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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 40 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu learned the truth about Qi Yan’s killing of her family and remembered the life and death of Qi Yan. She couldn’t bear to align with Yan and felt sorry for the family who was killed. She just cried sadly, and Qi Yan pulled out a dagger and stabbed him. Own chest. Qiu Yanzhi hurried to Yuting, she saw this scene when she entered the door, rushed to rescue Qi Yan, and Cheng Ruoyu left silently.

When Cheng Ruoyu went out, he was stopped by Yan Xiu. Yan Xiu admitted that he still owed her life and wanted to take her back to the shogi camp to practice her skills. Cheng Ruoyu ignored him. Ash from the Ziyi Bureau stopped Cheng Ruoyu and wanted to take her to chase Chengxi. Cheng Ruoyu glanced at the shoes she was wearing, followed her quietly, followed by Yan Xiu.

Qi Yansheng had no love. He didn’t receive treatment. He wanted to die. Cheng Huaizhi was desperate. Tian Shan then rushed to heal Qi Yan, but Qi Yan avoided him, and Cheng Huaizhi had to let Tian Shan go back first. Cheng Ruoyu caught up with Cheng Xi’s carriage and called her aside. Cheng Xi admitted that she had arranged Cheng Ruoyu to be next to Qi Yan in order to use her to kill Qi Yan, but Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t get off her hand, and Cheng Xi claimed to take it back.

The throne was to restore the reputation of the ancestors and persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to avenge her dead family members. Cheng Ruoyu exposed Cheng Xi’s conspiracy face to face. She asked Ash to wear a pair of special shoes, and deliberately left clues to Qiu Yanzhi and quoted him. Qiu Yanzhi sent someone to Cai’s wine to kill Li Rong, the purpose is to make her and Qiu Yanzhi rebellious, she can follow Cheng Xi with all her heart, Cheng Xi confessed to this, let Cheng Ruoyu kill her, Cheng Ruoyu was angry When he left, he was poisoned and fainted by Cheng Xi.

Qi Chen came to Qiu Yanzhi to discuss countermeasures and wanted to rescue Cheng Ruoyu as soon as possible and let her meet Qi Yan, otherwise Qi Yan would definitely die. They finally agreed to let Cheng Huaizhi release false news, saying that Qi Yan was dead. , Cheng Xi will relax the care of Cheng Ruoyu.

Li Deyun and hundreds of civil and military officials came to see Qi Yan, Cheng Huaizhi sent them away in a few words, and no one was allowed to see Qi Yan. When Ash heard that Qi Yan had died, she immediately reported to Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi didn’t believe it and sent her to find Cheng Huaizhi. Cheng Ruoyu could hear clearly while lying on the bed. A Shi fascinated Cheng Huaizhi and took him to see Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi promised to let him succeed Qiu Ziliang when things were done, and forced him to ask if Qi Yan was dead.

Cheng Huaizhi repeatedly denied it, and accidentally dropped an appointment with Qi Yan from his sleeve. Li Deyun’s secret letter. Cheng Xi threatened Cheng Ruoyu’s life and forced Cheng Huaizhi to go back overnight to prepare a false edict to pass to Qi Chen. A Shi pretends to be a eunuch and sends Cheng Huaizhi back to the palace. She drew out her dagger to kill Qi Yan, but was subdued on the spot by Han Ding. Qi Chen arrived in time. He had already guessed that Cheng Xi would do this. He had been waiting here for a long time. .

Ash came back early in the morning to report Qi Yan’s death to Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi wanted to see Qi Chen, but Qi Chen took the initiative to look for her. Cheng Xi guessed that Qi Yan was not dead, and persuaded Qi Chen to make up his mind to get rid of Qi Yan. As soon as he became the emperor, and then married Li Zening, he could firmly control Li Deyun’s use. Qi Chen suspected that she had no plans. Cheng Xi claimed that she was to perfect Qi Chen. Qi Chen suddenly felt dizzy and weak. He saw the calm fragrance hanging on the door, and immediately understood everything. Cheng Xi revealed his true colors and threatened to let Qi Chen be the puppet emperor. Everything was at her disposal.

Cheng Xi saw that Qi Chen was poisoned, and she was willing to tell her true purpose. She wanted Qi Chen to use Li Deyun’s father and daughter to stand firm, then let Qi Chen marry her, and finally abolish Li Zening. Cheng Xi Can get what you want to be the empress. Qi Chen has repeatedly emphasized that they are brothers and sisters, but Cheng Xi has already been dazzled by her own selfishness. She doesn’t care about it at all. She thinks Cheng Ruoyu is useless and wants to kill her in anger.

Yuan Du brought people to subdue Cheng Xi in time. Qi Chen was not poisoned at all. He wanted to give Cheng Xi one last chance, but he didn’t expect Cheng Xi to be so frantic. Qi Chen ordered Cheng Xi to be locked up and not allowed to leave for half a step from now on.

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