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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 18 Recap

Ding Xian became more angry with Zhou Si because of Dong Zhengfei’s words before, and now he actually transferred all the chocolates he gave him to Xing Lufei. It was a gift representing love. Zhou Siyue asked him if he didn’t care. Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that Xing Lufei took it, but Ding Xian didn’t believe it. Ding Xian had always worked hard to be able to and Zhou Siyue.

Now he not only prevents him from going abroad, but also transfers the chocolate to others. Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian not to think about him all the time, but to think about his own future. But in Ding Xian’s view, Zhou Siyue was trying to stay away from her sadly and ran away. Song Ziqi saw the scene and asked Zhou Siyue to explain clearly, but Zhou Siyue thought that only by leaving him Ding Xian could he have himself.

Ding Xian was very sad and ran to relax and called Subcong alone, so the two drove to the art exhibition. Subcong knew that Ding Xian liked painting and hoped that Ding Xian would keep his original intention and not be able to follow anyone’s footsteps.

The next day Ding Xian did not go to the laboratory for class. Professor Ye was a little unhappy. Zhou Siyue had to explain that Ding Xian was not feeling well and asked him to ask for leave. Ding Xian went out alone to relax and called her parents. Tears fell on the phone. When her parents heard Ding Xian’s voice, the troops thought that she had caught a cold and told her to keep warm. Ding Xian hung up the phone. No one is now. Understand that she was crying even harder at this time. However, the warm-hearted Subo drove to find Ding Xian, and vowed to himself that he would not let Ding Xian be wronged.

Sun Shadi dragged his luggage to find Song Ziqi, and called Zhou Siyue to ask him to go out and meet, otherwise he would just wait there and not leave. Song Ziqi asked Zhou Siyue not to reveal his whereabouts, so Zhou Siyue went to the door to see Sun Shadi and told her that she had never seen Song Ziqi, but Sun Shadi knew that Song Ziqi was with him, and asked Zhou Siyue to tell Song Ziqi that it was important to her. , If Ding Xian disappeared one day, Zhou Siyue would be as sad as her.

Ding Xian went to the editor Sun Yuanxiang, who was optimistic about her before, to participate in the painting competition. She hoped that Sun Yuanxiang would be able to let her participate in the competition. However, the registration time has already passed. Sun Yuanxiang has to go back to discuss it and ask Ding Xian to go back and wait for the news. . After Ding Xian went back, he met with Sun Shadi, and also told Sun Shadi about the affairs between himself and Zhou Siyue. This made Sun Shadi very disappointed. The pair that had been optimistic before turned out to be true. The same stranger.

Ding Xian received a call from Sun Yuanxiang and could sign a contract with her. This made Ding Xian very happy, and he hurriedly went to their company to sign the contract.

Su Bo Cong called Xing Lu Fei to ask them to go out for dinner, and hoped that Xing Lu Fei could bring other students to join in, the purpose is to have dinner with Ding Xian, and Zhou Siyue also received the news that it was Su Bo who wanted to participate since the treat. At the party, Xing Lufei took out a box of chocolates and gave it back to Zhou Siyue. Last time he accidentally ate something from Zhou Siyue, and this time he had to return it to others.

Only then did Ding Xian know that he had misunderstood Zhou Siyue. Now Subo has a company from its own entrepreneurial city, and the investor in Ding Xian’s group is Subocong. This is why Subocong wants to invite them to dinner. During the period, Xing Lufei saw that Subo was interested in Ding Xian and tried to match them up. On the other side, Zhou Si Yue felt uncomfortable and went out. Subo chased Zhou Si the more he gave up Ding Xian. Now Subo has never been more capable. Give Ding Xian happiness.

But Zhou Siyue told Subo that Ding Xian would only be with him from now on, and told Subo to never dream. The two men didn’t expect that the conversation would be heard by Ding Xian. Ding Xian was very angry with them. The more Zhou Si caught up to explain, but Ding Xian did not give Zhou Si the more opportunity, telling Zhou Si to not control her future. They will have nothing in the future. Relationship.

Although Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that he couldn’t live without her, Ding Xian still didn’t trust Zhou Siyue anymore. This made Zhou Siyue very disappointed. When he went back, he asked Song Ziqi what would happen if he didn’t have Sun Shadi. Song Ziqi didn’t know. How should I face it.

Ding Xian called Sun Shadi to tell her that she and Zhou Siyue were really over, and she had considered it well, and she should put her loyalty in her studies in the future. Ding Xian saw the gift from Subocong in the dormitory. While trying to stay away, Ding Xian tried to get close to Ding Xian. This gave Ding Xian’s injured heart a little comfort.

Song Ziqi went to the library to meet Sun Shadi, so she was so scared that Song Ziqi ran away quickly. Sun Shadi called Ding Xian and asked her to help. After following Zhou Siyue, she would be able to find Song Ziqi. Just in the corridor of the school, the two heard Zhou Siyue calling Song Ziqi and talking about what Sun Shadi had discovered, so they hurried back to their accommodation.

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