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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 24 End Recap

Zhou Siyue asked Ding Xian to go out to relax, telling her not to worry too much, so he took out a diamond ring and wooed Ding Xian. In the future, I hope to have Ding Xian’s company. Ding Xian is very much to Zhou Siyue’s behavior. Moved, accepted Zhou Siyue’s courtship.

Looking back, Zhou Siyue’s mother and Ding Xian’s mother knew that they had misunderstood each other, and they were worried that each other had failed to see each other’s children.

The more Zhou Si went to meet Ding Xian for dinner, but Ding Xian was a little angry, and blamed Zhou Si for giving up the quota to go abroad. She was unwilling to ask Zhou Siyue to give up his studies for herself. That was his biggest wish. The reason why Zhou Siyue gave up his quota to go abroad was because he was reluctant to leave Ding Xian, but Ding Xian hoped that they could have a better future because they could have more time to enjoy their future life.

Song Ziqi and Yuan Fang went to the rental house for a drink. They knew that Zhou Siyue was going abroad to see him off. Song Ziqi was a little drunk. They had been in love for so many years. They really couldn’t bear him running so far. Song Ziqi cried in a mess. The more people give Zhou Si blessings, he will definitely become the person he wants to be. After sending away the two best buddies, Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that he was really reluctant to leave, but the more Ding Xian encouraged Zhou Si, she would wait for Zhou Si to return, and they would definitely do it.

Ding Xian sent Zhou Siyue away and felt completely empty, watching everything in the room left the shadow of Zhou Siyue, but he was not by his side.

The two finally began a long-distance relationship. Although they are far apart, their hearts are always tied together. They meet on video every day, which makes their relationship unchanged. Soon the graduation season came, Ding Xian, as the most outstanding student representative, took the stage to give a speech. They have experienced too many four years in university. Many people and many things are unforgettable. It was in the camera when Ding Xian was videotaping his roommates. Suddenly Zhou Siyue appeared, and his roommates quickly recorded the scenes of their kissing.

After the two went home, Ding Xian saw that Zhou Siyue’s box contained all the gifts that Ding Xian had given him before, and each of them was well preserved. Ding Xian was very moved. Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that life would be meaningless without her. Since the first time I saw Ding Xian, Ding Xian took out a wedding ring and proposed to Ding Xian.

Ding Xian was even more moved this time. As a result, Zhou Siyue’s diamond ring agreed to his marriage proposal, but she did not say that she was willing. Zhou Siyue had to hear Ding Xian personally say she was willing or not. Ding Xian was moved by Zhou Siyue’s sincerity and she was very willing. Marrying Zhou Si will not change for a lifetime.

Zhou Siyue and Song Ziqi all took their brides to visit Teacher Liu in the high school, but Ding Xian heard from Teacher Liu what she didn’t know at the time, that is, Zhou Siyue once asked them to choose liberal arts, and this time they finally understood It was for Ding Xian, but the teachers resolutely rejected Zhou Siyue’s request.

After Zhou Siyue took Ding Xian out and saw Subcong, Sun Shadi told Ding Xian and her to leave first, and they would settle matters between the men themselves. Zhou Siyue and Subo went to the basketball hall. Although they lost emotionally to Zhou Siyue, they had to win back Zhou Siyue on the court. Su Bocong called Zhou Siyue to be good to Ding Xian, and Zhou Siyu naturally didn’t need Subocong’s guidance. It is undoubtedly something to be good to Ding Xian, so it is better to ask Su Bocong to be relieved.

Looking back on the tenth anniversary of high school, Zhou Siyue did not forget to tell Ding Xian and his love story when he took the stage to give a speech, and Ding Xian is also the truth he has always insisted on. This makes the students admire their love.

Zhou Siyue took Ding Xian back to the former classroom, feeling the scene of studying together, everything seems to have not changed, but still so kind. Zhou Siyue took out a book from Table Hall Li, and it said I love you Ding Xian, that is, the sooner Zhou Si wrote it in the book, that is the secret that Zhou Siyue has always hidden. And Ding Xian had already known Zhou Siyue’s secret.

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