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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 17 Recap

At the beginning of the new year, Ai Jingchu was busy dealing with the family meal, was filled with a lot of wine, and was a little lonely in the hustle and bustle. I don’t know what happened to Zeng Li in his hometown. There is no greeting in Zeng Li’s cell phone. Does Ai Jingchu really like her, but what does that kiss represent? Ai Jingchu walked to the Carol Coffee Shop unknowingly, but it hurts when he thought that Yu Yi knew the name.

Zeng Li was still wondering whether to send Ai Jingchu New Year’s greetings, so his phone came in. With the fireworks splendid, Ai Jingchu was silent for a long time and asked, Zeng Li, is your heart still there? After hanging up the phone, Ai Jingchu still had tears on her face, but Zeng Li was happy that Ai Jingchu finally contacted her.

After the New Year holiday, Zeng Li, who hadn’t seen him for more than ten days, dressed up to see Ai Jingchu, but Zhou Wen told her that Ai Jingchu was about to go to Africa for medical assistance. Zeng Li’s joyful heart was poured with cold water. Is she just a patient in Ai Jingchu’s eyes?

Zeng Li panicked and talked about the conditions on the African side, not to mention that Ai Jingchu took the initiative to report her name. If she did not come to review, she was kept in the dark until Ai Jingchu left. Ai Jingchu was a little flustered when he saw the tears in Zeng Li’s eyes, and wanted to ask her to have dinner with her to explain the matter, but Zeng Li left. This is what Ai Jingchu decided, so what’s the use of telling her? .

Zeng Li thought that Ai Jingchu didn’t contact him because he misunderstood her relationship with Yu Yi, but seeing his current behavior, maybe he really didn’t care. Zeng Lizheng and Ma Yiyi were on the phone, and saw Ma Xiaobing who was passing by hurriedly chasing him, but accidentally fell off his bicycle and knocked his chin. Passers-by helped call the nearest contact Ai Jingchu. After Ai Jingchu arrived, he saw Zeng Li who was confused, and hurriedly took her to the hospital. On the way, he called Wu Ying and asked her to prepare.

Zeng Li’s wound needs to be sutured, but it is only a minor operation, and there is no need to go to the operating room. Ai Jingchu’s stitching technique is first-rate, and Wu Ying let him do it. But Zeng Li is Ai Jingchu’s beloved person after all. Faced with such a scene, Ai Jingchu really can’t start. Wu Ying took over to stitch Zeng Li, Ai Jingchu took his hand from the side, Zeng Li felt very relieved. Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi went to the orphanage and asked about Ma Xiaobing.

Ma Xiaobing did indeed go back to his hometown because he was concerned about his seriously ill grandfather. Ma Yiyi was busy on the phone and was sent to mop after stepping on the dirty floor. When Ma Yiyi was depressed, he heard a little girl crying in the bathroom and took her to find the teacher, and the older brother who asked her to mop the floor just added her WeChat. Ma Yiyi didn’t have much interest at first, but when he saw Deng Haoran coming, he agreed with grotesquely. Ma Yiyi was chatting on WeChat all the way, and Deng Haoran was jealous.

After Ai Jingchu sent Zeng Li home, he carefully helped her finish the medicine and put it in the refrigerator. Zeng Li woke up and shook his two big white legs and went to the living room to drink. He turned around and found Ai Jingchu sitting on the sofa awkwardly wishing to find a seam to get in. Zeng Li ran back to the room and put on his pants, worried that Ai Jingchu might misunderstand him. Ai Jingchu stared at a page of the book without ever moving, and he didn’t know where it floated.

Ai Jingchu was afraid that Zeng Li would be hungry when he woke up, so he made some food for her. After serving the soup, he was ready to leave. Zeng Li looked at the pyrotechnic home and quickly called Ai Jingchu to explain her and Yu Yi’s affairs. She admitted that she liked Yu Yi very much before, but recently she discovered that she was no longer the girl she used to be. When I went for a review this morning, Zeng Li seemed to have made it clear to Ai Jingchu that the person she likes is not Yu Yi.

Before Zeng Li said his confession, the soup overflowed the pot, and Ai Jingchu’s attention was also diverted. After turning off the fire, Ai Jingchu held Zeng Li’s chin and told her to pay attention during this period. During the New Year, Ai Jingchu asked Zeng Li if her heart was still there, and if it was, he would take it away. Ai Jingchu kissed Zeng Li. This kiss kept Zeng Li’s recollection until the evening when Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying were fed a mouthful of dog food. Ai Jingchu and sister-in-law learned a delicious dish when they went home for dinner, and the next day they cooked it and sent it to Zeng Li’s house.

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