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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 23 Recap

When Zhou Shengchen was in prison, Yang Shao came to see Zhou Shengchen. Claiming that he was sorry for Zhou Shengchen, Liu Zixing condemned Zhou’s birthday overnight. All the loyal ministers in the Central Government were willing to die with Zhou’s birthday. Zhou Shengchen only believed that the adults did not need to die with him.

He endured the pain of the knife’s wrist bones, but did not yell. With a sound, Shiyi also woke up from the nightmare, only feeling painful and unbearable all over his body. Just after Zhou Shengchen’s death, Jin Rong ordered the killing of all loyal officials in the court. Liu Zixing witnessed the torture. Although his hands were not covered with blood, he took countless loyalty lives.

Wang Jun of Nanchen wanted to recover Zhou Shengchen’s body from Liu Zixing. Liu Zixing was unwilling to hand over Zhou Shengchen’s bones. As the second prince of Nanxiao, Xiao Yan forcibly returned Zhou Shengchen’s bones. Only then did he discover that Zhou Shengchen had been deboned. , And Shi Yi was trapped in the East Palace at this time.

All the palace ladies around her were replaced. She didn’t know about Zhou Shengchen, and even King Ping Qin could not enter the palace to see Shi Yi. Yang Shao had previously owed Shiyi two lives. He told King Ping Qin not to act impulsively and waited for his news two days later. If King Ping Qin did not believe him, Shiyi would save him himself.

The whole army of the Nanchen King’s army worshipped Zhou Shengchen with tears. Yang Shao tried to save the time in the palace. Liu Zixing had become the lord of the country. He was the emperor on the left in the Taiji Hall, and the Jin 嫔 was named the queen. Later, Yang Shao came to see Sanniang and begged Sanniang to help him. Sanniang handed the key to the water house to Wenji, making it difficult for him to move the family with him. The Tong family abandoned Shiyi’s father, and now she can no longer abandon her daughter.

Shi Yi was canonized as a noble concubine, and Liu Zixing wanted to canonize her with the gift of a queen canonization. Jin Bian only felt sorry for Shiyi. Liu Zixing killed everyone around Shiyi, but wanted to make up for it with these vain gifts. If she was Shiyi, she just wished to kill Liu Zixing. Liu Zixing was afraid that Shiyi would know about these things, so he only ordered people to keep watch over the times. Now that Shiyi’s aphasia is recurring, she couldn’t speak, and asked about Zhou Shengchen’s whereabouts. Liu Zixing only said that Zhou Shengchen would not be able to come back when he went outside the pass, and she avoided the matter.

When Zhou Shengchen died, the border between Nan Xiao and Bei Chen was defeated by Nan Xiao. The border was not guarded by heavy soldiers, and the family did not submit to Liu Zixing. Liu Zi acted as a family with heavy soldiers in their hands. When Sanniang Luo saw Shiyi, she told Shiyi the news of Zhou Shengchen’s rebellion.

Zhou Shengchen was given the punishment of deboning and executed for three hours. Zhou Shengchen had no wailing for a lifetime and refused to regret it. Zhou Shengchen was very clear when she was. She was in a rush when she heard the news. She couldn’t cry, only cried, and fainted in pain. After Shi Yi woke up, Sanniang could not stay in the palace for a long time, so she only asked Shi Yi to take care of herself and left the palace.

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