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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 13 Recap

Ye Xiaolang’s parents got on the train to Nanjing early in the morning and only came in the evening with large and small bags of luggage. Ye Mu is a very honest countryman. She took out the embroidered things on the spot, Ye Xiaolang smiled awkwardly. Father Ye took Qiao Yicheng into the corridor, saying that they did not agree with Ye Xiaolang when she was in college, but Ye Xiaolang promised that as long as she was allowed to get married after college, she wouldn’t have to pay a penny from the family, and even take care of her brother’s house. NS. Without money and house, Ye Xiaolang’s brother can’t get married, but it’s her brother, she doesn’t care who cares. Although Qiao Yicheng didn’t know this beforehand, he still promised to send it as soon as possible after he collected the money.

After everything was over, Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang returned to the Xifang. Although they were rented, the conditions were very good. They thought about how to dress up their own home in the future.

Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli, and Qiao Simei came to the house as guests, followed by Qi Weimin, Chang Xingyu, and Qiao Qiqi, and they gave a water heater as a wedding gift. The men were busy in the kitchen, and Qiao Erqiang seemed very lonely in the crowd, and when he returned, he mistakenly regarded passers-by as Ma Suqin. At the skating rink, because the Walkman sent by Ma Suqin was broken, Qiao Erqiang quarreled with others, and in the end he returned home with a wounded face.

Ye Xiaolang and Qiao Simei have a very good impression of each other. Ye Xiaolang joked that they would introduce her handsome boyfriend. Although he didn’t know any handsome guys, Ye Xiaolang really had a personal choice to introduce to Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Yicheng and Qiao Erqiang raised a mouth. He didn’t expect him to agree, but Qiao Erqiang agreed to meet him all at once. Qiao Yicheng didn’t wash his shirt, put on a coat and went to work.

Song Qingyuan thought he had entered the second stage of marriage, and his wife did the housework and the husband let go, but did not expect Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang to be the complete opposite. Ye Xiaolang doesn’t know how to do housework, and the dishes he cooks are hard to describe in a word. He can even break the bowl to pieces. Qiao Yicheng hurried Ye Xiaolang out to sit, but Ye Xiaolang got angry. Is it easy for her to work for a day? Why is it a burden? It was just a newlywed couple who had a fight at the end of the bed, and the two were quickly reconciled.

Seeing Qiao Yicheng’s return, Aunt Wu secretly pulled him to say something. Qiao Yicheng had a straight face and said a lot of self-respect and self-love to Qiao Simei. Qiao Simei did not react for a long time until Qiao Yicheng Ask her who is the big black fat man who crossed the road with her that day. Qiao Simei couldn’t help laughing, just like him, let alone this life, she can’t marry him in the next life. Qiao Simei complained that Qiao Yicheng always compares her to Qiao Sanli, turned around and had tear ducts in his eyes, and he wanted to make up for it. It turned out that he had recently fallen into a woolen sweater. After dinner, Qiao Simei took Qiao Erqiang’s Walkman to learn English, and also talked about the people who Ye Xiaolang introduced to Qiao Erqiang to work in Xinhua Bookstore.

After getting off work the next day, Qiao Simei dressed up and prepared to go home. One second before he said that he was going to marry a handsome guy, the next second he met a man in military uniform on the street, and he was deeply impressed. The other party walked up to Qiao Simei and asked for directions, only to discover that the two were originally junior high school classmates, and his name was Qi Chenggang. In Qiao Simei’s impression, Qi Chenggang was thin and short, but it happened that he began to grow wild after graduating from junior high school. He was a soldier in Tibet. This time he came back because his mother was in poor health and was about to leave. Qiao Simei quickly took the attention, asked Qi Chenggang for the phone number of his troops, and was relieved when he returned home and wrote down along the way.

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