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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 24 End Recap

Before Sanniang left, he stuffed a blood book to Shiyi. This blood book was written by Zhou Shengchen himself. It was written every word that he would live up to the world in his entire life and only failed Shiyi. Looking at this book of blood, Shi Yi cried again and felt unbearable heartache. On the other side, Jiao Feng prepared to raise his troops to rectify the name of the Nanchen Wangjun. He abandoned his surname to vote for the Xiaonanchen Wangjun, and raised his troops in Shouyang.

Shiyi stayed up all night and refused to eat or drink. Liu Zixing mentioned that the Gao family had destroyed the clan by one person, and the Qi family had destroyed the clan by one person, hoping that Shiyi would not let the Chao family follow suit. Now that Shiyi is emotionally extreme, she hurt her hand, and Sanniang Jiao mentioned the Yang family and the Changsun family. If Liu Zixing still wants the help of the two clans, she can no longer stimulate Shiyi. Helpless, Liu Zixing had no choice but to allow Sanniang, and let Shiyi go to live in the palace. I believe Shiyi will figure it out slowly.

Shi Yi lived in the Partial Hall. She stood on the roof and watched the heavy snow in the sky. She could not wait for Zhou Shengchen’s figure again. She didn’t understand. Ming Ming Wang Jun was back. Why Zhou Shengchen wanted to stay in Pingyin, his whole life No wife and no children, what is it for, this world is ultimately losing Zhou Shengchen.

Jin Bian came to see Shiyi. She mentioned the news that Wushuifang had moved south quietly and was trapped in the territory by her father’s soldiers. No one knew about this except for her and Liu Zixing. Shiyi wondered why she wanted to tell herself the news, and at the same time thanked her.

The next day, Shiyi was about to perform the ceremony of canonization, and was canonized as a noble concubine. Sanniang Jie came to see Shiyi. She confessed to Shiyi and only said that she had done something wrong, and today she also prepared an escape plan for Shiyi, Huanyu Waiting for her in Nan Xiao, Shi Yi didn’t have to look back when she got to the south.

Shi Yi tearfully said goodbye to Sanniang. She got on the carriage prepared by Liu Zixing and came to the palace. Yang Shao took this opportunity to come to Shiyi’s side. He told Shiyi what King Ping Qin was waiting for after the literati, and let Shiyi run along the trail without turning around. Unexpectedly, Shiyi didn’t want to hurt King Ping Qin and the others. She went to the palace gate alone in a red wedding dress. She knew that Sanniang would like to exchange her life for her, but she didn’t want to escape.

In the white snow, Shiyi stepped up the palace gate step by step. Since entering Nanchen Palace, she has been taken care of by her master and protected by her senior brothers and sisters, but her master died tragically, Liu Zixing. The daughter of the clan is Shiyi, only the eleventh of the Nanchen Prince’s Mansion, and she also believes that the world will eventually return her Nanchen Wangjun’s innocence.

Shi Yi boarded the palace gate, she looked at the sky and Baixue only chuckled. She is here to marry Zhou Shengchen. If there is an afterlife, she only hopes to marry her first for Zhou Shengchen. He jumped down to the palace gate in a red suit, and died by jumping at the gate of the palace. Liu Zixing couldn’t hold onto the clothes of the moment, so he cried loudly at the gate of the palace. He tried hard to get the time, but he still lost everything, with his own eyes. Seeing Shiyi died because of him.

Luo Sanniang learned of Shi Yi’s death. She was sad and weeped in the Mansion, and Feng Feng was also in tears during the march. Xie Yunyuan was in Luyuan, also in pain. The following year, Liu Zixing lured Jin Rong into the palace on the grounds of Jin Bie’s children and set an ambush to kill him. Jin Rong died at the hands of Yang Shao.

Liu Zixing didn’t have much time, only Xinghua had been taking care of him when he left. In order to show the good of Nan Xiao, Xinghua also invited Nan to marry. Soon, troops were raised from various places, and Zhongzhou was isolated and helpless. Liu Zixing also died of illness in Zhongzhou without leaving any children. Three years later, General Sun Jie and Yang Shao negotiated a peace and established Liu Zizhen as the emperor’s capital, Zhongzhou.

In Xizhou, Feng Qiao led the Nanchen Wangjun to send Xiao Yan, and now Xiao Yan has put down his mind and decided to return to Nan Xiao. Decades later, Xie Yun came to Qinglong Temple for incense, and now several seniors in Xizhou have left. Before he left, he also chanted to come and offer incense. Time flies to when he was young, at that time King Xiao Nanchen brought several of his apprentices to choose a site for the Qinglong Temple, but he didn’t want to be a lonely man, and a generation of heroes had already left.

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