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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 23 Recap

Because of Su Xiao’s sake, Maria made various mistakes against Wu Hongmei and even the company’s headline mistakes on her. As a result, her annual evaluation results were not satisfactory. Originally, Wu Hongmei wanted to discuss an argument for herself, but she was told by Maria to cancel her qualification to participate in the annual meeting dance program, and arranged to be a welcome guest at the door.

Wu Hongmei couldn’t argue, she could only leave in frustration. She was unsatisfactory in the company, and her feelings also fell into a bottleneck period. Since that quarrel, the two have never communicated again, until Zhang Xiaobei took the initiative to show his favor to Wu Hongmei, which calmed the other party and completely forgave him.

Huang Liming deliberately relied on the account, but in fact he couldn’t spend 8 million. He even threatened the deputy chief economist Lao Dong, claiming that if he insisted on going against him, he would disclose his scandal to the outside world. Although the old Dong has a few months to leave his post, he had to retire early to protect his reputation.

Xu Feng wanted to return to the chairman, so he made a small calculation and recorded the content of the internal meeting of the real estate company privately, and then handed it to Zhao Xiankun. He said that the real estate company has many problems. Most of the employees are key family members, even to Lin Xiaomin. Words follow the plan. Hearing that Lin Xiaoming instigated everyone to develop toward the group at the conference, and the company’s interests were above all else, Zhao Xiankun was unmoved by this, and Xu Feng was a little disappointed when he saw it.

Due to Tiancheng’s outstanding performance and a lot of benefits for the company, Dong Hong took advantage of the approach of the annual vacation to wrap up a big red envelope for Su Xiao, thanking her for her contribution to the project. Su Xiao couldn’t refuse, so he simply took out a few tickets from the red envelope and used the money to invite his colleagues in the department to dinner.

Su Xiao followed Wang Yang to inspect the company, and happened to meet Xia Ming and others. Wang Yang ridiculed that Xia Ming and He Yao’s good deeds were approaching, and Su Xiao sat beside him silently. Everyone present noticed that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Xia Ming learned that Su Xiao was going to take the MBA, and offered to help her recommend a school, but was tactfully rejected.

After the conversation, Xia Ming wanted to drive Su Xiao again to explain to her the reason for the contract break, but Su Xiao thought that she was wishful thinking, so she ignored it. Instead, she picked up her mobile phone and chatted with her colleagues about work. Obviously there is a chance to chip in. Seeing Su Xiao deliberately alienating herself, Xia Ming couldn’t help it anymore and asked her if she had ever felt it, but Su Xiao made it clear that the trivial feeling between them was just passing by, and in the end they would return to the battlefield separately.

When Huang Lilin saw Xia Ming and Su Xiao coming in from outside, he was both surprised and angry. He looked down on Su Xiao from the bottom of his heart and hoped that Xia Ming would choose He Yao, which would be beneficial to the development of the company. However, Xia Ming did not want to be controlled by his uncle. During the period, he tried to express his feelings to Su Xiao, but the other party responded indifferently.

As Zhao Xiankun took the stage to give a speech, the annual meeting was solemnly started. Instead of her indifference and contempt in the past, Maria was very personal to Su Xiao and had a very happy conversation with her. As a welcome guest, Wu Hongmen, seeing this scene at this moment, felt uncomfortable in his heart. Wang Yang patronized and praised Su Xiao in front of Zhao Xiankun, without noticing that Zhao Xiankun seemed to be lost in thought.

Huang Lilin called Su Xiao to the backstage of the annual meeting, closed the door and changed her face, and yelled at Su Xiao to stop pestering Xia Ming. She was not worthy of her nephew from head to toe except for her face. Su Xiao asked Huang Liming to confront Xia Ming, but she didn’t expect Huang Lilin to drop her phone directly.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, He Congrong, who was hiding in the backstage, stopped speaking. Huang Lilin had to leave first and spilled wine on his clothes, pretending to be drunk. Xia Ming couldn’t say anything more when he saw it, just as he was about to send Huang Lilin home, he didn’t expect to be stopped by Su Xiao. Su Xiao asked Huang Lilin to pay for the phone. Xia Ming confessed to Su Xiao through Jiu Jin regardless of the presence of others, and dragged her to the park. Seeing Xia Ming approaching gradually, Su Xiao did not refuse, the two no longer had any worries, and they kissed affectionately under the tree.

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