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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 8 Recap

Although Su Xiao had clearly rejected Xu Feng’s invitation, she couldn’t help falling into silence when she learned that the other party could get back the cost engineer certificate for herself. For her, the cost engineer can not only confirm her identity, but also show her strength in a fair manner. Returning to the rental house in the middle of the night, it happened that the landlord was going to increase the rent. Even Du Juan was worried about the increase in rent. It seems that all Shanghai drifters are facing this problem.

Seeing the Spring Festival approaching, Wu Hongmei wanted Zhang Xiaobei to go home with him, and by the way to discuss marriage with his elders. However, Zhang Xiaobei has already planned to stay in Shanghai to earn more overtime pay, as long as he can make up enough down payment to buy a house before going to see Wu Hongmei’s parents. Zhang Xiaobei took out a plan sheet full of his plans for the future. Wu Hongmei was very pleased with this.

Xu Feng’s audit work has been slow to make progress, so he personally went to the workers to inquire about the news, but the other party’s voice was very tight, which was like a trip for nothing. Considering that Zhao Xiankun takes this matter very seriously, Xu Feng decided to cancel the annual leave of the group members and continue to stay in Tianke to work overtime. As a result, everyone was dissatisfied.

Su Xiao received a call from Xu Feng, even if the other party offered such a tempting reward, she resolutely refused, insisting on the morality of the cost engineer. After hanging up the phone, Su Xiao sorted out the material list of the museum and handed it to Chen Simin for signature, and he submitted the list to the factory.

Not long after, Su Xiaoxin’s bid was recognized by Wang Yang again, and he was even ready to promote her. Chen Simin was jealous. On the surface, he seemed to be kind and good-looking, but he actually made small moves behind his back. Xia Ming heard Xu Feng call Su Xiao and asked her to meet in private, but Su Xiaoming knew that Xu Feng could help him obtain a cost engineer certificate, and he still refused to do anything for the other party.

Wu Hongmei was busy in the kitchen with Su Xiao. The two had a New Year’s Eve dinner together and discussed about work. Wu Hongmei wondered why Su Xiao did not promise Xu Feng, but Su Xiao has gradually agreed with Xia Ming’s point of view.

At this time, Su’s parents and Su’s mother made a video call. Su Xiao simply cared about her family and hung up. After all, she had always reported the good and not the worries, knowing that there was little rent left, and she didn’t want to ask for half of the money from the family. The clock struck midnight, and the prosperous Shanghai city lit up the sky full of fireworks. Su Xiao and Wu Hongmei came to the balcony to cheer and shout, looking forward to welcoming the beautiful after the New Year.

Since the art museum’s materials have not arrived yet, Su Xiao personally went to the factory to investigate the situation. She accidentally learned that the materials department had not received the list at all, so she had to suspect that Chen Simin was secretly doing tricks. Su Xiao had to fill out the checklist on the spot because of the sudden incident, and the work was over until midnight. Little did she know that as soon as her front foot left Tianke, Chen Simin asked Lu Zhengming to take the tender to participate in the bidding.

At the bid opening meeting, Tiancheng and Tianke Company competed together. In the end, Tiancheng won the project with 27 million yuan. Xia Ming was curious about which cost engineer he lost to, but when he saw that the bid was named Lu Zhengming again, he realized that Su Xiao’s credit had been robbed again.

Now Su Xiao hasn’t obtained the cost engineer certificate, so she can’t sign her every time she writes a tender. Xia Ming asked Huang Lilin about Su Xiao’s examination of the cost engineer certificate, and learned that Li Xue was with Su Xiao’s ex-boyfriend, so he reported private revenge and deliberately detained the certificate. Because of this, Xia Ming asked his uncle Huang Lilin to help him get the cost engineer certificate. After all, in his opinion, Su Xiao was very strong and was a rare talent.

After solving the crisis of the art museum, Su Xiao hurried back to the company and couldn’t help mentioning the missing material list. Chen Simin insisted that he had never received the list, which made Su Xiao thoroughly see his ugly face. When colleagues after get off work gathered, Chen Simin praised Lu Zhengming publicly, and in private he pretended to comfort Su Xiao. Lu Zhengming offered to send Su Xiao home, but seeing her disappointment and frustration in the car was really unbearable.

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