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Longevity Tianzun (Eternal Life)

Longevity Tianzun
Other Name: 长生天尊, Eternal Life

Genre: novel, Fantasy
Author: Xiao Lun
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The popular urban fantasy novel “Longevity Tianzun”, also known as “Peerless Tianzun”, the novel is created with “Xiao Lun” as the protagonist, and the original author is “Biting Rabbit”. The main content is: He was originally a thousand-year reincarnation. In the three thousand years, he had opened up a hundred years of foundation, and he has also received many disciples. Peach and plum are all over the world. Now, as the son of the Xiao family, as early as three years ago, he went deep into Kunlun to cultivate in pursuit of longevity. However, his mother said A call for help made Xiao Lun, who was about to enter the realm of the gods, almost lost his mind. As a son of man, he failed to protect even his family members. He also talked about He Chengxian. He did not expect him to rush back to his hometown. , Actually saw it, an irritating scene…

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Because he had just witnessed all this with his own eyes.

I saw how a man named Tai Lei blasted his head with a punch to the boxing champion trained in Boshen Boxing Stadium in three years.

Later, how did Nan Tianyu’s right arm and left arm easily interrupt his hands, splashing blood on the ring.

One person actually suppressed Nanling and no one dared to face it!

Xiao Lun flipped through the war books.

The content is simple and straightforward. If he wants his Xiao family to fight within a day, he must be named Xiao Lun, otherwise, the Zhao family will step down the Xiao family!

Xiao Bieli almost pointed at Xiao Yongwen’s nose and cursed: “Who is Nan Tianyu? But the uncrowned king of the entire Nanling underground, even he is at a loss, what will my Xiao family fight against?”

The Xiao family was full of anger and deep fear.

The Xiao family is not as strong as the Zhao family, and now that such a strong joins, they are even less qualified to collide.

Xiao Zhenyue spoke: “Xiao Yongwen, what else do you have to say now?”

Xiao Yongwen looked sad and could not speak at all.

After reading it, Xiao Lun laughed blankly, thinking that something major had happened.

A mortal is just a mortal after all, “It’s just a boxer, and I will clean him tomorrow.”


“Still talking big words here?”

He said this lightly, but it caused the Xiao family to explode.

Even Nan Tianyu, Mu Yongzhou, these top leaders in Nanling, were at a loss for the time being and felt headaches.

Doesn’t he pay attention to it at all?

Xiao Zhenyue’s old face was full of anger, and he slapped it heavily, and thunderously shook the hall: “Xiao Yongwen, you can hear it!”

Xiao Yongwen was shocked and sat upright at the moment, not daring to look at Xiao Zhenyue’s eyes.

Instead, he looked at Xiao Lun with great pain: “Xiao Lun, do you know how powerful the man named Tai Lei is?”

“He has the strength of the army, and he is not the only one who came on this trip, there are also two of his senior brothers.”

“The strength of the three of them is not only a headache for Nan Tianyu, but even Mu Yongzhou, the president of the elite martial arts club, feels extremely difficult.”

“You are an ordinary person, what do you use to fight him?”

“When will you be fooling around, will you be reconciled if you want to kill me?”

Seeing his father weeping and disappointed, Xiao Lun was stunned and said: “But I can really beat him. You don’t care about this matter. I will go to the court to solve him tomorrow.”

“You, you…” Xiao Yongwen trembled with anger, afraid that he would really be pissed to death by looking at him again.

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