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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 28 Recap

Huang Liming was chased by loan sharks, and the huge sum of 30 million made Xia Ming out of breath. Even Tiancheng was facing a financial crisis. Wang Yang came to the hospital to visit Huang Lilin. He wanted to talk to Xia Ming, but the other party responded with a vague attitude. Originally, Wang Yang wanted to call Su Xiao to ask about her situation, but when he dialed the number, he hesitated.

In order to keep Su Xiao’s position in the group, Zhao Xiankun mainly talked to Hu Changhai first. Even if he tried every means to persuade him, he still could not change his attitude. On the contrary, Hu Changhai was angry that Su Xiaochao would hold the welcome party for the appointment. In particular, her behavior of bullying the elders would chill all employees and even accuse the group of unhealthy spirits. He Congrong, as a director, did not know how to share for the group, just thinking about it. Call Secretary Xiao Tang.

Zhao Xiankun insisted on being fair and just. After all, it has not been investigated clearly yet, so Su Xiao should not be convicted and convicted. Hu Changhai was speechless, suffocating in his heart. After Zhao Xiankun waited for him to leave, he asked Xiao Tang to summon Wu Hongmei, and learned from her about the super-rule welcome party, thus knowing that all this was Maria Instructs behind.

Although Zhao Xiankun wanted to keep Su Xiao on his own, he still saw many negative posts on the Internet. Maria, who was in charge of handling this matter, violated Zhao Xiankun’s order and instead advocated freedom of speech. She even believed that Su Xiao was not capable of serving as a deputy chief economist. In fact, she avenged her personal revenge because she was jealous of Su Xiaocai.

Su Xiao didn’t know that there was a lot of controversy against her within the group, and she couldn’t find out who was framing her. The only thing she could do was to complete the debt-on-lending plan as soon as possible, and then hand it over to Xu Zhiping. In Su Xiao’s view, she believed that the financing channels of subsidiaries like Tiancheng were too unsatisfactory. She hoped that the group would provide assistance when necessary, but Xu Zhiping rejected it.

Now the entire group is discussing the resignation of Su Xiao, and everyone avoids her, which is very different from the excitement when she joined the first day. He Congrong went to the cafeteria for dinner and saw that Su Xiao was isolated by his colleagues, so he took the initiative to sit there, trying to make her happy. As a result, this scene was seen by everyone, and the misunderstanding of Su Xiao was deepened.

Since Su Xiao did not want to provoke his upper body anymore, he was particularly alienated from He Congrong and refused to get too close to him. Unexpectedly, He Congrong chased him, followed Su Xiao into the elevator, and kindly reminded her that she should see the reality clearly. After all, Zhao Xiankun promoted her to the group for the purpose of solving problems for the leader, not causing trouble.

Zhao Xiankun looked through the report materials of various high-level joint names and found that Wang Yang had an abnormal attitude towards Su Xiao. Not only did he have no shelter, but instead spoke for Huang Lilin, reminding Zhao Xiankun that Su Xiao did not respect his seniors and was of a bad nature and should be severely punished. Faced with this situation, Zhao Xiankun was exhausted physically and mentally, and at the same time told Xiao Tang not to worry about Su Xiao, and she refused to see anything in the future.

At this time, public opinion on the Internet, which should have been one-sided, suddenly took a turn for the better. The main reason is that a post rectifying Su Xiao’s name became popular on the company forum, and the post was made by Tiancheng employees who were fighting alongside Su Xiao. Du Juan and Lu Zhengming released all the achievements of Su Xiao since work, and asked the accountant to post her annual work report to the forum. Seeing that the post had built a tall building and had already overwhelmed the black material before, Su Xiao was moved, and even Zhao Xiankun was surprised.

Xia Ming was very pleased to pay attention to the post in the accompanying ward. However, when he had just walked out of the ward, he saw nearly 20 subcontractors rushing to the hospital and asking Tianke to settle the wages. Xia Ming had no other choice but to inform the finance company to settle the settlement, but the money had been promised to be returned to Brother Cui in advance.

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