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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 32 End Recap

In the wee hours of the morning, Yu Tu got up and went out. He stepped forward and kissed Jingjing lightly and turned off the alarm clock for Jingjing intimately. Twelve hours before the launch of the Soshen, everyone was racing against time to check all the movements of the Soshen. This first domestic solar system probe not only carried their ten-year youth, but also carried all the hopes of the country and the people.

Eight hours before the launch, Yu Tu led the people to carefully check the final work. At this moment, they had been waiting for ten years. Jingjing and other family members also came to the base’s accusation center, waiting for the arrival of Yu Tu’s group. Afterwards, Yu Tu and his party slowly walked into the hall. Jingjing was very happy when they saw Yu Tu. Everyone knew that the astronauts were the most nervous at this moment.

Due to some accidents in the venue arrangement, all the family members could not watch the rocket launch in the lobby. They could only go downstairs to watch the launch. Before leaving the lobby, Jingjing glanced at Yu Tu, who was working hard, and couldn’t help but think of Yu Tu in high school. At that time, he wanted to fly out of the solar system to complete the dream of spaceflight. She did not hesitate to believe that Yu Tu would become an excellent aerospace designer. Now Yu Tu really did it and fulfilled her dream.

An hour before the launch of the rocket, all aerospace enthusiasts were already nervously waiting for the countdown. Finally, at the final countdown time, everyone read the countdown of the last few seconds together and watched the rocket ascend into space. At this minute and every second, everyone was excited and cheered, no matter the compatriots at home and abroad, all cheered for the greatness of the motherland. This greatness is inseparable from the hard work of scientific researchers every second.

The rocket flew into space, and the researchers in the lobby continued to watch the rocket enter space nervously. When they saw the rocket complete its mission and sent the Soshen into space, everyone cheered, while Yu Tu continued to watch Soshen with his breath. It wasn’t until the Soshen entered all normal orbits that everyone breathed a sigh of relief. So far, the launch of Soshen was a complete success. The hard work of all the scientific researchers was not in vain, and they completed their journey to the sea of ​​stars.

Everyone in the hall was in a cheering atmosphere. Deputy Chief Teacher Xiao Hu participated in the interview. Xiao Li looked at Xiao Hu on the screen and was also very emotional. At this moment, she also understood Xiao Hu. Afterwards, Jingjing suggested that everyone stay here together waiting for the family members. Everyone slowly left with the family members. Xiao Hu also came to pick up Xiao Li. Seeing the two tense people, Jingjing deliberately mentioned that Xiao Hu was writing. The letter of apology slowed the atmosphere of the two, and Xiao Li was finally willing to put his hand in Xiao Hu’s hand and go back with him.

When Yu Tu walked out of the hall, Jingjing thought that Yu Tu would be the first to call herself, but Yu Tu called Guan Zai, and finally he fulfilled Guan Zai’s trust and completed the task. After that, Yu Tuba gave it to Jingjing, and the search for gods carried too much meaning for everyone. From high school to today, he finally fulfilled his dream. He is already a rabbit who has seen the stars. Jingjing congratulated Yu Tu and walked out from behind Yu Tu. The two of them hugged each other tightly. The search for the gods has a long way to go. They will continue to work hard, not only for their dreams, but also for more. Many stars, for the more distant galaxy.

The finale is over

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