with Liu Yucheng alone, and couldn’t help crying.

In fact, she was afraid that it would be too early. Forcing Liu Yucheng to become an adult, he will regret it in the future. Zeng mother went to Zeng Li’s house and found that the house was in a mess, and she hurriedly pulled the security guard to ask her where she had moved. As soon as Ma Yiyi sent Deng Haoran home, he received his video again. Deng Haoran blushed and poked her face vigorously.

When Zengmu came to the villa area mentioned by the security guard, she happened to see the scene of the drunk Zengli being helped home by Ai Jingchu.

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