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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 25 Recap

Li Chengyang called Chen Jianbo to inquire. According to the location pointed by Chen Jianbo, Li Chengyang dug five meters deep but did not see the corpse. Chen Jianbo did not know. Therefore, he was only two meters deep at the beginning, and the place where he buried the corpse should not be exposed. People know.

Cao Peng’s son Cao Xiaofeng saw that Anfu Bridge had been excavated. He thought it was his father who asked someone to dig it, so he called and asked. Cao Peng was in a meeting, his cell phone was left outside, and he did not receive a call from Cao Xiaofeng. At this time, as the night darkened, the situation in the conference room and Anfu Bridge became more and more severe at the same time. The supervision team tried to hold Gao Mingyuan and related personnel to buy time for Li Chengyang, and Li Chengyang beside Anfu Bridge People are being led to actively carry out excavation work.

Although the matter is important, and even though the cooperation is quite tacit, it is still unknown whether it can dig out a result. Now that it was more than five meters deep, no body was found. Yuan Gong found that the soil here was soft and soft. He and Li Chengyang made their own guesses and wondered if it had sunk.

He Yong called Li Chengyang, he said that he could not hold back here, and asked Li Chengyang to be careful over there. As time became more pressing, Li Chengyang asked Yuan Gong to go back to the first point and continue to dig deeper. However, because the hook arm of the hook machine is not long enough, the hook machine platform needs to be lowered, which takes at least three hours. Li Chengyang continued to order, letting Yuan Gong seize the time to dig quickly.

After everyone was over, Luo Shanhe called He Yun and asked her to take some people to protect Li Chengyang by the Anfu Bridge. Gao Mingyuan returned to the casino. The people here have been emptied by Zheng Yihong. Zheng Yihong told Gao Mingyuan that Li Chengyang brought people to the casino and he was called to a meeting. All this was planned. Gao Mingyuan didn’t say anything and let Zheng Yihong leave. He also warned that if something went wrong with him, Zheng Yihong would drive the car with the inspection-free sign in the garage on the road.

Under Cao Xiaofeng’s instructions, many villagers went to Anfu Bridge to make trouble, and Li Chengyang was not allowed to dig the bridge. Li Chengyang had to stop the machine so as not to hurt the innocent people. He Yun arrived with the police, and Zheng Yihong, seeing the police coming, asked the reporters under him to come forward.

The village party secretary Cao Peng came forward to make a round with He Yun, pretending to use a loudspeaker to call the villagers to go back. Cao Xiaofeng took the lead in opposition, and many villagers followed suit. One person deliberately smashed his head and clamored for the police to beat others, and the scene fell into chaos for a while. Under such circumstances, Li Chengyang had to stand up. He advertised that Mai Zili’s body was buried under the Anfu Bridge, that Ma Shuai was killed with poison in the detention center, and his master Lin Han was hacked. The black policeman had been wronged for fourteen years, and he also said all these things. Li Chengyang used these bloody facts to expose the heinous crimes of black and evil forces covering the sky with one hand, killing and burying the body, and everyone heard a silence and silence.

Li Chengyang also said that the practice of demolishing bridges and building new roads caused some forces to make money, so there was the paradox that Feng Shui could not move. Mai Zili was also killed because he wanted to build new roads. Under Li Chengyang’s persuasion, the villagers stopped making trouble. At the same time, Lao Ning found Chen Jianbo, Da Jiang and Xing Fan desperately protected Chen Jianbo, Xing Fan was injured in a coma, and Da Jiang and Lao Ning were left fighting to the death, he tried his best to strangle Lao Ning’s neck with wires, and Lao Ning survived. Also used a sharp weapon to pierce the heart of Dajiang. Before he died, he asked Chen Jianbo to take away the unconscious Xing Fan. In this way, Da Jiang and Lao Ning died together. To death, Da Jiang did not let go, he kept strangling Lao Ning’s neck.

The provincial party committee called Luo Shanhe, and the province expressed unconditional support for the anti-gang work. If there is resistance, the province needs to come forward, and they are obliged to do so. Later, Luo Shanhe asked He Yong to go to Anfuqiao to deal with the matter flexibly. He Yong arrived at the Anfu Bridge in Yihe Village and persuaded Li Chengyang to leave first. Now the public opinion on the Internet is extremely unfavorable to him.

Li Chengyang was unwilling to leave. He Yong saw the videos of Li Chengyang’s speeches on the Internet, and he asked Li Chengyang angry and geologically what was going on. Li Chengyang explained that this was what he said, but it was not what he meant. It was edited maliciously. The two were quarreling very hard, and at this moment, the digging worker shouted that it was dug up.

A remains that had been buried for fourteen years, together with clothes, was finally dug out, and it was seen again. The Commission for Discipline Inspection told Dong Yao about the excavation of the unnamed male body. In the face of conclusive evidence, Dong Yao confessed to his crime of killing Mai Zili 14 years ago. Chen Jianbo escaped with Xing Fan who was unconscious and met He Yong.

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