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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 34 Recap

After the merger of Tianzihao, it will inevitably reach 60% of the total contracting company, which means that the general manager has a high chance of joining the group leadership team. In addition to knowing that Hu Changhai and Xu Zhiping will vote for Zhao Peng, Wang Mingyu also wants to win cooperation with Wang Yang, promising that as long as Tianzihao merges, he will help him win the position of general manager. It is precisely because Zhao Peng has a great chance of winning, he develops his contacts in one go, and follows Wang Mingyu to meet with various senior executives of the group and lobbied vigorously.

Compared with Zhao Peng’s Flies Ying Gougou, Su Xiao is now devoting himself to studying effective and fruitful plans for the merger of subsidiaries, but the current tricky problem is that after the merger of Tianzihao, such a complicated organization will inevitably face staff cuts. Considering that everyone came from the wind and rain, Su Xiao didn’t want to see such a one-size-fits-all situation.

It just so happened that Wu Hongmei discovered that the new “Labor Contract Law” stipulates that the change of the labor contract is very likely to be caused by the conversion of enterprises, major technological innovations or adjustments in business methods. Su Xiao was inspired by Wu Hongmei and took the initiative to consult with Maria, intending to control the layoff rate within 5% and transfer other employees to the group.

However, Maria became an old man in the group and was assimilated and conservative. She opposed Su Xiao’s approach, claiming that the group was not the head of the family and the personnel department had limited capabilities. On the other hand, Lin Xiaomin lacks an alliance with the board of directors, so he intends to win over Xia Ming to join forces, intending to elect Su Xiao, so that the other party can feel the joy of manipulating power and enjoying power. Only in this way can Su Xiao know how to stand in line, and when she is elected in the future, she can choose her own person to stand as the general manager of Tianzi.

Su’s mother called her daughter and asked her and Xia Ming’s situation. In order to avoid the worry of his mother, Su Xiao lied that the two had a good relationship. At the same time, He Yao learns that Su Xiao and Xia Ming have broken up, wondering if he still loves each other. Xia Ming feels that when Su Xiao needs him most, he is not by his side, but he wants to keep Su Xiao, that person has gone away. .

Lin Xiaomin asked Maria to meet and persuaded her to vote for Su Xiao. He even expressed emotion that she had just joined the group that year and was equally motivated, but it was a pity that she became more and more conservative and was completely assimilated by the group. Maria rejected Lin Xiaomin and soon received an invitation from Wang Mingyu, which in fact gave Zhao Peng a chance to perform.

Before the meeting to vote, Zhao Peng showed his completed PPT to Wang Mingyu, which was praised by the other party. In particular, he knew that the board of directors had four people to support him, and his confidence was doubled. However, in the exhibition project, Su Xiao fully demonstrated that she had done a lot of visits beforehand and pointed out the real problems facing the group sharply.

Zhao Xiankun asked the two about the merger plan. At best, Zhao Peng could give a rough idea. Instead, Su Xiao clearly gave the time and plan besides giving examples of various evidences. In the end, Zhao Xiankun was the first to vote for Su Xiao, followed by Lin Xiaomin. Maria was shocked by Su Xiao’s perseverance, and she couldn’t help thinking that she was also young, so she simply voted for Su Xiao.

Seeing that the winning or losing is set and there is no way to come back, Wang Mingyu also feels that Su Xiao’s ability is beyond his expectations, so Su Xiao officially became the leader of the reform team, which also surprised everyone. Wu Hongmei was very curious about how Su Xiao won. Su Xiao spotted the group’s high-level coveting for the position of vice president. After all, the momentary gains and losses are not important, and they need the right to speak.

Xu Zhiping wanted to make Zhao Pengjin the deputy leader of the reform team, but Su Xiao had a tight schedule and heavy tasks, and did not want any contradictions, so he tactfully rejected Xu Zhiping’s suggestion. However, Xu Zhiping was resolute. After all, he was an old fried dough stick in this group. He always had to balance the relationship between various departments. Su Xiao would no longer oppose it and asked her to select members, and then invited Xu Feng to join the reform team.

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