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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 1 Recap

In the snowy winter, a woman in fur and walking style walked into the courtyard. Her name was Shishiyi, a princess who was married to her belly. She came to the inner courtyard this time to receive a generous gift from the Eastern Palace. The servants in the East Palace came from the imperial meaning, hoping that the seasons are suitable for the four seasons, and they will leave the teacher as soon as possible and enter the palace to get married.

The generous gift did not make Tong Shiyi smile. She couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night and walked to the roof to watch the lights of Wanjia. Finally, she waited for the victory she was thinking of. Zhou Shengchen took the victory and appeared in front of her safely with a victory. She said she is the best gift.

In the line of the Tong family, Tong Shiyi was the only girl, and most of the rest were in her infancy. Due to the overwhelming power of the family, she was fingered to the prince before she was born. That year, it was the ten-year-old birthday of Luo Shiyi. She waited happily for Dad’s return. Mother Luo Wenjun came and urged Shiyi to go to the banquet. This time the Fuzhong hosted a banquet.

Shi Yi asked about his father’s figure, and Luo Wenjun only said that he was not in the house, which caused Shi Yi’s face to be disappointed. Shiyi’s father, Qilang, offends the family of the empress Gao. The emperor asks him to reconcile with Qilang for the sake of the elders of the two dynasties, so that the two will never see each other again, but Qilang insists on seeing Shiyi.

Luo Wenjun is also very reluctant to give up Qilang. How can the relationship between the two of them for many years be separated when they say that they are separated? Luo Guang angrily reprimands Luo Wenjun to make him sober. She is not only Qilang’s wife, but also the third mother of the Jia family. She should be the one who protects the family.

Shiyi met Shiyi before Shiyi fell asleep, and the wind was freezing outside, and he knew that this was most likely his last side with Shiyi. After seeing the right time, Qi Lang came to see him. The husband and wife had a deep affection. Faced with this helpless difference, the two still cared about each other. In order not to involve him, Qi Lang decided to live with him. Wen Jun stopped seeing each other.

The next day, Shiyi got up and hurriedly searched for Shiyi, but Shiyi had already left. Tongguang came to tell Shiyi that Shiyi had already left, and he left the house. Shiyi will only have his mother and uncle, and no father. . Shi Yi didn’t believe what Tong Guang said. She fainted when she was in distress, but she couldn’t speak anymore after waking up. Shi Yi still couldn’t speak when she invited a famous doctor to give the injection for half a year.

In the palace, Zhao Teng brought true letters from his concubine Qi, and Zhao Guang took Yu Shou into the palace. The two came to the palace to confirm the death of the emperor. Therefore, his faction supported Qi Bi’s son Liu Hui ascended the throne. Now that Liu Hui has ascended the throne, Qi Bie is worried about Zhou Shengchen, for fear that Zhou Shengchen will doubt whether Liu Hui’s throne is logical. Tongguang didn’t panic, only decided to send the emperor to the emperor according to the ancestral system.

A good news came from the front line. Xiao Nanchen Wang Zhou Shengchen won the battle. He stood bravely and bravely on the horse, and the army teacher Xie Chonggong Zhou Shengchen won the battle. His apprentice Zhou Tianxing and Hong Xiaoyu were preparing to kill and set off a fire, but Zhou Shengchen saw the secret report from Gongzhou and learned that the emperor’s brother had died.

Zhou Shengchen had previously made an oath that he would never enter Zhongzhou or the palace in this life, but the emperor’s brother died. Zhou Shengchen still wanted to go to Zhongzhou to send it off. Xie Chongsheng was afraid that the palace would suspect that Zhou Shengchen would rise up in rebellion, but Zhou Shengchen Knowing that, he ordered three thousand cavalry to go to Zhongzhou, and Xie Chong accompanied Zhou Shengchen.

Zhou Shengchen garrisoned troops to guard the city, and Cao Guang gave birth to a plan. He let the people in the palace force Zhou Shengchen into the palace. If Zhou Shengchen was willing to enter the palace, he could help Liu Hui as emperor on the spot, and if he refused to enter the palace, he would sit there. The name of treason is true.

How Zhou Shengchen didn’t know the thoughts of the people in the palace. He had taken an oath in the palace when he was a teenager, willing to abandon the king’s surname to guard Xizhou, and never stepped into Zhongzhou for half a step, but he still broke in order to see his brother for the last time. Oath, and the younger nephew ascended to the throne, the hearts of the people are unstable, he also wanted to help Liu Hui to stabilize the hearts of the people.

In order to break the rumors that he deliberately set up a military conspiracy, he made an oath in the temple that he would not marry a wife or concubine in his life, and he would not have children, and there would be no reason for rebellion. Hearing this, Jiao Guang mentioned the time and wanted Zhou Shengchen to accept the time as a disciple, so as to bring the relationship between the royal family, Jiajia and Nanchen Prince’s Mansion closer. He praised this, but Zhou Shengchen could not refuse, so he had to respond. Make this request.

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