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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 1 Recap

Twenty-six-year-old (26) Zeng Li is a librarian at East Lake University. She has spent eight years studying and working here. Many people don’t understand why she stays at school, probably because Zeng Li likes simple tasks, but she accidentally Make mistakes too. The school is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The cafe next to it was taken over by Zeng Li and his sisters two years ago. Colleagues are studying the draft rankings of Dongda University.

The top two are not students but two male teachers. Ai Jingchu, a medical school student, has an outstanding appearance. Just after he arrived, he threw a group of zero-zero appearances out of the street. Ranked second, he was even the attending physician at a young age. Zeng Li paid a little attention, and then Ai Jingchu entered the library and picked up a book to read casually. Zeng Li and his colleagues were joking, but Ai Jing did not expect Ai Jing When Chu took the book and stood in front of them, Zeng Li almost spit out apologizing again and again.

Two of Zeng Li’s friends, Ma Yiyi, boasted as the No. 1 anchor of East Lake and a love expert. Wu Ying, an emergency doctor, a senior game house, is cold in appearance and childish in heart. Wu Ying returned to the coffee shop after the night shift and was ready to sleep. Speaking of Dou Dou, the employee who just ran out of the coffee shop crying, Wu Ying said that her boyfriend is Ai Jingchu, and Zeng Li subconsciously sprayed water again when she heard the name. . After a busy day, Zeng Li returned home, and Zeng’s mother came to cook her soup.

Zeng Li was shocked to see her fashionable look. Zeng Lei was not young but had never talked with her boyfriend once, so Zeng’s mother was very anxious. She stared at her up and down and scanned it up and down, and finally found that her teeth were not good enough, so she decided to take her to have her teeth trimmed. Adhering to the principle of solving problems when they are discovered, Zeng Mu dragged Zeng Li to the hospital.

Zeng Li saw Ai Jingchu at the door indifferently handing a box of things to Dou Dou, who was crying with pear blossoms and rained. Dou Dou was surprised again, subconsciously. I think Dou Dou broke up with such a scumbag. In fact, Dou Dou and her scumbag boyfriend are both Ai Jingchu’s students. He was forced to help him out of desperation. When he returned to the department, he asked Dou Dou to explain clearly.

Zeng’s mother decided to accompany Zeng Li to extract her teeth tomorrow. Zeng Li collapsed a little, but she did not expect that she, a fast runner, would soon become a four-eyed steel tooth girl. Zeng Li talked about encountering Ai Jingchu and Dou Dou in the hospital. He was touched by an old grandmother. Unexpectedly, the old grandmother fainted because of hypertension.

Zeng Li found that something was wrong and immediately asked for help and tried to do it for the old grandmother. Heart resuscitation. When Zeng Li was at a loss, Ai Jingchu appeared again to help her. After the ambulance arrived, Ai Jingchu decided to go to the hospital with him. He also told Zeng Li that he had dealt with it well, but the technique of cardiopulmonary resuscitation needed to be learned. Zeng Li’s belly was too long-winded, so Ai Jingchu helped her pluck the leaves from her head.

The grandmother lay on the ambulance and said tremblingly that Zeng Li hurt her. Zeng Li weakly explained that she wanted to touch porcelain, but Ai Jingchu threw it onto the ambulance and took it to the hospital. Zeng Li was required to pay for the medical bills, and she had to wait for the elderly to wake up to apologize. Zeng Li crushed the useless explanation and swallowed it into his stomach, and resigned to pay the fee.

Only then did Wu Ying and Ai Jingchu explain that he really misunderstood Zeng Li. That old lady is a frequent visitor to the emergency department. I thought that this time it was really high blood pressure. After paying the fee, Zeng Li stuffed the payment slip into Ai Jingchu’s hand, saying that it was impossible to apologize and never wanted to see him again! Ai Jingchu choked her back with a word. Don’t you just look at me now?

Zeng Li collapsed again, he just closed his eyes and walked out of the hospital. He stepped on chewing gum on the road before catching the bus. When he was hiding from the rain, he was called an aunt by the students. Zeng Li squatted on the ground to pick up the bus card, Ai Jingchu walked to her with an umbrella, apologized to her for what had happened, and then gave her the umbrella and drove home by himself.

Zeng Lishui went to the extreme. The next day because the doctor was hospitalized, he had to switch to another doctor to see his teeth. It happened that Ai Jingchu, who was usually hard to find the number one, vacated a number. Zeng Li strongly rejected Zeng’s mother and instead hung up as a resident doctor. Zeng Li lay on the operating table with his mouth open and let him squeeze. A scream terrified the doctor and went out to ask for help. Zeng Li cried and cried, seeing Ai Jingchu walking in instead of the doctor in the blur.

Ai Jingchu carefully and gently wiped her sweat, and comforted her, she would be better soon. Zeng Li’s heart is rich, and this world is really small. Soon the anesthetic took effect, and Zeng Li stopped crying for pain. The interns came in to learn from Ai Jingchu. Zeng Li was surrounded by them like a panda. Ai Jingchu’s gasp made Zeng Li’s heart beat faster. Zeng Li thought that tooth extraction would be very painful, but he didn’t expect Ai Jing to complete it in three or two strokes. He didn’t feel it at all.

After Zengmu came in, she saw Zengli sitting in a chair sluggishly, laughing and complaining that she looked like a catfish. Zeng Li complained that Ai Jingchu had good medical skills, but his character was not good, but he didn’t expect Ai Jingchu to come in again. At Zeng Li’s reminder, Ai Jingchu remembered that it was not the first time they met, but this time he remembered Zeng Li. Ai Jingchu took over Zeng Li’s treatment. Zeng Li learned the bad news from nurse Zhou Wen and asked with a sad face, can he refuse?

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