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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 11 Recap

Ye Xiaolang waited for Qiao Yicheng at the entrance of the TV station. Her roommate didn’t dare to sleep alone when she went home, so she asked Qiao Yicheng to stay with her for the night, and Qiao Yicheng stammered. After spending a night in the movie theater, Ye Xiaolang sat down beside Qiao Yicheng for breakfast with full caution.

When Qiao Yicheng went shopping, Ye Xiaolang accidentally saw a draft in his bag. After Qiao Yicheng came back, he found that Ye Xiaolang was not in a good mood. She looked at the mother and son next door with red eyes. In a place as big as Nanjing, she was the only one alone. Qiao Yicheng was at a loss and could only give her a shoulder. After one night, the relationship between the two went even further. Song Qingyuan could see that Qiao Yicheng had feelings for Ye Xiaolang, but persuaded him not to get too deep.

Old Xu took Qiao Zuwang to the Jinling Hotel to see Mr. Liu. Qiao Zuwang looked around and looked like he had never seen the world before. After being aired for a long time, Qiao Zuwang set up a trading company. Old Xu also gave him a presentation. Qiao Zuwang’s vanity was greatly satisfied, and Sparrow Eye also chased him and said that he wanted to raise funds. Qiao Simei was encouraged by Qiao Erqiang to go to a foreign-related hotel for an interview.

All the way, she was nervous and afraid to breathe. However, as Qiao Erqiang said, Qiao Simei had courage and confidence since childhood, and used a dance. Won the job. English is a must for entry. Qiao Simei complained that good Chinese people don’t need to learn English, but when they think of learning English well, they can chase foreign stars. Qiao Simei went back and worked hard again. The evening romance between Lao Ma and Wei Shufang also progressed vividly.

As soon as Qiao Simei went home, she saw Qiao Yicheng pointing her nose to teach Qiao Erqiang. Qiao Yicheng looked down and found him a job, but Qiao Erqiang had been unsure recently and said that he needed time to think about it. Qiao Yicheng was accused by Qiao Erqiang of being like an old man, and the two almost quarreled.

In order to pull the frame, Qiao Simei took out her employment notice in a hurry and said that she had passed the interview at the Huamei Hotel, which happened to make Qiao Erqiang to fill the gap in the binding factory. This is a good thing, but Qiao Yicheng is not happy. I used to think that his eldest brother is still qualified, but Qiao Erqiang made a red face for an outsider, and Qiao Simei would resign without telling him. But the younger siblings are getting older, and they always have things they want to do.

Qiao Erqiang pushed Qiao Simei to work in a binding factory, and several gossip elder sisters saw that a young guy had arrived, and they became even more rude. Qiao Simei is busy learning English all day long, Qiao Yicheng is not seen all day, Qiao Simei keenly perceives that their eldest brother must be in love. Qiao Yicheng ate with Song Qingyuan, Ye Xiaolang, and her roommate Xiaomeng. Xiaomeng joked with them unobtrusively. After going to the bathroom, she explained to Song Qingyuan that Ye Xiaolang didn’t like to talk about her, and she might be with her. The family is also related.

Song Qingyuan read the daily newspaper as soon as Qiao Yicheng went to work. The article above was published by Ye Xiaolang without his permission. The two were criticized by the boss. Song Qingyuan’s impression of Ye Xiaolang became even worse. Qiao Yicheng came to Ye Xiaolang for an explanation. Ye Xiaolang acted like a baby and apologized, saying that he really couldn’t help but handed in this topic, which made Qiao Yicheng reluctant to blame her, and the two went together. Had hot pot. After returning home, Qiao Sanli took Qiao Yicheng and said that she had something to say, and it happened that Qiao Yicheng asked about her and Wang Yiding. Qiao Sanli hesitated again. In fact, she thought it was better for her to live alone.

Qiao Zuwang came home with a lazy step in his suit and leather shoes. Qiao Sanli hurriedly said to Qiao Yicheng when he saw it. He heard from Sparrow Eye that he was doing fundraising recently.

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