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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 33 Recap

Su Xiao visited the two subsidiaries of Tianzheng and Tiancheng. Not only did they fail to recover the surplus, but found that the other party did have substantial difficulties, but Wang Mingyu did not approve of Su Xiao’s benevolence. When Wang Yang saw Su Xiao at the subsidiary, he didn’t want to cause her trouble any more, so he asked Wang Mingyu to borrow money for turnover, but the other party refused with the general contracting funds.

As the contradiction between the group and Tianzihao is getting bigger and bigger, Huang Lilin is worried that it will be out of control from now on, but Xia Ming believes that only when contradictions arise, will the quantity change qualitatively change. Xia Ming learned that Wang Yang also wanted to cooperate with the group to recover the profit difference. Unfortunately, Tiancheng’s business operations were difficult and the economic situation was not satisfactory, so he decided to negotiate with Cui Ge for Wang Yang, at the expense of paying his own money. The interest rate dropped from twenty-four o’clock to sixteen o’clock.

It was this accidental incident that became Xia Ming’s opportunity to seize the group. He wanted to muddy the water and achieve a satisfactory result. On the other hand, Lu Zhengming went to the group to make up for 3 million. After all, Su Xiao had been in Tiancheng for two years and naturally knew his business conditions. Therefore, she took the initiative to ask Lu Zhengming and got the answer she had anticipated.

Seeing that Su Xiao did not hesitate to accept the money, Lu Zhengming was obviously a little puzzled. He thought she would take into account the face of the past, but Wang Yang was well aware of Su Xiao’s dilemma. In fact, Su Xiao knew that he had gone through so many things, even if he couldn’t become Zhao Peng’s treacherous villain, he would never go back to the past. The only feasible strategy was to stay safe and guard himself.

Su Xiao envied Wu Hongmei. In fact, Wu Hongmei also envied her, especially thinking that her savings had been taken away by her family for many years to buy a house, and she almost broke up with her boyfriend. Nowadays, Wu Hongmei is caught between relatives and lovers, and it is very contradictory. Su Xiao disagrees, and directly picks up the mobile phone and transfers 300,000 yuan to her, as a thank you for being with her when she is most sad. With these 300,000 yuan, the rigid relationship between Wu Hongmei and Zhang Xiaobei has completely eased, and the two are happily looking forward to the happy life of getting married and buying a house.

In a blink of an eye, Su Xiaowei’s performance has been spread throughout the group headquarters, forcing the boss of the subsidiary to borrow usury, especially Wang Yang, who cultivated her. Colleagues discussed in private, only Wu Hongmei firmly believed in Su Xiao’s character. At this time, Zhao Xiankun was far abroad, running for the group’s funds, and suddenly received a call from Hu Changhai, violently reprimanding Su Xiao for his behavior.

Even though Xu Zhiping did not express his views on this matter, he was still thoughtful. Wang Mingyu supported Su Xiao. He believed that Tianzihao’s problems were getting bigger and bigger, and it was time to reorganize and suggest a major exchange. When Wang Mingyu left the office, Su Xiao went to report to Zhao Xiankun and admitted that she deliberately spread the news of Tiancheng borrowing usury because she did not want to wait for the opportunity, but to create it.

In Su Xiao’s view, the root cause of Tianzihao and Yinghai Group’s eccentricity today lies in the group. However, the group only knows how to shirk responsibility, so she wants Zhao Xiankun to understand that both sides are at fault. Obviously, Zhao Xiankun very much agreed with Su Xiao’s point of view and let her handle it, but Su Xiao didn’t want to be criticized anymore, hoping to get the qualification of the project by strength.

After returning to the group, Zhao Xiankun convened an ad hoc board meeting and stated on the spot that he would merge the Tianzihao company and set up a reform group to have Su Xiao and Zhao Peng compete fairly. Wang Mingyu checked Su Xiao’s plan for reforming Tiancheng and felt that she was a good seed, but unfortunately she was not in her own camp, so he told Zhao Peng to seize the opportunity and strive to become the team leader.

Lin Xiaomin opposes Zhao Peng taking office, otherwise the group will be emptied by Wang Mingyu sooner or later, and he will no longer have a place. In order to maintain his position, Lin Xiaomin personally went to the hospital to negotiate with Huang Lilin, intending to cooperate between the two parties to kill Wang Mingyu, and the general contracting company will be under the jurisdiction of Xia Ming in the future. Taking into account the relationship between Xia Ming and Su Xiao, Lin Xiaomin suggested that Xia Ming take this opportunity to save Su Xiao and assist the other party in choosing a team leader.

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