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Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (2021) 天龙八部 Episode 6 Recap

The Liao army sent people for peace talks. The so-called peace talks were just a way of intensifying their efforts. General Han hoped that the two countries would abide by the covenant and stop fighting. However, the other lion opened his mouth and asked Song for compensation before considering retreating. Even though they knew that the King of Chu was still in the hands of the Song Army, the Liao people were not afraid at all, even extremely arrogant, and settled Qiao Feng’s guess.

Nerugul’s anger started from his heart, and he overthrew the Liao army messenger with one palm, and promised to retreat on the spot. This long-running dispute ended. After the Liao army withdrew, General Han hosted a banquet in honor of the heroes and knights. Qiao Feng became interested in the mysterious man, and he contributed to the burning of the enemy camp.

The mysterious man was humble and polite. The elders thought that the other party’s behavior was mysterious and somewhat abnormal, but Qiao Feng admired his integrity, but he did not know that the man was Murong Fuchang. The purpose of this trip was to inquire about the military situation. If he can win over Nerugu for his own use, Dayan will regain the country. Hopeful.

For several days, Duan Yu followed the instructions of “Sister Shenxian” and worked hard to practice Beiming magic. Because of his excellent roots and proficiency in the Book of Changes, his skills improved rapidly. In the middle of the night, there was a vague voice of “reckless clams” outside the compartment, which made it difficult to sleep. The two disciples who were in charge of guarding the compartment were quite jealous of this object, mainly because it was rumored that it was the mount of the god of plague, and even known as the king of poison. It had not appeared for many years, and suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Duan Yu has no feeling for this kind of gossip talk, but studies Lingbo’s microsteps. From the initial confusion to the later relief, he quickly figured out all the footwork. After the sixty-four hexagrams are repeated, the steps are round, and he only feels clear. Refreshing, full of energy. Dongzong disciple Yu Guangbiao came in with food and was surprised to see Duan Yu walking freely on the upside down roof.

But when he reacted, Yu Guangbiao yelled at Duan Yu for pretending to be a ghost, and when he was about to take a lesson, Duan Yu sucked away his internal strength and hurriedly shouted at the same door. Wu Guangsheng came after hearing the news and followed in the footsteps of Yu Guangbiao. The two men were controlled by Duan Yu and stood in a stalemate for a moment.

The disciples of the Dongzong came one after another, Duan Yu took the opportunity to escape from the compartment, leaving them behind in a daze, and ran wild for a long time in the dense forest of the back mountain without feeling tired. At this time, Duan Yu saw Lightning Mink in the bushes. He was going to take it to see his master, but he was bitten and fell into a coma with poison.

At this moment, the poison extended to the whole body, and the limbs gradually stiffened, until the sky was dark, Duan Yu slowly regained consciousness and opened his eyes, still unable to move. A toad-like thing killed a lightning mink. Duan Yu was shocked when he saw it. He couldn’t help but remember the rumors he had heard before, knowing that the poison was the stubborn clam.

Without waiting for Duan Yu to study it further, he only felt a centipede crawling into his mouth. In order to chase the centipede, Zhu Clam also jumped and dived into his abdomen. Suddenly, the abdomen was painful. Duan Yu suddenly got up and found that he had returned to normal. After thinking carefully, it should be that the red clam and the centipede are both one of the five poisons, so the combination of the two poisons will detoxify the poison.

The four wicked men agreed to meet at the foot of the mountain and wanted to take the life of Emperor Dali, but in the end, except for the fourth cloud crane who came to attend the appointment, the old man seemed to have evaporated from the world, and there was no news. The three wicked men can get together to make fun and laugh, and solve a lot of troubles, but Mu Wan clears the day like a year, and only hopes for some news from the mountain peaks, it is better than this painful day and mild long night.

It’s a pity that her long-cherished wish fell through. Every hour, Mu Wanqing’s pain in her heart increased by one point, and finally remembered what her master had taught her, and she almost regarded Duan Yu as an ungrateful man. The four major guards of Dali State descended from the sky and forced Ye Erniang to tell the whereabouts of Duan Yu. Ye Erniang was not the opponent of the four and had to escape. Just as Mu Wanqing was about to inquire about Duan Yu from the four of them, she suddenly saw Duan Yu running from a distance, and the two were able to meet again.

Qiao Feng received the news and learned that Wang Jian was seriously ill, so he hurried back to the beggar gang day and night. Even with the presence of God Doctor Xue, he was still incapable of returning to the sky. When he was dying, Wang Jiantong gave Qiao Feng a paper fan with the inscription on him as his beloved disciple. He hoped that his beloved disciple would remember that he was from the Song Dynasty at all times, and he was loyal and magnanimous with his family and the world.

The spring was cold and cold, and the beggars helped all the disciples with grief, dressed in white, arranged the mourning hall, and Qiao Feng personally took care of the funeral. Tan Gong and Tan Po came to worship, and personally brought Wang Jiantong’s favorite dragon anointing wine during his lifetime to give him his last journey. Xuan Bei came back from the border and accidentally learned about the four villains, so he planned to take Xuzhu to Dali.

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