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Wrong Love Breaks the Rest of Life

Wrong Love Breaks the Rest of Life
Other Name: 错爱断余生

Genre: Fantasy
Author: Mu Han
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The wealthy romance novel “Wrong Love Breaks the Rest of Life”, which is currently being serialized in the palm of the hand, is based on the emotional entanglement between the protagonists You Zining and Huo Yanshen. It enriches the plot content of the novel through the description of the contradictions between the protagonists, and the main plot summary : He Zining also learned that the so-called not enough time is a deception after being betrayed by a beloved one, but that man was unwilling to deceive her for other women, so she became the abandoned one. So later, I met Huo Yanshen and had an entanglement with his life. Although it was not what He Zining wanted, all of this became inevitable. So two people who have no feelings get married, and no one knows where their marriage will go!

Free Reading Highlights:

“Okay!” Huo Zhanyi said: “Since you have decided, then our whole family will support you. Your mother, your grandparents and I will return to China next week, just in time, I will also see her and Xixi!”

“Dad, what I like, you will like it!” Huo Yanshen said.

“We believe in your vision!” Huo Zhanyi said: “Besides, my grandson, naturally, can’t live on the streets! It is estimated that your grandfather will give him a new year’s money, no less than when you were a kid.”

“Then I will thank Grandpa for this kid!” Huo Yanshen said.

“However, don’t tell He Zining about what we are coming back.” Huo Zhanyi said: “When we return to the old house, you can arrange another time and bring her to see us.”

“Okay!” Huo Yanshen thought of something, and said quickly: “Dad, remember to bring your household registration book here!”

“Don’t worry, we want Xixi to change the surname Huo more than you!” Huo Zhanyi hung up the phone.

Huo Yanshen put away the phone, feeling happy.

He knew that as long as the wife he identified, his family would only support! What’s more, his Ningning baby gave him a smart son more than six years ago!

He curled his lips and went back to the bedroom.

At this moment, He Zining was still in the bathroom, Huo Yanshen walked to the door, listening to the faint sound of water, only felt that his heartbeat was beginning to be disordered again.

He knew that she was already very tired when she was in the dressing room of the show today, but he didn’t know why, and when he saw her, he wanted the two to stick closer together.

Huo Yan took a few deep breaths, trying to suppress the desire in his heart, thinking, they haven’t received the certificate yet, so she won’t be frightened.

What if she thinks he is a hungry wolf and dare not marry?

Therefore, when He Zining came out of the bathroom, Huo Yanshen was already a gentleman.

He was sitting on the sofa looking at the documents, his expression was serious and serious.

He Zining sat down while wiping his hair, preparing to watch TV.

But just as she sat down, Huo Yanshen came over.

“Ning Ning, I’ll blow your head for you!” Huo Yanshen took the towel, wiped the water for He Zining, and took her to the dressing table.

Looking at the little woman in the mirror, Huo Yanshen only felt that his whole body was beating with joy.

In a few days, he will turn her into his legal partner!

However, He Zining at this moment is thinking about another thing.

He just received a call from his father, what did he say? Why doesn’t he mention a word at this moment?

“Ning Ning, why are you unhappy?” Huo Yanshen couldn’t help asking when he saw that He Zining’s expression was wrong.

He Zining saw that her hair was almost blown, and motioned Huo Yanshen to stop blowing, then turned to look at him: “Shen Shen, I have one thing to tell you.”

Seeing her serious expression, Huo Yanshen put down the hair dryer, pulled up He Zining, wrapped her waist and said: “Okay, you say Ningning.”

He Zi stared into his eyes: “I saw a lot of negative news about me on the Internet. You said before, make me believe you will deal with it, so I overcome my fear of public opinion and stand in front of the media. But don’t you Let me down, if I am disappointed, I will never believe anyone again!”

Seeing the tension in her eyes, Huo Yanshen couldn’t help but shrink. He hugged her and solemnly said: “Ning Ning, I will do it if I say it. You give me ten days, and after ten days, I promise not to Anyone will slander you with what you did in the past, and there will never be again!”

“Really?” He Zining looked at the confidence in Huo Yanshen’s eyes, and only felt that this was the promise she had been waiting for.

He nodded: “I will do it if I say it!”

She heard his utterly loud words, and didn’t know why, she wanted to believe him inexplicably.

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