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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 39 Recap

Suddenly accepting this heavy responsibility, Xu Zhu would not dare to agree, but when Tong Grandma mentioned Meng Gu, it made him hesitate and had to change his mind. Tong’s grandmother promised to show Xu Zhu the way to find that Menggu, so he asked him to bring a picture of Wuyazi, and unexpectedly discovered that the woman in the picture was not Li Qiushui at all, and instantly laughed wildly, two lines of tears rolled from his cheeks, nothing more. End of regret.

Unexpectedly, Tong Grandma had just died, and Li Qiushui came alive, but it was the last bit of internal force to hang himself. Poor her was also shocked when she saw the portrait, and the laughter was full of sorrow and pain. Although Li Qiushui is very similar to the woman in the portrait, the difference between the two lies in the mole on the left eye. This can explain why she stayed with Wuyazi for several years, even if she gave birth to a daughter, she still failed to discuss it. After getting the other party’s heart, he looked at the jade statue all day in a trance.

Since that day, Li Qiushui’s jealousy has soared unabated, and he even found many handsome young men to flirt in front of Wuyazi. Wuyazi left in a rage and never returned, but now Li Qiushui suddenly realized that he laughed at himself and fell into the three poisons of greed, anger, and ignorance, and he couldn’t get rid of it. With a few bursts of laughter, Li Qiushui collapsed beside the stone and died in anger.

At that time, Quan Guanqing invited a skilled blacksmith for You Tanzhi, who eventually took off the iron helmet from his face, and then presented a pair of finely crafted half-sided silver tools to cover the scars. You Tanzhi was so grateful that he worshipped this wicked man as his eldest brother, but he didn’t know that the other party had another purpose.

In the next few days, You Tanzhi tried his best to take care of Ah Zi and stayed by his side all night, only to show his horse’s feet repeatedly, which made Ah Zi suspicious, thinking that he was close to him with unpredictable intentions, so he tried to contact Qiao Feng. Taking advantage of You Tanzhi’s suggestion to go out to relax, Azi took the opportunity to leave the word “Duan” on the alley wall. I hope Qiao Feng can understand this.

When You Tan saw that Azi was depressed, he planned to teach her Yi Jin Jing martial arts personally, but he just wetted the scriptures with water, but was stolen in an instant. Upon seeing this, You Tanzhi hurriedly pursued him, never thinking that the other party was a monk in strange costumes, not only with high martial arts skills, but also with extremely fast footwork. Regardless of You Tan’s objections, Kumozhi directly took Yi Jinjing in his arms and ran away without a trace.

At the same time, Boss Wu led everyone to attack the Misty Peak. Even though his face was haggard and his body was extremely weak, his stubborn and surly spirit still showed in his eyes. Especially several other island owners, holding whips and forcing the girls of Jun Tianbu to reveal the treasures of the child’s grandmother. At this moment, there was a wolf howling dog barking outside, and the sound was terrible. In the presence, there was already a mess. Dozens of people scratched their bodies frantically and screamed incessantly.

The unscathed cave owners were furious when they saw this, and wanted to kill the female disciples, but unexpectedly a pine ball would blow them away. Boss Wu’s face changed drastically, and suddenly thinking of the experience he had encountered before, he exclaimed Tongmao to show up. However, before anyone could react, Xu Zhu tapped everyone’s acupuncture points extremely quickly. Duan Yu was very happy when he saw Xu Zhu appear.

Everyone heard that the Tianshan child’s grandmother passed away, both happy and worried, forcing Xuzhudao to give birth to death talisman. However, Xu Zhu recalled that the few words that Tong Grandma said before his death were all related to Meng Gu, and he did not want to disclose. Several island owners wanted to teach a lesson. How could Zhuo Bufan fall from the sky and have to share a piece of the pie, just wanting to master the method. Control these cave owners and island owners.

Zhuo Bufan was willing to exchange his grandma’s last words with swordsmanship. Xu Zhu couldn’t tell the truth and accidentally left the portrait, making everyone mistakenly think he liked Wang Yuyan. Because of this, Zhuo Bufan was about to tie Wang Yuyan to Xu Zhu to accomplish their good deeds, but as soon as he was about to take action, Duan Yu said that Wang Yuyan was slightly injured by blocking the sword with his body.

Xu Zhu and Zhuo Bufan tried a few tricks and quickly subdued each other. Zhuo Bufan became angry from embarrassment, indulging everyone to besiege, all being beaten by Xuzhu, enough to see his unfathomable skill. The disciples of the Lingjiu palace ladies came one after another. Xuzhu was unwilling to regenerate the contradiction between the two parties, and promised to get rid of the life and death talisman for everyone. All the cave owners and the island owners heard the words and bowed to Xuzhu three times and nine times.

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