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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 29 Recap

Even though Huang Lilin had woken up a long time ago, he still couldn’t forgive Su Xiao, and even when he saw the other party, his mood fluctuated greatly. Because of this, Su Xiao not only has to endure external pressure, but also the alienation of her beloved. The successive blows have made Su Xiao miserable. I really can’t figure out why everyone should blame her. At the same time, he is confused about where he should go and where he will go in the future with Xia Ming.

Now that the group’s top executives jointly wrote Su Xiao to leave the headquarters, even the bosses of the Tianzihao subsidiary have reached a united front, wanting to use this incident to force the group to avoid the profit difference. Therefore, after obtaining Xia Ming’s seemingly supportive response, everyone acted decisively and collectively submitted a letter of resignation to pressure Zhao Xiankun and Wang Mingyu.

Wang Mingyu remains neutral. The only thing he can do is to replace the chairman of the board to appease the veterans of the group and ease the conflict between the two parties. Zhao Xiankun was extremely angry when he saw the resignation letter, especially Wang Yang’s statement, which made him even more angry. These self-righteous veterans just want to lie in the book of merit and recklessly act recklessly. This kind of unhealthy trend broke down.

Su Xiao wanted to have a serious conversation with Zhao Xiankun, but Zhao Xiankun had already arranged his schedule and deliberately avoided seeing him. Wu Hongmei thinks that Su Xiao should find a way to solve the problem and can’t just sit and wait like this, but Su Xiao has fear and feels that she is in a desperate situation. If Zhao Xiankun gives up her again, maybe she will really be out.

Wu Hongmei asked a colleague whether Maria had announced the recruitment, but the colleague repeatedly denied it, but accidentally dropped the information, which clearly marked the recruitment of the deputy chief economist. The female colleague was a little embarrassed, saying that Maria would not allow them to disclose it to others, but Wu Hongmei remained silent, hesitating whether to tell Su Xiao this matter.

Wang Mingyu was fanning the flames behind his back. When he went to the hospital to visit Huang Lilin, he deliberately tested Xia Ming’s attitude and offered two solutions. One is to exempt Tianke from the eight million surplus difference, and the other is to demote Su Xiao. Xia Ming did not comment on this and asked Huang Lilin’s attitude. However, Huang Lilin and Su Xiao had a deep grievance, and insisted on expelling him from the group, otherwise she would not have him.

After all, Zhao Xiankun promoted Su Xiao to the headquarters for the company’s reform. Now that Su Xiao has moved the cake of other directors through power, he is bound to be suppressed. Therefore, this matter is not so much a grievance between Huang Lilin and Su Xiao, it is more that the directors used Huang Lilin’s hand to suppress Su Xiao.

After leaving the hospital, Wang Mingyu and Zhao Xiankun reported the situation, revealing in disguise about the question of Su Xiao’s stay. In contrast, when Xia Ming faced the dilemma of love and family relationship, he finally decided on a more secure way, so he sent a message to Su Xiao, a simple greeting, and gradually eased the original rigid relationship between the two.

Unexpectedly, at the next afternoon, Brother Cui came to the hospital again to collect debts, especially when he heard that Xia Ming gave the money to the subcontractor, he was furious in the ward. Seeing that he was embarrassed by Xia Ming, Huang Lilin got up from the hospital bed on impulse and begged with Cui Ge’s leg, which allowed the other party to agree to a two-day grace period.

That night, Xia Ming was wandering outside the hospital alone, and images of his uncle begging for him continued to appear in his mind, and his heart was like a knife, but if he wanted to keep Tianke, he would definitely hurt Su Xiao. After a long period of pain and entanglement, Xia Ming immediately made a decision and dialed Wang Mingyu’s phone.

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