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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 14 Recap

Qiao Erqiang and Sun Xiaomo went on a blind date under Ye Xiaolang’s arrangement, and they sat awkwardly on the bench far apart. After Ye Xiaolang returned home happily, she helped the Qiao family solve the problem of Qiao Erqiang, and Qiao Yicheng treated her as a successful minister. Qiao Erqiang didn’t say anything from beginning to end, but still sent Sun Xiaomo home according to Ye Xiaolang’s words. Qiao Sanli would always follow Wang Yiding when she went home late at night.

When she saw her safely home, Wang Yiding was relieved. Qiao Simei, who fell in love, cried very sadly in the yard. Qiao Sanli thought someone had bullied her, but she didn’t expect her to fall in love. Qiao Simei made a sensational poem, and she sighed while lying on the bed. She wanted to spend time with the people she liked, watching movies, eating, and walking together. These words also reminded Qiao Sanli of Wang Yiding, sister. The two are sad because of love.

Early in the morning, Qiao Simei ran to Wei Shufang’s canteen to call Qi Chenggang. Qiao Yicheng received a call from his father-in-law. Qiao Yicheng promised to collect the money at the end of the month, but he refused to let Ye Xiaolang know. On the day of the wedding, Song Qingyuan saw them chatting in the corridor for a long time, comforting Qiao Yicheng not to worry. Qiao Yicheng accidentally hit Ye Xiaolang’s unit, only to realize that she had resigned.

Ye Xiaolang confessed that she went to work in the new unit for less than a week, because Qiao Yicheng would not agree, but she didn’t want to give up this opportunity. Ye Xiaolang’s new unit is not an exaggeration. Even if the salary is higher than before, she can be officially organized before. Qiao Yicheng had a quarrel with Ye Xiaolang. Ye Xiaolang thought that nothing in this world was set in stone, but in Qiao Yicheng’s eyes, her behavior was very unreliable.

Ye Xiaolang ran back to the room without eating dinner and became sulking. Qiao Yicheng could also coax her, holding a bowl of noodles and greedy her for a long time. Ye Xiaolang apologized for not telling him the first time he resigned, but he resolutely retained his views. Qiao Yicheng’s birthday was approaching, and Qiao Sanli wanted to let them go back to the old house together to have a lively life together, but Ye Xiaolang and Qiao Yicheng had an appointment to spend a separate time together, and Qiao Sanli did not bother.

Qiao Simei took advantage of Qiao Sanli’s sleep to write a small note in the dark, and hid it under the pillow after finishing writing. He also went to the photo studio to take a group of photos and put them in an envelope together. In his mind, Qi Chenggang’s Qiong Yao drama was constantly staged. Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang had an appointment for their birthday.

They were sitting in the lobby. When Ye Xiaolang came, he pulled him into a specially prepared box, and ordered a table of good dishes and customized birthday cakes. Want to enjoy the world of two people, for this they also pushed Qiao Sanli and the others. Qiao Yicheng knew that Qiao Sanli had made an appointment with them, and said that he didn’t mind, but Ye Xiaolang felt that he still thinks his younger siblings are more important, but they are the ones who live a lifetime. Of course, younger siblings are not as important as her.

Sun Xiaomo and Qiao Erqiang burst into tears when they were walking, and they broke up with him. Qiao Erqiang is still indifferent, it’s okay to break up. Sun Xiaomo was even more awkward when he heard the words, and went straight to the rickshaw. Taking advantage of the happy days, Ye Xiaolang suggested to Qiao Yicheng to save some money in a few years, take a TOEFL test and go abroad with him, leave troubles and burdens of the future, and go to Xintiandi.

Qiao Yicheng had never thought about these things, and promised to think about it. Ye Xiaolang, who had plans for the future, happily took Qiao Yicheng back home, and met Aunt Fang at the door because of the breakup of Sun Xiaomo and Qiao Erqiang. Ye Xiaolang also felt puzzled, thinking that Qiao Erqiang had never forgotten the kind of love he had been in before.

Early the next morning, Qiao Yicheng returned home because of Qiao Erqiang’s affairs, and Qiao Zuwang carried his bag leisurely and continued that unreliable business. I heard that it was Sun Xiaomo who first mentioned the breakup. Qiao Yicheng comforted him and said that they didn’t feel sorry for this matter, and they would introduce a better one to Qiao Erqiang in the future. Qiao Erqiang has no intention of getting married. He is actually very happy to learn how to cook in the chef class. At this time, Qiao Simei came forward to educate that marriage is the highest form of love.

Qiao Yicheng opened the mouth to borrow money from Qi Weimin, but inadvertently learned that he had transferred the property to Xiaoyi. Qi Ziqiang’s pension and family savings were given to Xiaoya. She will go abroad with her fiance next month. Qiao Yicheng scolded Qi Weimin when he heard the words. He was too embarrassed to borrow money in such a situation. However, Qi Weimin himself also saved some money to get married, and now he can’t get married for the time being, so he loaned it to Qiao Yicheng for a while. The binding factory was about to close down.

Qiao Erqiang was facing unemployment, but he received a call from Qiao Yicheng saying that Aunt Fang had carefully persuaded Sun Xiaomo. Sun Xiaomo listened to him. Qiao Erqiang is a man and should be more generous. Sun Xiaomo has already arrived outside the factory. She proposed to stay with Qiao Erqiang. As for the job, they can find another job. They can work hard together. As a result, Qiao Erqiang took Sun Xiaomo to the skating rink, and his relationship improved a lot.

Qiao Simei waited for the letter from Xinjiang day and night, and read it over and over again when he finally received it. Colleagues heard that she had found a soldier who was guarding the frontier and thought she had a head. After all, everyone now looks for businessmen and people who have the opportunity to go abroad. But Qiao Simei doesn’t care about these. In her eyes, good-looking is enough.

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