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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 23 Recap

Ding Xian blamed Zhou Siyue for not discussing with him when joining Hongguang Company. That would not be good for Zhou Siyue’s future, but Zhou Siyue felt that it didn’t matter as long as Ding Xian was good for her. When they went to bed at night, the two discussed that they could sleep alone, but they both opened their eyes and couldn’t fall asleep. Zhou Si couldn’t help but stretched out his hand 50% off Ding Xian’s hand, and Ding Xian also responded that the more Zhou Si put his arms around Zhou Si, the safer he would be. Fall asleep.

The roommates interrogated Ding Xian meticulously the next day. They wanted to know that they had entered that stage, but they didn’t expect that they did nothing. This made the roommates very disappointed. The previous renovations to Ding Xian were all in vain. At this time, Ding Xian received a call saying that Hongguang Technology, which Zhou Siyue had joined, was arrested by the Public Security Bureau for leaking secrets.

This news soon made the news. After Zhou Siyue’s father learned of the news, his condition suddenly worsened, and Ding Xian’s parents also Call Ding Xian to ask about the situation, and tell Ding Xian not to worry, otherwise Zhou Siyue will not be relieved.

Mr. Ma told Su Bocong to get Zhou Si out of age, and tell him everything he knew. At this time, Ding Xian went to Su Bocong and hoped that he could help. He didn’t expect to be on the table of Su Bocong. Seeing many of their company’s cooperation projects with Huaqing, Ding Xian immediately understood that the more Zhou Si was given routines by them.

Ding Xian went to the hospital to visit Zhou Siyue’s father. Professor Ye told Ding Xian that Zhou Siyue was the biggest suspect because only he had contact with the people of Chima Technology. When Zhou Siyue was taken away, he asked Professor Ye to transfer it to Ding. Xian a note with Zhou Siyue comforting Ding Xian, telling Ding Xian to believe him. Zhou Siyue’s father’s operation was over and the treatment was very successful. This is also good news in misfortune. Professor Ye hired a lawyer for Zhou Siyue, and he was able to obtain strong evidence from the phone on bail pending trial.

Subo blamed Mr. Ma for not choosing Hongguang Technology but Zhou Siyue. The last trick is to ask the best lawyer to go to court.

The more Zhou Si was released on bail, he quickly called Ding Xian and asked her to go back. Ding Xian quickly went home and watched Zhou Si as he was already lying on the sofa and fell asleep, so he didn’t dare to disturb him. Ding Xian got up and hugged Ding Xian. The two of them had not seen each other for several days, as if they hadn’t seen each other for many years. The more Zhou Si hugged Ding Xian tightly and apologized. Originally, he thought he would protect Ding Xian. Call Ding Xian worried for herself.

Zhou Siyue told the lawyer that the people at Chima Technology were anxious to save him, because the more Zhou Si knew that Chima Technology had too many things. The lawyer asked Zhou Si to think about who had such a deep feast with him, and had to send him to prison.

Zhou Siyue looked at Ding Xian before going out after dressing up and thought she was going to find Subcong. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue not to worry and would not go to Subcong anymore. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue that Dong Zhengfei had signed a contract with someone from Chima Technology. Zhou Siyue also knew that Dong Zhengfei must be doing the trick, and now he waited for him to come by himself.

Zhou Siyue used a string of codes to trick Dong Zhengfei into the laboratory, otherwise his computer would be hacked. Zhou Siyue told Dong Zhengfei that he would not do something illegal. Zhou Siyue told Professor Dong Zhengfei that he had applied for two places to go abroad. There was no competition between them. Dong Zhengfei felt that everything was over when he heard that, but he was still willing to teach Zhou Siyue some procedural things. They were two people. Let’s reassure the cooperation of the past.

After Subo went to find Mr. Ma, the cooperation between them can be regarded as a stage. After that, he went to Ding Xian. The two recalled their childhood together. At that time, they were both innocent and innocent. Heart. Subo has changed from regretting his failure to maintain his original intention to what he is now, but Ding Xian thinks that Subo is never a bad person. He is a good senior who has been helping Ding Xian all the time, and he can still become what he used to be. Su Bo Cong gave a copy of the information to Ding Xian and told him to take it back and give it to Zhou Siyue.

Zhou Siyue’s father was discharged soon, and their family moved back to Deep Sea City. Ding Xian stood upstairs and greeted them. This scene reminded Zhou Siyue when Ding Xian’s family moved to Deep Sea City. At that time, Zhou Siyue stood upstairs and looked at Ding Xian below, but his identities were exchanged, and the scene was exactly the same. When they moved, Ding Xian’s parents also came to help, and the two families seemed very harmonious.

Ding Xian saw Yu Keke injured with a ring in the circle of friends. It turned out that the general had already proposed to Yu Keke. This was the first couple of them to get married. This was the envy of Sun Shadi and Ding Xian, and hoped their white horse. The prince can also propose to them.

Zhou Siyue took Ding Xian back to high school to recall the past, while Zhou Siyue had to take Ding Xian to see his parents. This made Ding Xian a little worried, fearing that his parents would think that he was not worthy of Zhou Siyue. And Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian not to think about it, because Ding Xian was so good, I was afraid that Zhou Siyue was not worthy of Ding Xian.

Ding Xian’s mother chatted with Zhou Siyue’s mother and talked about Ding Xian already having a boyfriend, but Zhou Siyue’s mother didn’t know it. She thought that Ding Xian already had a boyfriend, and the baby kiss that grandfather had ordered for them was natural. It didn’t count, so I told Ding Xian’s mother to push the baby away. Zhou Si told Ding Xian the more he heard it, and Ding Xian’s heart was suspended again.

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