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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 1 Recap

The fairy Chunshui was ordered to guard the Wangchuan River and has been loyal for tens of thousands of years. Suddenly one day when Chun Shui was bored, he turned his shadow into shape and accompanied him to play chess to relieve boredom, but the shadow has not had a figure. This incident was forgotten by the immortal big dipper, Jun Si Mao, who was under the Forgotten River, and he traded with Chunshui, lending Chunshui 108 immortal breaths to help Chunshui shape his shadow, and then cast half of Chunshui’s body into a cold pool.

The goddess, afterwards, the fairy Chunshui played chess with the goddess of Hantan every day. But it was Si Mao who benefited even more. Her mana greatly increased and she forcibly broke the barrier. Many monsters set out the Wangchuan River and rushed to the world. Chunshui fought with Si Mao, and Hantan blocked Si Mao’s attack and saved it.

At the expense of Chunshui. The Emperor of Heaven was furious when he learned of this, and sent the gods to turn Chunshui into a half-demon and half-immortal to guard the cold lake. The goddess of the cold lake waited for the reincarnation to the world, and the two of them could not return to the immortal world forever.

In a blink of an eye, nine hundred years have passed, and Chunshui has also guarded Hantan for nine hundred years, but he has no memory of his previous life, and the goddess of Hantan has also been reincarnated for 900 years. This life is the princess of Beilu country, but it is Ominous body.

The emperor in the Beilu Kingdom’s imperial palace called the high priest for divination, but the high priest said that the new princess had killed her birth mother after the birth of the new princess, and it had been in a severe drought for three years.

The goddess of Hantan reincarnated and named the princess Hansheng. The cat that Hansheng raised knew that Hansheng was leaving the palace, so she took Hansheng to dig out some jewels in the garden for her to entangle her, but unfortunately those things were exactly the same. The jewels lost in the palace, the guards were catching thieves, and they happened to catch the princess Hansheng in the cold palace. He was so scared that Hansheng ran away without any error.

After Hansheng ran away, the cat turned into a huge cat and made the guards pee. escaped. The next day the mother did not believe in evil and took the guards to find Hansheng to settle the accounts, and she also brought spells to deal with the demon cat. Hansheng quickly let the cat go and asked the mother to find her. Unexpectedly, the mother held the whip and kept beating Hansheng.

The cat was distressed by Hansheng, so she stepped forward and bit the mother, but was beaten to death by the mother with the whip. Hansheng was heartbroken holding the cat (the briquettes) in distress. , The cat’s soul turned and flew to Hantan. In the previous life, Chunshui had already turned into a spring demon and was calling the maid Bai Fan to change her clothes. When she saw the cat’s soul, she knew that she was wronged in the hands of the world.

In a blink of an eye, Han Sheng is about to marry the King of Nanyuan Kingdom with his relatives, but the date is very special, July 15th Ghost Festival, Han Sheng knew that the emperor was going to marry the King of Nanyuan Kingdom with the mold on her.

Bai Fan went to Bailingtan forbidden land to pay homage to her dead husband, but Si Mao appeared in front of her, telling Bai Fan that it was the spring demon who killed her husband Liu Yunsu. As long as Bai Fan tried to get out of the lake on the day when the Hundred Ghosts traveled, Si Mao It could bring Liu Yunsu back to life, but Bai Shan didn’t know that Si Mao had entered her body at this time.

July 15th is the day when the Hundred Ghosts travel, and Hantan is no exception. The Spring Monster asks people to let the Hundred Ghosts in Tan Li go, but they can’t cross the boundary and leave the world. Chun Yao saw that Shu Laibao was about to flee back to the world, and he was ordered to punish him with a plain book. Bai Shan saw it, but he didn’t have the slightest fear and ran away privately.

On the road, Bai Shan met Han Sheng who was on his way to get married, so Bai Shan let the Han Sheng go, and she wanted to borrow Han Sheng’s carriage. Han Sheng ran out and met the Hundred Ghosts in Hantan. He was so scared that he was at a loss and hurried to escape. He didn’t expect to break into the territory of the Spring Demon. Han Sheng looked at Chun Yao very handsome and thought he had met the old god, but fainted because of being too nervous.

The next day Chun Yao knew that Bai Shan had taken away his original book and had fled, and the breath of Bai Fan was also on Han Sheng’s body, so Chun Yao went to Han Sheng to ask about the incident. Chun Yao learned that Han Sheng was the princess of the Northland Kingdom, but there was no prisoner in Bailingtan who could leave alive. Chun Yao tried to strangle Han Sheng, but he almost died when Chun Yao started. The Peacock Demon next to him persuaded her. Chun Yao stopped, he found that Han Sheng had no shadow like Chun Yao.

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