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Youth Tianshi Novels

Youth Tianshi Novels
Other Name: 少年天师小说

Genre: Horror
Author: ero Degree
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The long-running adventure novel “Youth Heavenly Master” is being staged. This article is the proud work of “Zero”. The story is based on “Ling Zhao”. The article mainly revolves around Chen Tian. trip. Introduction to the novel: Human destiny is unpredictable, but there are some things to follow. When he saw a big book from a young age turned into a treasure of dragon hunting, Chen Tian’s life was destined to be non-ordinary. He was impoverished that year, and did a lot of digging graves and coffins, but he still didn’t survive without danger, but when the book left by his grandma appeared before and after his eyes, his future changed. It’s more twists and turns, but it’s also more exciting…

Free Reading Highlights:

What I especially cannot forget is my third aunt.

Actually, my third aunt took care of me as if I were a son since my mother left. I have heard people say that my father’s old friend when he was alive was my third aunt.

She and my dad rolled away in a bed and got out of affection. Before leaving, my dad gave her a bag of oceans, and he was sincere to her, right.

Last time Huzi came to my house, my third aunt gave me a scoop of white noodles. The nomination was borrowed, but it was actually given on the basis of the relationship with my dad.

I pulled a piece of cloth for the third aunt’s wife, bought loin, eggs and brown sugar, trough cakes, orange juice, and sent them to the third aunt’s house.

The third aunt’s affairs with my dad were rumors, so I never got married. Live alone.

She is now thirty-seven, and she can dress up again. She looks a little younger than her actual age. She is definitely a beauty.

When I entered the third aunt’s house, the third aunt was sitting in a chair and dressed up in front of an old dressing table. When I lifted the curtain, she turned her head and looked at me, staring me in a daze. The third aunt actually painted red lips and was dressed in a silk cheongsam. She was dressed like a young grandmother from Shanghai Beach.

I looked straight, and I said, “San Auntie, you are so beautiful.”

The third aunt screamed and said loudly: “Chen Yuan, why are you back?”

Huzi and the girl from Mudanjiang came in afterwards, shouting three aunts one after another.

The third aunt came over and cried when she hugged me. He cried and said, “You look so much like your dad. It’s just a model. Your dad likes to listen to Pingxi, and I like to sing. It’s just that we haven’t caught up with the good times. If the society is now, I will definitely marry. For your father.”

I said: “San Auntie, it’s not okay now. Close/relative marriages are not allowed now.”

The third aunt said: “What kind of close relatives, your grandma and I are cousins, we are a grandfather, what a close relative.”

After speaking, I pushed away and turned around to wipe away the tears. Said: “Children, all sit down, and the third aunt will make dumplings for you.”

The third aunt makes dumplings, and I roll the skins for the third aunt.

The third aunt will weep secretly after a while, she can’t forget my dad who loves to listen to dramas.

Thinking about it now, I think the third aunt should really be with my dad. If I have to find a mother, I would hope that the third aunt is my mother.

Had a meal of steamed dumplings with pork and cabbage at Sanyi Nai, Hu Zifei said that Sanyi Nai’s craftsmanship was superb. If you want to ask your third wife to open a dumpling restaurant in Beijing/Beijing, you can make this big steamed dumpling.

I have to say that Huzi is very economically savvy. There is nothing lacking in Beijing/Beijing now, as long as you have good craftsmanship, you can definitely make money.

When Chen Junru was alive, the third aunt didn’t dare to pay attention to me, she had to hide away when she saw Chen Junru. After Chen Junru’s death, the third aunt took good care of me. If one day I get rich, I really want to take the third aunt.

But obviously, it’s not the time yet. I don’t even have a home in Beijing/Beijing.

After eating and drinking, the three of us bid farewell to the third aunt. The third aunt told us that the kang will be very damp, and this room will always be very damp if it doesn’t burn. Cover the kang with plastic sheeting, and light a pot of charcoal fire in the room to bake it, or you will have to sit down and get sick.

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