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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 4 Recap

Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu finally reached the hotel. They didn’t expect that the place Ai Jingchu was going to was the Dongshan Rehabilitation Center. It was the opposite direction of getting off the bus, and he had to go back when he sent Zeng Li to the hotel. Zeng Li quickly stuffed Ai Jingchu with her scarf and jacket, and then ran to everyone’s team building room and took an umbrella, medicine, and a lot of warm things, but after she went downstairs, Ai Jingchu had already left. NS. Zeng Li thought that Ai Jingchu shouldn’t have gone far, so he took something to chase Ai Jingchu, but at this time, he remembered the ghost story in his mind.

Ai Jingchu appeared from behind her and made Zeng Li scream. Zeng Li took the medicine, hot water bottle, and umbrella to Ai Jingchu, and asked him to send a message to himself when he arrived, but Ai Jingchu couldn’t resist walking back to the Dongshan Rehabilitation Center and decided to stay in the hotel for one night. Zeng Li quickly helped him to walk back, and complained to him that the owl is like the protagonist in a ghost story.

There is no room in the hotel. Seeing Ai Jingchu’s really uncomfortable look, Zeng Li decided to take him back to his standard room for the whole night. Ai Jingchu felt that this was not good, so he planned to take a rest and leave as soon as he got better. Zeng Lisheng was afraid of being discovered by those gossip colleagues.

At this time, Wu Wanxia, ​​the most gossiping colleague, knocked on the door. Zeng Li had no choice but to cover Ai Jingchu in the quilt, and then opened the door as if he had just taken a shower. Wu Wanxia saw that the quilt was not right at a glance, and Zeng Li hurriedly pressed on the bed for fear that she would lift the quilt.

Zeng Li finally drove Wu Wanxia away, but found that Ai Jingchu had no breath, and was so scared that Zeng Li hurriedly rode on him for cardiac resuscitation. Ai Jingchu couldn’t help laughing. Zeng Li realized that their current posture was not very good, so he quickly said to take a bath. Ai Jingchu didn’t forget to throw a cold joke. With Zeng Li’s cardiopulmonary resuscitation just now, he might I can’t live long ago.

Zeng Li couldn’t sleep, so he took out the earphones from Ai Jingchu’s coat pocket. He didn’t expect to get more and more energetic while listening to the song, and even began to think about what to eat tomorrow morning. Ai Jingchu suddenly called Zeng Li’s name seriously, saying that he suddenly remembered who Liu Baochang was. Zeng Li took ten thousand speechless to amplify the volume and turned to fall asleep. Ai Jingchu looked at her back and said goodnight. Deng Haoran brought Ma Yiyi something to eat. Ma Yiyi wanted to lose weight and refused to eat KFC. Finally, he took a big bite. The doctor said that Ma Yiyi’s father was fine, and that he would be fine after one night of infusion, and Ma Yiyi was relieved.

Early the next morning, Zeng Li woke up and saw Ai Jingchu staring at him with a quiet and handsome side face. Ma Yiyi said that he would come to see Zeng Li in a while, and asked her if her bed was occupied by a wild man. Zeng Li thought that if Ai Jingchu’s sleeping face were sent to a group chat, they would probably blow up. Liu Yucheng ran to Wu Ying the next day and said that the wound was inflamed. She had to look at him, and Wu Ying directly handed him to the little nurse.

Zeng Li took four eggs back to the room like a thief in the restaurant, Wu Wanxia chased her and asked if she was hiding someone. There was a child in the hotel who was seriously injured and needed a doctor. Zeng Li didn’t care about the others, so he hurried back to the room to find Ai Jingchu. After taking a shower, Ai Jingchu rushed to rescue people with wet hair. Because the snow ambulance could not get on, Ai Jingchu could only help Chenchen to pull out the steel nails and stitch them in the hotel’s medical room.

Wu Ying was too lazy to line up, so she was eating fast food in the office. Liu Yucheng came out at this time to educate her that she was not eating healthy enough, and directly packed a lot of food for Wu Ying. Wu Ying had eaten the instant noodles, and told Liu Yucheng rightly that he would only delay her time when he came here. Liu Yucheng apologized and apologized. Before leaving, she said that she would deliver food to Wu Ying every day and left her directly. The next box of instant noodles was taken away. Ma Yiyi prayed to her father at Dongshan Temple, but the tickets here only accept cash, and the boy behind her paid for her. Ma Yiyi fell in love with him at first sight.

Ai Jingchu finished the operation for Chenchen. Chenchen’s father excitedly took his hand and thanked him for inviting him to dinner. Then the gossip of Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu spread throughout the entire unit. How did Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li go? There is no way to explain. Ai Jingchu’s family came to pick him up, and Zeng Li quickly went to help him get his coat. Ma Yiyi knelt down under the wishing tree piously, begging her to have a good relationship with Zeng Li and Wu Ying.

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