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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 15 Recap

Ding Xian has doubts about the current repetitions. Many senior sisters have not been admitted to the ideal university after repeating the studies for many years. As a result, Ding Xian loses confidence. Ding Xian does not know whether the choice he wants to repeat is correct and what he wants to follow. He is so good that he can’t follow in his footsteps no matter how hard he tries. I was afraid that people would doubt what Zhou Siyue was doing with her. Subo comforted Ding Xian as long as he insisted that all he wanted was victory. Don’t care about the result. These words were heard by Zhou Siyue behind him, and he turned and left. Up.

In the evening, Ding Xian sent more news to Zhou Si that he missed him, and Zhou Siyue stood downstairs of Ding Xian’s house and looked at the window, but Zhou Si the more he did not bother Ding Xian, knowing that Ding Xian had been working hard to follow him. It was so hard, the more Zhou Si didn’t want to call Ding Xian too tired, so he didn’t bother her.

A male student named Dong Zhengfei went to ask Professor Ye to recommend the website he designed, but Professor Ye didn’t pay too much attention to him. He turned around and went to see Zhou Siyue. He asked Zhou Siyue to do the laboratory work well, and asked him a special question. When Zhou Siyue’s father was suspected of plagiarism, Dong Zhengfei felt very uncomfortable and wanted to retaliate against Zhou Siyue’s father. At this time, Zhou Siyue received news from Ding Xian, but Zhou Siyue did not reply. Zhou Siyue, who was speaking at the university, was photographed by many female classmates. For the current Zhou Siyue, he is a popular item.

A girl named Xing Lufei took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Zhou Siyue. The more he wanted to date him, but Zhou Siyue did not have too much. Pay attention to her. The reporter went to the laboratory to report, but Xing Lufei did not give up and went to the laboratory with Zhou Siyue. When Zhou Siyue turned on his computer, he saw a school website published news about his father’s academic fraud. This surprised many students. It turned out that Zhou Siyue’s father was the professor who plagiarized.

The above also said that Zhou Siyue entered the school through the relationship of his father and professor. Zhou Siyue is very proficient in computers, and sent a text message to the publisher using the link of the website. He didn’t expect Dong Zhengfei beside him to receive it. So Zhou Siyue went to Dong Zhengfei for the theory, but Dong Zhengfei not only had no regrets, but also attacked Zhou with words. Si Yue asked him not to go astray like a blood father.

The angry Zhou Si went up and punched Dong Zhengfei, while Xing Lufei, who was beside him, sprained her foot because of a sprain, Zhou Siyue had to send her to the infirmary for treatment. On the way Zhou Siyue took Xing Lufei to the infirmary, he was seen by Ding Xian, who was visiting him. Ding Xian was very sad watching Zhou Siyue help Xing Lufei, and Ding Xian’s tears kept streaming on the way back. After Ding Xian endured her sadness and sent more news to Zhou Si, don’t contact him, she should repeat it well.

Zhou Siyue’s fight was remembered once by the school, and Ding Xian was also thinking of Zhou Siyue. It’s almost time for the Maya to predict the end of the world. The voice of the anchor came from the radio. Will there be a beloved one in the last days? People were by his side, and fireworks were lit on the square at this time, which made Ding Xian’s expectant heart finally ran out to look for Zhou Siyue, but Ding Xian only saw the fireworks tube, but not Zhou Si. The more traces. However, Zhou Siyue left Ding Xian with a seal, which made Ding Xian even more diligent and must be admitted to Huaqing and Zhou Siyue together.

Because Zhou Siyue usually doesn’t like to communicate with people, his scientific research team members ran to some of Dong Zhengfei’s group, but Zhou Siyue disapproved. After school started, Ding Xian was admitted to the hospital and was admitted to Huaqing, but Ding Xian had no contact information for Zhou Siyue and could not find him himself.

At this moment, the members of Zhou Siyue’s group looked at Ding Xian’s new admission and wanted to help, but Ding Xian refused, pushing their luggage to the boys’ dormitory and looking for Zhou Siyue. However, Ding Xian failed to enter the dormitory and was stopped by the auntie, so Ding Xian ran downstairs and shouted to Zhou Si. This caused many students to come and watch. At this time, Zhou Siyue also knew about Ding Xian. To find him, hurried to the dormitory and took Ding Xian away.

Ding Xian directly told Zhou Siyue that she had endured for a long time, that she wanted to tell Zhou Siyue that she liked him personally, but Zhou Siyue was very indifferent. They already had their own lives, so don’t bother each other. Ding Xian took out the robot Zhou Siyue had given her and gave it to Zhou Siyue. The more Zhou Siyue turned away without nostalgia, Ding Xian’s expectant heart immediately chilled.

It turned out that Zhou Siyue’s father was sick, and he received a call from his mother when Zhou Siyue set off fireworks in the square for Ding Xian. This caused Zhou Siyue’s temperament to change drastically. He felt that he could not even guard his family and was even more unqualified. Guard Ding Xian.

When Ding Xian returned to the dormitory, several girls knew that Ding Xian was pursuing Zhou Siyue, and told Ding Xian that the next day was Zhou Siyue’s robot competition, so Ding Xian wanted to watch the game with them.

After Zhou Siyue went home, he took out Ding Xian’s robot. It contained an account. Zhou Siyue opened Ding Xian’s account on the computer. There were all her diaries, many of which were about Zhou Siyue and their being together. , This caused Zhou Siyue’s eyes to flash tears.

The more Zhou Si went to the hospital to visit his father, his mother told Zhou Si to focus more on his studies and not to delay going abroad. She also urged Zhou Si to take care of himself, because his father’s body Zhou Si has been working outside to make money. My mother told Zhou Siyue not to work too hard.

Ding Xian went to the robot contest awards ceremony to find Zhou Siyue. He did not expect that he did not win the prize, but Dong Zhengfei unexpectedly won. This made the members of the Zhou Siyue group dissatisfied and left with Zhou Siyue first. Ding Xian did not see Zhou Siyue and went to Dong Zhengfei to introduce herself, hoping that Dong Zhengfei could help him find Zhou Siyue, but Dong Zhengfei refused.

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