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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 17 Recap

The comics drawn by Ding Xian were seen by the editor-in-chief and appreciated very much, and I hope she can participate in the competition. Ding Xian went to eat in the restaurant where Zhou Siyue worked, just thinking about seeing Zhou Siyue more. Zhou Siyue gave a paper to Ding Xian. It was a lab-related topic. Ding Xian knew that Zhou Siyue was indifferent and actually still liked him.

Zhou Siyue prepared a freshman experiment subject and waited for Ding Xian to go to the group for her to use. When returning, the group members took it and gave it to the new school girl. The school girl and Ding Xian are roommates. The information came to Ding Xian’s hands, which was also deliberately arranged by Zhou Siyue. He didn’t want to personally hand it over to Ding Xian, so he designed Yuan Fang to do it. But Ding Xian knew that Zhou Si did it more and more, so he took the information to show Zhou Si more and more, hoping that he could admit that he did it, but Zhou Siyue did not admit it. Ding Xian felt that he must be wrong. .

Ding Xian was admitted to the hospital and was admitted to the research team. Professor Ye felt that Ding Xian was also very good and asked Zhou Si to take her better. But the more Zhou Si told Ding Xian not to relax, if her project could not be passed abroad and there was no hope, Ding Xian must be considered, but Ding Xian insisted that as long as Zhou Si liked her, she would like it.

Professor Ye arranged for Dong Zhengfei to introduce the new students to the research team. Dong Zhengfei told them to have the hobby and enthusiasm for experimentation, otherwise they should not ruin their future, but Ding Xian is eager for Zhou Siyue’s sake and is willing to contribute regardless of whether they are hobby or not. , Zhou Siyue is her biggest source of hobbies.

Professor Ye gave Ding Xian a question. As long as Ding Xian can solve the question, he will be exempted from the assessment and go abroad directly. Ding Xian started to solve the problem day and night. This made Zhou Siyue very distressed and felt that Professor Ye I was embarrassing Ding Xian. Even the seniors might not be able to solve the problem. Looking at Ding Xian and feeling distressed, he took the test papers and went to Dong Zhengfei, but Dong Zhengfei refused when he learned that Ding Xian was only doing the problem in order to go abroad with Zhou Siyue.

Ding Xian went to Zhou Siyue for help, hoping that he could help add Professor Ye’s test paper, although Zhou Si more refused but Ding Xian took the initiative to act like a baby, Zhou Si had no choice but to stay and help. While Zhou Siyue was solving the problem, Ding Xian picked up a paintbrush and painted Zhou Siyue on the notebook. Zhou Siyue blamed himself for seeing Ding Xian’s talent in painting. He hoped that Ding Xian could do what he likes and don’t give up his talent because of him, but Ding Xian is willing to stick to the people he likes.

When Zhou Si went home, the laboratory suddenly went out of power, and Ding Xian would continue to do experiments in the laboratory. The more Zhou Si knew that Ding Xian was afraid of the dark and quickly turned back to find Ding Xian. The two ran into each other in the darkened room. , The more Zhou Si hugged Ding Xian, the two almost kissed each other.

Because Zhou Siyue helped Ding Xian solve the question, he showed it to Professor Ye. Professor Ye gave Ding Xian a good comment, but Zhou Siyue also used the same method to add the question. I hope Ding Xian can think about it. , Going abroad is more suitable for Zhou Siyue. Later Dong Zhengfei also went to Ding Xian to deliberately provoke. Ding Xian was willing to give up his hobby for Zhou Siyue, but Zhou Siyue was unwilling to give up going abroad for Ding Xian. Ding Xian was not worth it, and it was Zhou Siyue who asked Professor Ye to persuade Ding Xian. Although Ding Xian said that he didn’t care after listening to those who gave up going abroad, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Xing Lufei went to Zhou Siyue and told him to participate in the answering contest, but it was a pity that Ding Xian didn’t go. Seeing Zhou Siyue had a box of chocolates on the table, she picked it up and ate one. This made Zhou Siyue very angry. Xing Lufei was right. Zhou Siyue’s attitude was very incomprehensible and he left angrily. After returning home, he still held chocolate in his hand, telling everyone that it was given to her by Zhou Siyue, which was very sad for Ding Xian.

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