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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 2 Recap

Zeng’s mother planned to wait for Zeng Li to wear braces before going back. Zeng Li made an excuse to say that there was something going on in the cafe. Zeng’s mother complained about the cafe for not making money. The dream of a college graduate is to be a librarian to open a cafe without ambition but not to look for it. Subject, Zeng Lisheng has no love. Dou Dou had a class at 10:30. I asked Zeng Li to help. Zeng Li had to put on a younger dress and came to the classroom.

When I read the magazine at random, Ai Jingchu walked into the classroom and said that Professor Wang had a sudden coronary heart disease. I was hospitalized, and he will take all the classes this semester. Zeng Li quickly stuffed himself into his hat and lowered his head to think about countermeasures. After all, Ai Jingchu knew Dou Dou. Zeng Li wrapped herself tightly and successfully attracted Ai Jingchu’s attention. After being forced to take off two layers of hats, Zeng Li decided to go away. He didn’t expect Ai Jingchu to let her sit back. Zeng Li thought he had facial blindness. Committed, but Ai Jingchu did it deliberately.

Zeng Lisheng listened to Ai Jingchu’s lecture with love, and was arrested by Ai Jingchu again when he was about to escape, and asked her to make notes and check after class. After finally getting through the get out of class, Zeng Li asked Ai Jingchu why he still pressed her here when he knew she was not Dou Dou, but Ai Jingchu taught her to do so because it hurt Dou Dou.

The patient’s life and health. Ai Jingchu asked Zeng Li to give the notes to Dou Dou for the next examination. Dou Dou thought he should say this himself, but was reminded that it was time to take the medicine. Ai Jingchu found Zeng Li’s name on the borrowing card. Is this a visit here? The next day, Ai Jingchu came to the library to borrow books. A colleague borrowed a mobile phone from Zeng Li to secretly take pictures. Zeng Li had to call her a nympho in his heart.

Ai Jingchu walked towards Zeng Li, Zeng Li hurriedly lowered his head and prayed not to come, but Ai Jingchu came to her and asked for a book. Zeng Li took out his mobile phone and reluctantly helped him check it. Unexpectedly, the page happened to be a secret photo of him taken by a colleague just now. Zeng Li snapped an explanation.

A colleague took the bought online celebrity snacks and shared it with Zeng Li. Ai Jingchu said that her gums were inflamed, and they could not be eaten. The book Ai Jingchu was holding, Zeng Li hadn’t clocked in yet. Ai Jingchu smiled and walked out of the library and was given a cup of milk tea by a girl. Ai Jingchu didn’t want to hurt her, so after accepting it, he went back and gave Zeng Li, saying that she had iced her.

After the live broadcast, Ma Yiyi took a mobile phone to scan the Moments, accidentally saw a photo, and immediately went to the Internet cafe to expose the boyfriend Zhang Teng who was lying on a business trip. Zhang Teng felt that he was not together and ignored him. Ma Yiyi, who is attractive and in love, becomes clingy. Zeng Li wrote a novel called “Less Than He Xiao Yuer”, which has a good reputation, but Zeng Li didn’t plan to tell Zeng Mu. Ma Yiyi was a little confused because of this inexplicable breakup. Deng Haoran used the same excuse to just walk into the cafe after breaking up and was almost beaten up by the three sisters. Deng Haoran expressed a treat for dinner, and Zeng Li immediately obediently called the son of the former stepfather to his brother.

During the meal, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying mentioned Ai Jingchu, Zeng Lei fell into the fond memories of these two days and smiled and explained that he is not like a bad man. Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi disagree, after all, such men have more money to pack themselves. The three sisters fought Deng Haoran a lot, and they didn’t forget to remind him to look back. Zeng Li went to stick his braces, Zhou Wen took leave today, so today only Ai Jingchu is alone.

Zeng Li was a little nervous, Ai Jingchu said that it would be easier to play a song, but the popular song Zeng Li wanted Ai Jingchu didn’t have in his phone. He put an anime theme song on Zeng Li while sticking braces to Zeng Li while talking to her. An anime story. Zeng Li was immersed in Ai Jingchu’s gentle voice, and soon the braces were glued. The speed was so fast that Zeng Li could not get his thoughts back.

It was raining, Ai Jingchu decided to drive Zeng Li home, but Zeng Li refused to say that they didn’t go along the way. Ai Jingchu smiled when thinking of the last conversation at the bus station, and asked Zengli what NetEase Cloud Music is. After Zeng Li helped him down, he wore a hat to say goodbye and ran away. Ai Jingchu didn’t have time to react. Zeng Li on the bus listened to the music Ai Jingchu had just played, and received a lot of notes from him.

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