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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 32 Recap

Su Xiao ended this relationship, but did not fully let go. She tossed and turned awake that night, and did not wake up to work until the next day. I never thought that several Tianzi brand bosses have been waiting at the door for a long time, nothing more than asking her about the exemption of profit margins. After all, Zhao Xiankun promised that he did not need to make up the payment, but now he started to dunning the money again.

At this time Zhao Peng came out of the office, and he deliberately threw the hot potato to Su Xiao, leaving her speechless. After the bosses left one after another, Su Xiao and Zhao Peng went to Xu Zhiping for comment. The two argued over this, especially Zhao Peng insisted that Su Xiao should have a beginning and an end, so Xu Zhiping decided to put Su Xiao in charge, and Zhao Peng assisted.

Su Xiao has no way to complain, but accepts everything silently, and she is extremely disappointed. Du Juan came to the group to send files to the personnel department. He happened to see Su Xiao standing alone in a daze in front of the beverage machine, so he bought her a cup of coffee, giving her comfort and encouragement like a little angel, and said that he was studying hard and could be in the workplace. A small world broke out on top.

Xu Zhiping knew that Su Xiao was a little unconvinced and simply treated her to dinner, implying in disguise that since she had taken over the position of Lao Dong, she had to learn to let go of her ideological burden, as long as she followed the rules and obeyed the rules, she naturally didn’t have to worry about too many problems. Inspired by Xu Zhiping, Su Xiao learned an unspoken rule of the workplace, that is, how to play football in any way.

In fact, Su Xiao’s reason tells her that she should reject this approach and always retain a trace of principle in her heart. Especially in the dead of night, she will also reflect on whether she needs this kind of life. Wu Hongmei went home to accompany her boyfriend. Su Xiao had nowhere to find someone to confide in, so she simply called her father and asked him what he thought of success in his career. Later, he became the most annoying person.

For Su’s father, he only cared about whether his daughter was happy, but for Su Xiao, she could not choose to escape, and her stubbornness would not allow her to escape at this time. At the same time, He Congrong accompanied Zhao Xiankun to Singapore and successfully met Li Dawei, the representative of Carrey Capital. According to his intention, Director He was willing to invest 200 million yuan in Yinghai Group, provided that the other party promised to complete the listing within two years.

The conditions set by Director He are obviously more stringent. At least in the current situation of the group, it is difficult to achieve the target in the short term. Li Dawei believes that Zhao Xiankun can initiate an IPO, so the board of directors is very willing to make additional investments. Zhao Xiankun did not respond immediately, but claimed to greet the board of directors, discuss and make a decision.

Su Xiao thought about it all night, and decided that she would continue to be responsible for recovering the surplus. After Xu Zhiping learned of this, he was very pleased and told Su Xiao to follow the process and do his job well, without having to worry about other things. Due to Gaojin’s temporary business trip, before leaving, Zhu Yue from the Finance Department was entrusted to inform Su Xiao that the debt-to-lending program is not currently implemented. After getting this result, Su Xiao asked Gao Jin the reason, and got an answer that he thought the time was not yet ripe.

Hearing that the group had to chase the money, the heads of Tianzhao came to Huang Lilin’s bed and said that they should not patronize their own profits and discard their brothers. Xia Ming promised to help them to negotiate with the group, but Su Xiao’s attitude was firm, and he even had a dispute with him in the office.

Even though Xia Ming hopes that Su Xiao can understand the difficulties of the bosses and understand that they are being collected debts, boiled and even become grandsons every day, Su Xiao believes that Xia Ming’s pain is his own responsibility, and he emphasizes that he makes false statements. It is equal to the relationship table. Now that the relationship has been selected, it is necessary to bear the consequences of the relationship instead of complaining blindly. In the next few days, Su Xiao visited various subsidiaries and learned more about the difficult situation facing the company.

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