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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 30 Recap

Lin Shaochun was so angry that Taoyao had nothing to do, so she had to come to Liu Sanjue for help. Liu Sanjue learned what Taoyao had done and said nothing, so she took Lin Shaochun to practice together. Lin Shaochun didn’t wear practice clothes, but was covered by a long dress. When she stumbled, Liu Sanjue took the opportunity to persuade her to watch the changes, wait for Taoyao to show her feet, and then capture her in one fell swoop. Lin Shaochun was puzzled. When he went out, he saw Liu Wushuang and asked Liu Wushuang to help make up the story.

Taoyao came to help Shen Qingyao comb her hair early in the morning, and desperately praised her for her charm and extraordinary demeanor. Shen Qingyao was so confused by the praise, she agreed to let her help her comb her hair. Taoyao helped Shen Qingyao comb a very popular peony bun. Aunt Mei and Xu Fengqiao praised her for being young and beautiful, and Shen Qingyao’s heart blossomed. Taoyao also prepared exquisite desserts and soups to deliver. Shen Qingyao was full of praise for her craftsmanship and asked her to sit down and eat together. Taoyao naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Tao Yao saw that Wu Yuehong hadn’t come for breakfast, and pretended to send her food and resolve conflicts with her, Sun Shijie hurriedly stopped her. Taoyao and Songlian brought breakfast to Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong suspected that she had poisoned the food. Taoyao took a bite first. Wu Yuehong still didn’t buy it. Taoyao promised to give birth to Wu Yuehong in the future. Wu Yuehong had already seen through her ghost tricks. , Gave her a severe lesson and told her to get out.

Tao Yao picked up a bowl of soup for Wu Yuehong, and Sun Shijie followed. Tao Yao deliberately knocked the soup bowl over and burned her hand. Sun Shijie pushed all the blame on Wu Yuehong, slapped her severely, and pissed off. She picked up Taoyao and left, Wu Yuehong yelled in anger. Shen Qingyao sent someone to send Taoyao a lot of delicacies and delicacies, and Taoyao distributed it to the maids and women in the mansion to buy people’s hearts.

When Xu Fengqiao heard the maid and the wife praise Taoyao, she was so angry that she invited Taoyao to play the leaf card and let Aunt Mei and Qingxi wife to accompany her. Taoyao came to play cards on time, and soon lost all the money and owed Xu Fengqiao a lot of money. Taoyao voluntarily surrendered, and knelt down to admit her mistake to Xu Fengqiao and promised to repay the money as soon as possible. Xu Fengqiao and Aunt Mei Misunderstood that Taoyao was a soft persimmon, and relaxed her vigilance towards her. In fact, Taoyao is a good player at the leaf card and has never lost. She has long seen that Xu Fengqiao wanted to give her a predicament, so she deliberately lost to them and showed weakness in front of them.

Wu Yuehong took the disciples to practice the exercises. Sun Shijie took the initiative to find her to make amends. Wu Yuehong ignored him. Sun Shijie came to him and confessed his mistakes, but was kicked over by Wu Yuehong. Taoyao learned that Shen Qingyao likes orchids, so she bought a lot of pots and put them in the place where Wu Yuehong was practicing. Wu Yuehong gritted her teeth and forced her to move the flowers away. Sun Shijie passed by and Tao Yao deliberately smashed the flowerpot. Sun Shijie believed Wu Yuehong was deliberately making things difficult for Tao Yao. He hurried over to comfort Tao Yao and reprimanded Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong beat her chest with anger.

Wu Yuehong was desperate, so she had to come to Lin Shaochun for help. Lin Shaochun made an idea to let Wu Yuehong take the initiative to please Taoyao. Early in the morning, Wu Yuehong took Taoyao to the best rouge shop “Xinghuahong” in Beijing for shopping. Taoyao suddenly saw someone like Chen Boyuan enter the Ningxiang restaurant opposite, she was frightened in a cold sweat. Then, the government officials broke into Ningxiang. The teahouse wanted to arrest Chen Boyuan. Unexpectedly, it was Liu Wushuang who pretended to be. Tao Yao knew that the person was not Chen Boyuan, so she sent Songlian to the compradors to find out about Chen Boyuan’s whereabouts.

Wild wolf activities have been rampant recently. Sun Junhao didn’t want to sit still and decided to take the initiative to kill the wolf. Yao Dizhu came up with a good idea for him to send false news to lure the wolf to the bait, and then use an empty city plan to wipe him out in one fell swoop. Sun Junhao summoned the soldiers, and they all had a drink together. Yao Dizhu promised to wait for him to come in triumph. When the wild wolf learned that Sun Junhao was rushing out to kill him, he didn’t care. He swaggered and led people into the city to sweep, and found that there was no one in the city. The city gate suddenly closed, and Sun Junhao led the soldiers to rush out. .

Sun Junhao and the wild wolves started a fierce battle and quickly defeated them. Sun Junhao killed the wild wolves with his own hands and completely eradicated this great demon who has endangered the people for many years. A woman who would fail, Yao Dizhu took the opportunity to urge her to marry.

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