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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 14 Recap

Zhou Shengchen Shiyi’s group came to Qinglong Temple. Shi Yi had previously hid half of his dowry in the Jiao family’s collection in the temple. The quietness here made Xiao Yan also compelled to praise. Feng Qiaojing has been thinking about Xiao Yan in the past few days. She unknowingly asks Xiao Yan why she insists on becoming a monk, hoping that Xiao Yan will return to secular life.

Shi Yi played the piano in the mansion, her piano sound was too heavy, even Xie Chen, the righteous son of a military teacher, could hear it. Although Xie Chen couldn’t see, he was good at divining hexagrams. He had always made a case for divining hexagrams only for military affairs. Xie Chen’s hexagram was always accurate, but Shi Yi was called by Zhou Shengchen before he could hear the hexagram. Zhou Shengchen called Shiyi to come because of King Ping Qin.

When King Ping Qin saw Yi could speak, he was very happy. He kept talking about Zhou Shengchen’s previous aphasia visits to famous doctors. He came this time because he wanted to pass the door. Ping Qin Princess Gao Huaiyang sent him over. He had to go to Yongcheng to take Huaiyang with him, so he had to entrust Zhou Shengchen to take care of it for a few days.

King Ping Qin finished his recounting and left Huaiyang. The grievances between the Luo family and the Gao family made it inconvenient to see Huaiyang. Zhou Shengchen also picked Xiao Yan to accompany him to see Gao Huaiyang. Xiao Yan could see Zhou Shengchen’s thoughts at a glance, but Huaiyang still wanted to talk to Zhou Shengchen alone. Zhou Shengchen only refused. In order to relieve the embarrassment, Xiao Yan only mentioned the beauty of Xizhou’s scenery, and made people prepare for it. , So I take a night tour of Xizhou with Huaiyang.

The man in Fuzhong was preparing for a night tour of Xizhou in Huaiyang. Shiyi was a little angry to pack up his collection. Zhou Shengchen came to find the time. He had no intention to accompany Huaiyang, but only planned to take Shiyi to Xizhou city at night. The city of Xizhou at night was very lively. Zhou Shengchen and Shiyi went to the gate of the kitchen city, which was in the opposite direction to the place where Huaiyang was playing.

After visiting the city, Zhou Shengchen rode a horse and took Shiyi to the Weihe River. He was seriously injured for the first time. It was in the Weihe River, where he was drunk. For so many years, although the Nanchen Wangjun has done countless merits, he was guarded by the court, and those who followed him have never been reused or rewarded.

Listening to Zhou Shengchen’s confession, it was time to mention A-niang’s words, “It’s common for the country to change owners, but the hero is always a hero.” The word hero is too heavy. Zhou Shengchen didn’t want to bear the word, but said that he also has selfish intentions, but can’t do it. The two looked at each other, a majestic rain fell, Shi Yi did not want to return to the city, Zhou Shengchen only took Shi Yi to a house to shelter from the rain, and Shi Yi gently dried his hair.

There were people sheltering from the rain in the old house. To Zhou Shengchen’s surprise, there was also Yang Shao. Yang Shao killed the traitor of the foreign enemy, but was caught by the grandson when he escaped. Zhou Shengchen knew that Yang Shao was killing for loyalty tonight. He did not embarrass Yang Shao, but instead let Yang Shao go. Shi Yi is worried and let go of Yang Shao. There are endless troubles. Zhou Shengchen consoles Shi Yi that what has happened is inevitable. There is no need to worry, and at the same time, he should play the chessboard.

The next day, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi left for Xizhou. Huaiyang came to say goodbye to Zhou Shengchen. Huaiyang frankly told Zhou Shengchen that she wanted to see the daughter of the Tong family.

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